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Nirvana(Stupe) Temple in Kushinagar Uttar Pradesh

Here is Some information about Nirvana Temple in Kushinagar Uttar Pradesh India.

Location: 500 meters Kushinagaroff to the city
Built in:1876 AD
Built By:Swami Haribala, a Buddhist follower
Dedicated to: Lord Buddha
Entry: Free
Temple Timing: 6.00 AM - 8.00 PM
Significance: Historical & Religious
Visiting Timing:1 Hour
Best time to Visit: Anytime round the year
Nearest Railway Station: Gorakhpur 44 Kms
Nearest Air Port: Gorakhpur 44 Kms.

The Nirvana Stupa temple is situated to the east of the Mahaparinirvana temple. This huge Stupa was excavated by Carllel in 1867, underneath which was found a copper vessel 2.74 meters high with Brahmi insciptions. This stupa is of ultimate importance to the Buddhist as it is believed that it contains Buddha's relics.Nirvana Temple is a must visit destination during tour to India. The place evokes emotion for every Buddhist because it is the same temple near which, Buddha died. Nirvana Temple houses a statue of reclining Lord Buddha that is 6 meters long. It is believed that this statue represents the very last moments of Lord Buddha i.e. moments before he attained Mahaparinirvana. The sculpture was unearthed during the excavations of 1876. Carved from Chunar sandstone, the statue represents the dying Buddha reclining on his right side. An inscription below dates the statue to the fifth century AD.

The temple stands on the same plinth as the Stupa behind it. As mentioned above the ruins of this temple, Carlleyl discovered Nirvana statue inside in 1876. By sinking a vertical trench at the center of its mound he first discovered the great statue in a much-shattered condition lying on a broken pedestal and then he unearthed other ruins.

Kushinagar History

Kushinagar is also known as Kasia or Kusinara. The founder of Buddhism, Lord Buddha passed away at this place near the Hiranyavati River and was cremated at the Ramabhar stupa. It was once a celebrated center of the Malla kingdom. Many of Kushinagar temples, stupas and viharas date back to 230 BC-AD 413. when its prosperity was at the peak. The Mauryan emperor Ashoka added grandeur to this place by getting the magnificent statue of Buddha carved on a single piece of red sandstone. Fa Hien, Huen Tsang, and I-tsing, the three famous Chinese scholar travelers to India, all visited Kushinagar or Kushinagara.

With the decline of Buddhism, however, Kushinagar lost its importance and suffered much neglect. It was only in the last century that Lord Alexander Cunningham excavated many important remnants of the main site such as the Matha Kua and Ramabhar stupa and Kushinagar news made headlines. Today, people from all over the world visit Kushinagar. Many national and international societies and groups have established their centers here.
How to Reach  Nirvana Temple Kushinagar

By Road: There are many vehicals available to reach Nirvana Temple Kushinagar .Kushinagar is connected to the rest of the nation through an extensive network of roads. The major travel hubs that are connected to Kushinagar are Gorakhpur (51 km), Sravasti (254 km), Sarnath (266 km) and Agra (680 km).
By Train: The Nearest railway station is Gorakhpur 44 Kms.
By Air: The Nearest Airport is  Gorakhpur  Airport 44 Kms.
Picture Gellery of  Nirvana Temple Kushinagar

Google Map of  Nirvana Temple Kushinagar

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