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Kaila Devi Temple in Karauli(Kaila Village) Rajasthan India

Here is some information about Kaila Devi Temple in Karauli(Kaila Village) Rajasthan india.

Location: on the banks of the Kalisil river in kaila village Karauli district Rajasthan. 
Built in:  1100 A.D
Built By: Princely Jadaun Rajput rulers of the Karauli empire.
Dedicated to: Goddesh kaila Devi
Entry: Free
Photography: Allow
Temple Timing: 6:00 Am to 8:00 Pm
Significance: One of the main Goddesh temple
Visiting Timing: 1 to 2 hour
Best time to Visit: October to March.
Nearest Railway Station: Karauli
Nearest Air Port: Kheria Airport, Agra (127 km) and Jaipur Sanganer Airport (160 km).

About Kaila Devi Temple in Karauli 

The Kaila Devi temple is located on the banks of Kalisil river in the hills of Trikut in kaila village near Karauli in rajasthan.The temple is dedicated to goddesh kaila devi.The temple is devoted to the tutelary deity, goddess Kaila, of the erstwhile princely rulers of the Karauli state. It is marble structures with a large courtyard of a checkered floor.In one place are a number of red flags planted by devotees.A fair known as Kaila Devi Fair is held here every year in the month of Chaitra, starting from Chaitra Budi 12 and lasting for a fortnight.The temple built by the princely Jadaun Rajput rulers of the Karauli empire. Constructed with the expensive marble, it has a large courtyard with checked floor. The statues of Kaila Devi and Chamunda Devi are the main attraction of the temple. They are seen sitting together. It is to be noted that the statue of Kaila Devi is bigger and her head is slightly bend down. There are number of red flag placed by devotees in the temple. Annual Kaila devi fair is organised at the temple in the month of Chaitra.

History of Kaila Devi Temple 

Officially, the town of Karauli was founded in 1348 by another Yaduvanshi Rajput, Maharaja Arjun Dev Yadav. The town was strategically located to ensure natural defense. To the north and east of the town are ravines while a huge wall was built on all other sides, to protect it from charging armies. Karauli is associated with many historical happenings. The main village in Karauli is called Mandrail. This village is famous for the battle of Mandrail which was fought by Raja Puranmal, the king of Amer, in 1534 AD. At the time when India became independent in 1947, Karauli was under the rule of Maharaja Ganesh Pal Deo. Later, this town merged with the union of India and became part of Indian state of Rajasthan.

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How to Reach  Kaila Devi Temple Karauli 

By Road: Karauli is located about 160 km away from Jaipur and you may avail public/private buses or local taxis to reachKaila Devi Temple.

By Rail: The Nearest Railway Station is near Karauli are Piloda Railway Station (38.3 km) and Khandip Railway Station (40.0 km)

By Air : The Nearest Air Port is  Kheria Airport, Agra (127 km) and Jaipur Sanganer Airport (160 km).

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