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Matri Mandir in Kolkata West Bengal

Here is Some Information about Matri  Mandir in Kolkata West Bengal India.

Location:  Bipin Pal Rd, Manoharpukur, Kalighat, Kolkata, West Bengale
Bipin Pal Rd, Manoharpukur, Kalighat, Kolkata, West Bengal
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Built in: 700 years ago
Dedicated to: Goddesh Durga
Temple Timing: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Significance: One of the most temple
Visiting Timing: 15 to 30 minutes
Best time to Visit: Aug to Feb
Phone: +91-98300-70662 | +91-72789-12311
Nearest Railway Station: Kolkatta
Nearest Air Port: Kolkatta

The Matri Mandir is Located in Bipin Pal Rd, Manoharpukur, Kalighat, Kolkata west Bangal.The temple was built about 700 years ago.The temple is Dedicated to Goddesh Durga.Matri Mandir is a brilliant place to simply bow your heads in a silent prayer in front of Goddess Durga, Kali, Saraswati, Durga, Lakshmi and Jagadhatri. The temple is especially abuzz with people from the community close by who get together for several puja and aarti sessions and distribute sweets as "prasad." A lot of footfall is also seen at the time of Sankranti, which is of prime importance as it marks off the Bengali New Year.

How To Reach Matri Mandir in Kolkata   

By Road: There are many public and private vehicles available to reach Matri Mandir Kilkata.

By Train: The Nearest Railway station is Kolkata junction.

By Air : The Nearest Airport is Kolkata Airport. 

Pictue Gellery of Matri Mandir Kolkata

Google map of Matri Mandir in Kolkata

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