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Bees Bhuja Mata Temple in Guna Madhya Pradesh India

Guna is famous city located in Madhya Pradesh states of India.This city is situated in the north eastern region of Malwa Plateau and is enclosed by the River Parbati.The city is popular for Bees Bhuja Mata Temple.The temple is famous for enshrining an idol with 20 arms.The temple is frequented by a number of pilgrims from varied distant places. Here is some fact about Bees Bhuja Mata Temple in Guna Madhya Pradesh India.

Location: Hirapur, Guna District M.P
Address: Dr. Chandsi Gali, New Sadak, Guna (M.P), Guna HO, Guna
Pin code: 473001
Built In: 200 years ago
Built By : King Jay Narayan Yadav
Dedicated to: Goddess Bees Bhuja
Signification: Goddess idol has 20 Arms
Entry : Free
Photography:  Allow
Temple Timing: 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Best time to visit: Oct to Feb
Visiting timing : 1 hour
Architecture:  Hindu Temple style Architecture
Festivals: Bisbhujaji Fair, Durgashtami Navratri
Phone Number: 9039670273
How to Reach by Air : The nearest Airport is Bhopal Airport.(120KM)
How to reach By Rail: The nearest Railway station is Ashok Nagar Railway station.(46 KM)
How to reach By Bus or Road: There are many public and private vehicals available to reach here.

More Information about Bees Bhuja Mata Temple

Bees Bhuja Mata Temple is situated approximately 12 kilometers from the city of Guna in Hirapur village.It is also known to be one of the most ethical temples in Guna. The temple was built about 200 years ago and built by King Jay Narayan Yadav.The temple is dedicated to Goddess Bees Bhuja Devi.The The Main Attraction of the temple is idol of Goddess Bees Bhuja Devi.The deity is known as Bhuja Devi as she has twenty arms. Maa Bhuja Devi is another form of Goddess Durga. There is a belief among the locals that every time one counts the arms of the goddess, it gives a different number. And one who manages to count the number of arms accurately is considered a true devotee who has blessings of the goddess. 

Another attraction is the annual fair which is celebrated with great grandeur and pomp. The fair is conducted on the occasion of Durgasthami which falls in the months of March/April and October/November. The fair in Bisbhuji Temple lasts for nine days. 
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