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Stambheswar Mahadev Temple in Kavi Kamboi Gujarat India

Here is Some Information about Stambheswar Mahadev Temple in Kavi Kamboi Gujarat India.

Location: In the middle of the Arabian Sea in bay of Cambay,Kavi Kamboi Village,Gujarat
Built in: About 151 Years ago
Built By:  Bhagwan Kartik
Dedicated to: Lord Shiva
Significance: One of the disappears Shiva Temple
Visiting Timing: 1 hour
Best time to Visit: During Amavashya Public full, and any time
Phone : 02644-230501 ,+91 9723622200 , +91 9426878023 
Nearest Railway Station: Jambushar Station,Vadodra    
Nearest Airport:Local Vadodra and Int. Ahmedabad

More Information about Stambheswar Mahadev Temple Kavi Kamboi

Stambheswar Mahadev Temple is located in the middle of the Arabian Sea in bay of Cambay Kavi Kamboi Small Village of Jambushar Taluka Near Vadodra 40  Km Far of Gujarat.The temple was built around 150 years ago and Built by  According to Kumarika khand as mentioned in Skand Purana Lord Kartik after killing Tarkasur.The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.The temple gets its name from the fact that it is build on pillars (stambhs) a little above ground level.Somnath Mahadev as majestic a Kawi kamboi  Stambhesvar Mahadev Where the sea god Shiva are two times a day to anoint.The most interesting fact about this temple is that it can be visited only during the low tide hours. In the hours of high tides, the temple is mostly submerged. Thousands flock to this place frequently to watch the mesmerizing view of submerging or reemerging of the temple from the sea.The Temple is gets totally submerged into the Sea during the high tide hours and as the tide starts to get low it again starts emerging out of the sea inch by inch, unveiling the 4 feet high Shiva lingam.The people visiting the temple are blessed by Lord Shiva removing all the troubles in life.According to Skand Purana, visiting the temple and praying Lord Shiva fulfills all the desires of the devotees.The scenic beauty of the place along with its religious prominence pulls a lot of visitors to the place.

History  of  Stambheswar Mahadev Temple Kavi Kamboi

One of the eighteen Hindu puranas, While the deities hailed the glory of Kartikeya for having killed Tarakasur, Kartikeya himself was saddened by his act. He told the deities 'I regret for having killed Tarakasur because he was a great devotee of Lord Shiva. Is there any way to atone for my sin?'Lord Vishnu consoled him 'Killing a wicked person, who nourishes himself on the blood of innocent people, is not a sinful deed. But, still, if you feel guilty then there is no better way to atone for your sin than worshipping Lord Shiva. Install Shivalingas and worship them with deep devotion.'Kartikeya instructed Vishnukarma to make three divine Shivalingas. Later on Kartikeya installed these Shivalingas at three different places and worshipped them with appropriate rituals. In course of time these three holy places came to be known as Pratigyeshwar, Kapaleshwar and Kumareshwar.Kartikeya, while worshipping at Kapaleshwar sprinkled holy water on the Shivalinga and prayed so that Tarakasur's soul rested in peace. He also offered sesame seeds to Lord Kapaleshwar and prayed  'May my offerings made in the form of sesame seeds reach Tarak--the descendant of Sage Kashyap.' This way, Kartikeya was absolved of his sins.

Darshan Timing of Stambheswar Mahadev Temple Kavi Kamboi

Tithi Vad/ Sud
Ekam (Gujarai Month 1st Day)                    
09 – 45 am
03 – 45 am
Beej (Gujarati Month 2nd Day)                   
10 – 30 am
04 – 30 am
Trij  (3rd  Day)                    
11 – 15 am
05 – 15 am
Choth  (4th Day)                
12 – 00 pm
06 – 00 am
Pancham (5th Day)                          
07 – 00 am
01 – 30 pm
Chhath  (6th Day)                             
07 – 45 am
01 – 34 pm
Satam    (7th Day)             
08 – 30 am
02 – 30 pm
Aatham  (8th Day)                            
09 – 15 am
03 – 15 pm
Num (9th Day)                   
10 – 00 am
04 – 00 pm
Dasham  (10th Day)                         
10 – 45 am
04 – 45 pm
Agiyarash  (11th Day)                      
05 – 30 pm
01 – 30 pm
Barash (12th Day)                             
06 – 30 pm
12 – 30 pm
Terash  (13th Day)
                07 – 15 pm
01 – 15 pm
Chaudash  (14th Day)                      
08 – 00 pm
02 – 00 pm
Purnima/ Amash (Ful Moon Day/No Moon Day)        
09 – 00 pm
03 – 00 pm

Where to Stay and Food 

At the temple site there is a Ashram where one can stay at night.If you would like to have lunch or dinner in the ashram of the temple you can contact Mr Pinakin or the Maharaj Contect Information are as below. They will prepare rice and dal chury for you.they do not charge for it. you can donate any amount as you wish. Advance arrangement is also possible on prior information on the above telephone number.Other Hotels and Restaurants are available in  vadodra  City Like Hotel Yuvraj,Hotel Welcome,Hotel Surya Palace and many more.

Address and Contact  Detail

Shree Stambheshwar Mahadev Temple
Kavi - Kamboi, Taluka : Jambusar, 
Dist : Bharuch  Phone : 02644 230501
Mobile : +91 9723622200 , +91 9426878023
Official Web Site:

How To Reach  Stambheswar Mahadev Temple Kavi

By Road : There are many public and private vehicles available to reach Stambheswar Mahadev Temple Kavi Kamboi.One can hire a taxi or by own car start for Jambusar taluka which is 53 km after that move 30 km for Kavi Kamboi.Vadodara bus stop is the nearest bus stand or you can also get local buses up to Kavi Kamboi village.

By Rail : The Nearest Major Railway station is Vadodra Railway station and Jambusar Railway station.You can easily take taxi and Buses to Vadodra Railway station to reach Stambheswar Mahadev Temple Kavi Kamboi.

By Air : The Nearest Airport is Vadodra Airport and International Airport is Ahmedabad.If you are choosing flight then Vadodara airport. From Vadodara you can hire taxi to reach Kavi Kamboi.

Stambheswar Mahadev Temple in Kavi Kamboi Live Darshan

Picture Gallery of  Stambheswar Mahadev Temple Kavi Kamboi 

Google Map of  Stambheswar Mahadev Temple Kavi Kamboi 

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