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France-Japan failed in front of China’s high speed train, knowing the speed will blow your senses!

 France-Japan failed in front of China’s high speed train, knowing the speed will blow your senses!

Whenever there is talk of bullet train, the name of Japan comes first. That’s because Japan was the first country to launch the world’s first bullet train in 1964. This bullet train was capable of running at a speed of 360 kilometers per hour. Japan built many new bullet trains that run faster. However, at present, China has left behind all the countries in terms of bullet trains.

China last year tested the world’s fastest train, which runs at a speed of more than 600 kilometers per hour. Not only this, work is going on on many such high speed bullet trains in China, due to which China is now being called the home of high speed bullet trains.

Shanghai Maglev is the world’s fastest train

China launched the high-speed maglev train in July last year, which is being run in China’s main city of Shanghai. This train can run at a speed of 600 km per hour. A special track of 2,000 km has also been laid for this train in China.

What is the technology of maglev trains?

Traditional trains run on iron tracks with the help of wheels. Engines are installed in front of these trains which run on diesel or electricity. Traveling in these trains is economical. However, when it comes to speed, these trains lag far behind. Generally, the maximum speed of conventional trains is limited to 70-120 kmph.

But the technology of maglev trains is far more advanced and reliable than ordinary trains. Maglev (Magnetic Levitation) is a technique in which magnetic force is used to propel trains. These trains do not have wheels, due to which there is no friction and the train keeps on moving at a speed of hundreds of kilometers.

Special tracks are made for maglev trains. Electricity keeps running on the track of these trains, which gives energy to the train. Maglev trains move by floating on the tracks with the help of magnetic force created by electricity. Due to the absence of friction between the train and the tracks, it attains very high speed.

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