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Tripur Sundari Temple in tewar Near Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh India

One of the famous Hindu religion temple to visit in Jabalpur district is Tripur sundri temple. This is one of the famous temple to visit in this region. This temple is located about 13km from district headquarter Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh. This temple is located at Tewar a village bheraghat road near Jabalpur.Here is some fact aboutTripur Sundari Temple in tewar Near Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh India.

Location: Tewar Village Near Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh
Built in: 11th century
Built By: Kalchuri King Lakshmikarna
Dedicated to: Goddess Tripur sundari
Significance : One of the best temple
Festivals: Navratri,Durga Ashtami
How to Reach by Air: The Nearest Airport is Jabalpur Airport.(13KM)
How to Reach by Rail: The Nearest Railway station is Jabalpur Railway station.(13KM)
How to Reach by Road: There are many public and private vehicals available reach here.Nearest Bus stand is Jabalpur Bus stand and Medical Bus stand Jabalpur.

More Information about Tripur Sundari Temple Jabalpur

Temple of Tripur Sundari, which was situated at the Tewar village, on the banks of the Narmada, approximately 13 kilometers on NH 12, away from the Main Jabalpur City. The temple was built in 11th century.The temple is dedicated to Goddess Tripur Sundari.It is said that the statue of Devi (goddess) emerges from ground. The word Tripura Sundari denotes "the beautiful goddess of three cities".It’s a modern temple Klchuri Tripur beautiful statue is gorgeous carpet.The idol of deity Tripursundri is come out from earth. The natural environments all around of this temple increases the beauty of this temple many times.

Address, Entry Temple and visiting timing,Best time to visit and all Details of Tripur Sundari Temple

Address: Tripur Sundari Temple, Tewar Village District - Jabalpur MAdhya Pradesh,India-
Pincode: 483053
Entry: Free
Photography: Don't Alllow
Temple timing: 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Visiting timing: 1 hour
Best time to visit: Oct to Feb and Navratri Festival


On entering temple,one is awed with the play of red and gold all around.oconuts wrapped in red clot are tide in every nook and cranny, presenting an intriguing sight.These are tied by devotees in hope that their prayers will be answered.

Tha main image in the Garbhagriha is of a three headed goddess, representing Durga, Kali and Saraswati.Daily around noon, the otherwise serene atmosphere of templesuddenly reverberateswith the rhythmic drumming of Dhols and the sound of the Bhog(Prasad).The temple complex also includes a Yagna Shala,Where Yagna are performed. As this temple is totally dedicated to the Hindu Goddess, the main attraction of this temple is the Durga Puja which performed in 10 days and Dussera Festival. A fair is also held in the premises of this temple on the auspicious nine days of navratri.This divine place is the center of the attraction for the sacred saints and pundits.

Google Map of Tripur Sundari Temple Jabalpur

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