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BAPS Main Swaminarayan Temple in Bochasan Gujarat India

Here is Some Information about BAPS Swaminarayan Temple in Bochasan Gujarat india.

Location:Bochasan, Borsad, Anand,Gujarat
Built in: 5 June 1907
Built By:Shastriji Maharaj
Dedicated to: Lord Swaminarayana
Significance:One of the Main Temple Swaminarayana Sasthan
Tel: (02696) 286626, 286684
Fax: (02696) 286685
Temple Timing: 6:00 Am to 9:00Pm
Visiting Timing:30Mins
Best Time to Visit: All time
Nearest Railway Station:Anand
Nearest Airport: Ahmadabad,Baroda

More Information about BAPS Main Swaminarayan Temple Bochasan

Lord Swaminarayan visited Bochasan 32 times. The bullock-cart that Kashidas used to take Him around is presently displayed in the Akshardham prasadi mandapam in Gandhinagar. The Akshar Bhuvan on the ground floor of the mandir houses the images of Shastriji Maharaj and Yogiji Maharaj. Holy relics of Lord Swaminarayan and the Guru parampara are also presented here. Outside the mandir complex is the village pond and the small shrine of Hanumanji where Neelkanth Varni stayed the night on his first visit here.

In the village there is Kashidas's house and the Ramji Temple. Lord Swaminarayan first came to Bochasan as Neelkanth Varni in 1799. At the village Ramji Mandir, He offered arti to the images of Lord Rama, Lakshman and Sita. He was received by a villager, Kashidas Mota, who requested the Lord to stay in his village. Neelkanth replied: "In future, I will stay here forever with my choicest devotee"

Lord Swaminarayan repeated the promise to Kashidas in Karyani in 1809 and again in Vadtal in 1816: "We want to build a mandir in your village."

At the installation of the images of Nara-Narayana in Amdavad in 1822, Lord Swaminarayan showed Kashidas the images and explained to him: "These images will also be installed in your village, albeit under a different name."

Prior to installation in the mandir at Vadtal in 1824, the images of Lakshmi-Narayana were kept in Kashidas's house for safe-keeping, for six months. When the time came to collect the images, Kashidas requested Lord Swaminarayan to install them in Bochasan. The Lord replied: "These are for Vadtal. At your place, a grand mandir will be built where I will reside along with My eternal abode."

History of BAPS Swaminarayan Temple Bochasan

Shastriji Maharaj left Vadtal in 1905. Five months later, during the festival of Fuldol in Anand, the devotees loyal to the Akshar Purushottam tradition requested him to build a mandir. Well aware of Lord Swaminarayan's promise to Kashidas, Shastriji Maharaj decided to constdruct the first Akshar Purushottam mandir in Bochasan.

Saints and devotees physically gave their all to serve in the construction work and within a mere six months, the image installation ceremony took place. At the time of the installation, the devotees were unable to lift the image of Gunatitanand Swami, despite it being lighter than the image of Lord Swaminarayan. Shastriji Maharaj prayed before the images: "It is only for you, Swami, that we endured countless hardships before leaving Vadtal. Therefore, please kindly grace your seat in the mandir." So saying, Shastriji Maharaj slid a wedge under the image which was then lifted with ease by the deovtees.

It was the first time that the images of Akshar Purushottam were installed in the central shrine of a pinnacled mandir. The philosophy which was previously being discussed secretly in a few corners in Vadtal and Junagadh began to resound in Bochasan. People began to openly talk about the glory of Akshar and Purushottam.

FestivalsCelebration in BAPS Swaminarayan temple Bochasan

Guru Purnima
Every Ekadashi

Video of BAPS Main Temple Bochasan 


How to Reach BAPS Swaminarayana Temple in Bochasan

By Air: Nearest  International Airport is Ahmedabad(100Km) and International Airport is Vadodra(50 Km).
By Rail: Bochasan has a minio Railway station and nearest large railway station is Anand.
By Road: Bochasan is connected a Borsad,anand,Vadodra majer cities and Gujarat Gov. St Buses and Privet Vehicles are available.

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