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Yamunotri Temple in Yamunotridham Uttarakhand

Here is Some Information about Yamunotri Temple in Yamunotridham among Chardham Yamnotri ,Kedarnath,Badrinath,Gangotri.

Location : Yamunotridham,Uttrakhand
Dedicated to :-Goddes Yamuna
Festivals :-Diwali,janmastmi,Diwali,Bhai dooj
Altitude :- 3,235 mts.
Climate :- Summer - Cool during the day and cold at night.
Min 6°C & Max 20°C. Winter - Snow-bound. Touching sub-Zero.
Clothing :- Summer - Light woolens. Winter - Very heavy woolens.
Languages :- Hindi, Garhwali and English
Best Season :- May to June and September to October

The first of the four Himalayan dhams, Yamunotri, is in the Uttarkashi district of the State of Uttarakhand. The pilgrimage to the four dhams begins from here.The Saptarishi Kund (spring) is situated on Kalind Mountain, 1kilometre above Yamunotri. It gets filled with water from the Yamunotri glacier and is the source of the Yamuna River. Because of its origin from the Kalind Mountain, Yamuna is also called Kalindi.

Yamunotri Temple, Uttarakhand is built at the foot of Kalinda Parvata (14,505 feet) and is dedicated to Goddess Yamuna, the river Goddess. The temple of Yamunotri was constructed by Maharaja Pratap Shah of Tehri Garhwal during the 19th century on the left bank of river Yamuna. The deity of Yamuna is carved from black stone and there is also a deity of Ganga Devi, who is White. The source of the river Yamuna is Yamunotri which originates from the Champasar Glacier, located on the Kalind Mountain at the height of 4421 m above sea level. This is a difficult trek and so the pilgrims offer pooja at the temple itself.

History of Yamunotri Temple

According to the Hindu Puranas, Yamuna is the consort of Lord Shri Krishna. It is believed that the river first went round Shri Krishna before flowing down to earth as per the order of her Lord. The river came to be called as "Kalindi" as she touched the peak of Kalind. Then she flowed down the hills and reached the plains at Khandav Vana, which has been developed as Delhi city now.

Yamuna and Yama (Lord of Death) are believed to be the children of Lord Surya, the Sun God. Hence it is considered that taking a dip in the holy waters of the source stream of Yamuna is relieved of a painful death.

Sight Seen Yamnoutri Temple

Surya Kund :- Surya Kund is the most important and sacred thermal spring of Yamunotri amongst the cluster of thermal springs in the vicinity of the temple which flows into numerous pools. The pool is named after Surya or the sun god, the father of Yamuna. It has a temperature of almost 190 Degree F. Pilgrims tie rice and potatoes in a cotton cloth, and immerse it in the water to be cooked. The water is so hot that the prasad gets cooked within no time.

Divya Shila :- A rock pillar, worshipped before entering the Yamunotri Temple.

Janki Chatti :-It’s 5 km from Yamunotri, it is noted for it’s thermal springs , where tourists can enjoy a refreshing bath.

Hanuman Chatti :- It’s 13 km from Yamunotri. The confluence of Hanuman Ganga and Yamuna rivers,from where the trek to Dodi Tal (3,307mt)starts.Route:Rishikesh-Barkot -Hanumanchatti-Yamunotri. Hanumanchatti -Darvatop -Dodital-Agora-Uttarkashi-Rishikesh.Porters and ponies are available at Hanumanchatti.Rates are fixed by District Magistrate before the start of every Yatra season.

Saptarishi Kund Lake :-This kund is situated 10 kms away from yamunotri. This is the actual place where Yamuna rises and an extremely difficult journey covered with ice. The water of the glaciers gathers in this lake. On the banks of the lake are naturally carved slate stones. The rare Brahma Lotus grows here. It is a beautiful picnic spot as well.

How to Reach Yamunotri Temple

By Road :- Yamunotri is connected by a motorable road with Rishikesh, Kotdwar, Dehradun, Hardwar and other hill stations of Garhwal. Some important road distances are Rishikesh (230Kms), Haradwar(260 Kms).

By Train :- Rishikesh (213 Km) and dehradun (172 km) are the two railheads.

By Air :- Jolly Grant is the nearest Airport, 196 km from Yamunotri via Dehradun.

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