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But Bhavani Ma Temple Arnej Near Ganesh Temple Ganpatpura Ahmadabad District Gujarat India

Here is Some Information about But Bhavani Ma Temple Arnej Near Ganesh Temple Ganpatpura Ahmedabad District Gujarat India.

Location: Arnej Village Dholka Taluka Gujarat
Built in: About 500 Years ago 
Re Built: 5 Years ago
Dedicated to: Goddesh But Bhavani
Entry: free
Photography: Out Side allow, inside not allow
Significance: One of the Ma But Bhavani temple
Temple timing: 6:00 Am to 9:00 Pm
Visiting Timing: 1 hour
Best time to Visit: All time
Phone: (02714)242282, 295282, 242061
Nearest Railway station: Arnej Station and Ahmadabad
Nearest Airport: Ahmadabad International Airport
More Information about But Bhvani temple

New Temple
Old Temple
But Bhvani temple is located at Arnej village in dholka taluka near Ganesh temple Ganpatpura Koth Ahmadabad District Gujarat.The old temple was built about 500 years ago and rebuilt present temple about 5 year ago.The temple is dedicated to Goddess But Bhavani.This temple is considered sakti pitha one place. In the tree goddess statue of years ago after discovering the location of this place was the manifestation.During of the day first start is mangala, toilet and rajabhoga including five arati of Eve and sleeping, Different  different 34 Caste as a society kuldevi bhal Bhagwati in the but bhavani poojan.Maa Bhagwati temple but bhavani arnej village has become a symbol of faith for millions of devotees my voting.

 Arnej village of Rajasthan form currently ganjan pahadapuri bansi pink stone paththar manthi newly sikhara created temple is taking shape. This newly Mataji temple for the first time both sides will establish ganeshji and hanuman philosophical idol. Arnej this sakti pitha temple, pilgrims - devoted to the two-time Prasad and families away from the Pilgrims bathing, washing, stay in the facility to provide two large hall and more than 30 different - different rooms of the facility was available.

Festivals Celebration of But Bhavani Temple

Chaitra Poonam
Krishna Janmashtmi
Vasant Navratri

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How to Reach But Bhavani Temple Arnej

By Air : The Nearest Airport is Sardar Patel International Airport Ahmadabad just 60 Km of But Bhavani temple Arnej.

By Rail: The Nearest Railway station is Arnej and big station is Ahmadabad Railway station.

By Road: There many public and private vehicles available to reach But Bhavani temple Arnej.
Picture Gallery of But Bhavani temple Arnej

Google Map of But Bhavani Temple Arnej

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