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Sikotar(Vahanvati) Mata Temple and Dhushmeshwar Mahadev temple in Ralej(Khambhat) Gujarat India

Sikotar (Vahanvati) Mata Temple is located near Khambhat  Arabian seashore in Ralej village, which is 10 minutes drive from Khambhat. Goddess Sikotar is also known as Goddess of sea.Here is Some information about Sikotar Mata Temple in Ralej(Khambhat) Gujarat India .

Location: Ralej, Ta: Khambhat,Dist: Anand(388001), Gujarat. India              
Built in: 950 years ago
Dedicated to: God desh Sikotar(Vahanvati)
Temple Timing: 6:00 Am  to 9:00 Pm 
Significance: One of the most Temple
Visiting Timing: 1 hour
Best time to Visit: During Navratri
Phone No : (02698) 285400
Mobile No:  Trasti Shri Rameshbhai Patel : +91 9909633947
Festivals and events: Navratri festival, Durga  ashtami 
Official Website: click here 
Nearest Railway Station: Khambhat
Nearest Air Port: Ahmadabad

More Information about  Sikotar(Vahanvati) Mata Temple in Ralej

Goddess Sikotar temple is situated near Arabian Sea shore near Khambhat. Many Years ago when Khambhat was known as Trambavati nagari. The Sikotar ma temple is built about 950 years ago.This temple is near Areben see shore.The Goddesh Sikotar is known as Vahanvati Ma.Many Events Celebrates in this temple.During Navratri mahotsav great celebration in this temple.There are many people come this temple and blessing goddess Sikotar.

The temple has a big ground and peaceful environment.There are 12 Jyotirlinga Dhushmeshwar Mahadev temple near this temple.In this temple a 12 jyotirlinga beautiful idol available.This temple is run by Trast. Trasty shri Rameshbhai Patel headlining trust and temple.Every Purnima(fullmoon day) large numbers of people ome doing a darshan to Goddess Shikotar.

History and Legends of  Sikotar(Vahanvati) Mata Temple Ralej 

Legend says that back in time when ships would lost from their way, they would pray for Vahanvati Mata. Soon after, a lamp will be lightened up on the copper pillar and taking directions, ships would their destination safely.

Another tale is that, during Navratri time, Mata would come to Sikotar to play Garba. Sound of Mata’s anklet was so powerful that farmers in nearby villages could easily hear.

There’s one popular story of Sikotar Mata and Jagdusa. It explains how Sikotar Mata started to know as Vahanvati.

When drought took over Saurashtra region, a merchant named Jagdusa came to Khambhat and entrapped his ships. He was true devotee of Maa Sikotar and soon his business grown full fledged.

He became so rich. Wondering what to do with the money he had, he bought a gold chain for Sikotar Maa. Though, being a merchant, his thoughts were changed after he saw gleaming gold. Instead of devoting to Sikotar Maa, he kept chain for his wife.

That night, in his dream, Sikotar Maa appeared and told Jagdusa to see positions of his ships. Hastily, Jagdusa came out only to see his ships sinking in sea.

He realized the grave mistake he made and immediately apologised Sikotar Maa. Kind Maa accepted his apologies and saved his ships from sinking.From this incident, Goddess is regarded as Vahanvati.

How to Reach Sikotar(Vahanvati) Mata Temple in Ralej
By Bus : There are many private and public vehicles available to Sikotar Mata Temple in Ralej ,Khambhat.

By Train : The Nearest Railway Station is Khambhat Railway station.7 Km.

By Air : The Nearest International Airport is Vadodra(70 KM) and Ahmedabad Airport.

Picture Gallery of Sikotar(Vahanvati) Mata Temple in Ralej

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