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Mata No Madh-Ashapura Mata Temple in Lakhapat Kutch Gujarat India

Lakhapat village is located about 80 km from Bhuj, the main city of Kutch district.The village lies surrounded by hills on both banks of a small stream and has a temple dedicated to Ashapura Mata, the household deity of former Jadeja rulers of Kutch State. Ashapura Mata temple known as Mata no Madhn all over country.Here is some face about Mata no Madh Ashapura Mata temple in  Lakhapat taluka Kutch Gujarat India.

Location: Lakhapat Taluka near Bhuj Kutch,Gujarat.
Built in:14 th Century
Re built: After earthquake in 2001.
Built by: Two Karad Vanias- Ajo and Anagor.
Dedicated to: Goddess Ashapura
Significance: One of the best temple in Kutch District.
Main Attraction: Six feet high red-painted stone statue of Ashapura Mata.
Festival : Navratri, Durga Ashtami
Temple Architecture : Height-  52 Ft,  58 Ft -long and 32ft.- wide
Live Darshan: Click Here
How to Reach By Air: The Nearest Airport is Bhuj Airport(95 KM).
How to Reach by Rail:The Nearest Railway station is Bhuj.(95KM).
How to Reach by Road:There are many public and private vehicles available to reach here.

More Information about Ashapura Mata Madh Kutch

Mata no Madh situated where the famous temple of Ashapura Mata, the head deity of Kutch stands at 95 km from Bhuj in Lakhapat Taluka.The templeis dedicated to Goddess Ashapura.The temple was built in 14th Century and built by two Karad Vanias, Ajo and Anagor. They were the ministers in the court of the father of Lakho Phulani. The temple was damaged by the earthquake in 1819. The temple was rebuilt by Sundarji Shivji and Mehta Vallabhaji, two Brahmakshatriya in 1823 (Vikram Samvat 1880). The temple is 58 ft. long, 32 ft. wide and 52 ft. tall.

Inside the temple, one can see a six feet high red-painted stone statue of Ashapura Mata. People of many communities gather at the temples for her ‘Darshan’ all the year round, particularly during the ‘chaitra’, and in greater numbers during the ‘Ashvin’ Navratri. During the festival, puja is performed on a large scale; everyone from erstwhile rulers to locals takes an active participation in the festival.In this festival many pilgrims of Gujarat go to mata no Ashapuri Temple madh by walking from various places and feel that they are lucky enough to have this opportunity. Even they go to mata no madh Ashapura temple by bicycle from different states of india. The goddess fulfills all the desires. She is adored as a Kuldevi of the people of Kutch. During navratri the fair is organized at mata no madh. Many devotees come to worship the goddess around the world.

History of Ashapura Mata no Madh Kutch Click Here

Address,Contact,Entry,Best time to visit and other Information of Mata no Madh


Address: Shri Matanamadh Jagir Trust
Post:  Matanamadh,
Taluka : Lakhapat - 370 625,
Dist. Kutch. Gujarat. INDIA.
Phone : +91 . 2839 . 267422 , 267551
Official Website:

Bhuj Office Address

Shri Matanamadh Jagir Trust Office
Akshayraj Building, Ground Floor,
Near Jubilee Circle, Bankers Colony,Bhuj(Kutch),
Phone: +91 . 2832 . 250519,
Entry: Free
Photography: out side allow, inside not allow
Visiting timing: 1 hour
Best time to visit: August to February

Temple timing and Aarti timing of Ashapura Mata no Madh  


Temple timing:  4:45 AM to 8:30 PM
Mangala Aarti: 5:00 AM
Dhoop Aarti: 9:00 AM
Sandhya Aarti : 7:00 PM
Temple remains closed for two hours in afternoon 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Nearest Visiting Place of Ashapura Mata no Madh Kutch

Narayan Sarovar
Lakhpat Village
Vijaya Vilas Palace
White Desert

Google Map of  Ashapura Mata no Madh Kutch

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