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Jharani Narasimha Swamy Cave Temple in Bidar Karnataka India

Jharani Narasimha Cave temple in situated in a cave in Bidar district Jharni North Karnataka where the water runs up to 300 meters. This temple lies a kilometer away from Bidar city. This temple is situated under the Manichoola hill range and it opens at Seven in the morning. This famous cave temple enshrines the powerful deity Lord Narasimha on the wall at the end of a cave,and it is an architectural wonder. Here is some fact about Jharani Narasimha Cave Temple in Bidar Karnataka India.
Location:Bidar District Karnataka
Address: Malkapur Road ,Mangalpet, Pansal Taleem, Pakalwada, Bidar, Karnataka
Pin code: 585401
Phone : 098862 13492
Dedicated to: Lord Narasimha
Significance:One of the most cave temple
Entry: In the cave Darshan ticket 5 Rs Per per.
Photography: Allow
Temple timing: 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Visiting timing: 1 hour
Best time to visit: Oct to March
Main Attraction: The temple in situated in a cave where the water runs up to 300 meters.
Temple Architecture :  Hindu temple style architecture
Nearest Airport: Hyderabad Airport(120KM).
Nearest Railway station: Bidar station.

More Information about Jharani Narasimha Cave Temple

Jharani Narasimha Cave Temple is located in a cave Bidar Karnataka.The temple in situated in a cave where the water runs up to 300 metres.The temple is built around 500 years ago.The temple is dedicated to powerful God Lord Narasimha.The Temple is known for its natural beauty and is considered to be very sacred. This ancient temple is excavated in a 300 m tunnel under the Manichoola hill range. Within the cave, a stream of water is said to be flowing continuously since the foundation of the temple. Devotees have to walk waist deep in the water for 300 m for the darshan of Lord Narasimha.The temple is having a cave pathway with full of water 365 days.

The temple of Narasimha Jhira has a myth which mentions that the mighty Lord Narasimha first killed Hiranyakashipu and then proceeded to slay the demon Jalasura who was a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva. After being killed by Lord Narasimha, the demon Jalasura turned into water and started flowing down the feet of the Lord Narasimha.For this reason, people have to wade all the way through the water to reach the Lord. Recent arrangements were made to provide electricity and ventilation in this cave. You’ll need to take a quick bath in the water fountain located outside the Narasimha Jhira Cave temple.

The end of the cave houses two deities ,Lord Narasimha and a Shiva Linga which the demon Jalasura had worshipped. Around eight people can stand and watch this spectacular sight as there is very little space here. Others will need to wait in the water. 

Video of  Jharani Narasimha Cave Temple

Nearest Visiting Places of Jharani Narasimha Cave Temple

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Bahamani Tombs
Ragin Mahal Palace
Tarkash Mahal
Bidar Fort
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How To Reach Jharani Narasimha Cave Temple


By Air: The Nearest International Airport is Begumpet international airport Hyderabad Airport just 120 KM from temple.

By Rail: Bidar has its own Railway station so nearest railway station is Bidar station.  

By Road: There are many public and private vehicals available to reach here.Specialty of this temple is, to visit God Narasimha Swami one has to walk about five hundred meters in cave canal having stagnant water. Frequent Government buses also operate from Bidar central bus stop to Narasimha Jharani.

Google Map of  Jharani Narasimha Cave Temple Bidar

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