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Lord Brahma Temple in Pushkar Rajasthan

Here is Some Information about Lord Brahma Temple in Pushkar Rajasthan.

Location :  Pushkar, Rajasthan.
Built In : 14th Century
Dedicated to : Lord Brahma
Entry Fee : Free
Photography :Allow
Significance :  One of the Brahma Temple
Nearest Railway Station : Ajmer Railway station(11KM)
Nearest Air port : Jaipur Airport (131 Km)

Temple Timing of  Lord Brahma Temple Pushkar

The temple is open for worship between 6:30 am and 8:30 pm during winter and 6:00 am to 9:00 pm during summer, with an interval in afternoon between 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm when the temple is closed. Three aratis are held in the temple: Sandhya arati in the evening about 40 minutes after sunset, Ratri Shayan arati (night-sleep arati) about 5 hours past sunset and Mangala arati in the morning, about 2 hours before sunrise.

Best time to visit Lord Brahma Temple Pushkar

The best time to visit Pushkar is in the winter months and especially during October/November when the city is abuzz with activity for the Pushkar Fair.

More Information about  Lord Brahma Temple Pushkar


Brahma Temple is the only temple that is dedicated to Lord Brahma in India. Located near the Lake at Pushkar in Rajasthan, Brahma Temple receives many pilgrims to its doorsteps every year. Built in the 14th century, Brahma Temple commemorates Lord Brahma, who is considered as the creator of this Universe according to the Hinduism. Lord Brahma is one amongst the trinity of Hindu Gods, the other being Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. For the Hindus, Brahma Temple is an important pilgrim place. Raised on a high platform, the temple lies in the Pushkar valley that is known for its scenic beauty.

Pushkar is regarded as a holy place by the Hindus, since all the Gods & Goddesses of Hindu pantheon observed a 'Yajna' here. Moreover, the Pushkar Lake near this temple is believed to have been appeared when a Lotus flower fell from the hands of Lord Brahma in this valley. According to the Hindu mythology, once Lord Brahma was cursed that he would be not worshipped frequently by the people. Due to the reason, this is the only known temple in the world, where Lord Brahma is worshipped.

Constructed entirely in marble, the Temple can be easily identified with its tall red spire. The temple is accessible by a flight of marble steps. An image of 'Hans' (Goose) can be traced on the entrance of the main shrine. One can also spot the silver turtle, which is embossed on the floor in front of the sanctorum. In the vicinity of the turtle, many a silver coins are placed on the floor. Even, the inner walls of the temple are studded with silver coins.

The main shrine houses the life-size image of Lord Brahma with four hands and four faces, facing the four basic directions. An image of Goddess Gayatri, who is known as the milk Goddess, can be seen near the idol of Lord Brahma. The walls of the temple are adorned by beautiful images of Peacock and Goddess Saraswati. From the temple, there is a silver door that leads down to a small cave. This small cave comprises a temple of Lord Shiva.

During the time of Pushkar Fair, this temple is thronged by people in large numbers. At this point of time, Rajasthan Tourism arranges tents for the convenience of pilgrims and tourists. Brahma Temple gets a major attraction as it is the only temple in the world where Lord Brahma is worshipped. Pilgrims come to pay their homage and get blessings from the Lord.

Other  Attrection in Brahma Temple Pushkar

Savitri Temple - This is the temple dedicated to Lord Brahma's first wife. It is located on the hill behind the Brahma temple, and one has to climb a long series of steps to reach the destination. It gives a panoramic view of the lake and surrounding sand dunes.

Rangji Temple - The gracious temple is very conpicuous, due to its south Indian style of architecture. It has a high rising 'Gopuram' typical of southern India.

Varaha Temple - The Varaha temple houses an image of lord Vishnu in the incarnation of wild boar. The temples of Brahma and Varaha are considered equally important. This ancient temple believed to be constructed by King Anaji Chauhan (1123-1150). Mythologically a very important temple and is believed that Vishnu came on the earth in the incarnation of Varaha(wild boar) to kill the demon Hirnayaksh and liberate the land from his atrocities.

Apteshwar Temple - Another important temple of the town, the 12th century temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Temples - Pushkar boasts temples, through few are as ancient pilgrimage site many were destroyed by Aurangzeb and subsequently rebuilt. The most famous is what is said to be the only temple in India dedicated to Brahma. It's marked by a red spire and over the entrance gateway is the hans, or goose symbol, of Brahma, who is said to have personally chosen Pushkar as its site. The Rangji Temple chosen is also important. The one - hour trek up to the hilltop temple overlooking the lake is best made early in the morning,the view is magnificent.

Pushkar Lake - Anything even remotely related to Pushkar Lake has a halo of sacredness and divinity. Legend has it that a dip in its waters cleanses all the sins and is the surest way to achieve salvation from the cycles of life. Circled by some five hundred odd temples, the lake has 52 ghats, which connect the temples to the water. These ghats were constructed by the rulers of the different erstwhile princely states of Rajasthan and some of them are aptly named after the states.

How to Reach Brahma Temple Pushkar

By road: There are two bus stands in Pushkar-the Marwar bus stand and in the north of town by the post office, which services some long distance places, and the Ajmer bus stand, east of town by the Pushkar Hotel, which has buses to Ajmer and Jaipur. There are many regular buses from Pushkar to Ajmer. The buses for the temple start from Ajmer to Pushkar depart every hour from 6 am to 10 pm from near the Ajmer railway station.

By Rail: The nearest railway station is in Ajmer (11 km) which has trains to Jaipur, Delhi, Udaipur, and Ahmedabad.

By  Air :Pushkar has the closest airport whichis 131 km away in Jaipur.

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