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Hero Lectro F2i Review: This premium e-cycle is strong, has good battery range and is great to drive


Hero Lectro F2i Review: This premium e-cycle is strong, has good battery range and is great to drive

Hero Lectro F2i Electric Bike Review: There is a lot of emphasis on electric mobility across the world including India. Talking about electric mobility, along with electric scooters, e-bikes and electric cars, electric cycles are also an important tool. The cycle is also very good for the health of the people and if there is an electric cycle, then it is pleasant to sleep. Hero Lectro, the e-cycle brand of the popular bike maker Hero, has launched more than one electric cycle in the Indian market in the last few years, which is tremendous in terms of price, performance and range as well as riding and build quality.

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After driving Hero Lectro’s popular electric cycle Hero Lectro F2i for the past one month and knowing all the experiences related to it, today we have brought to you the review details of this electric cycle. In the Hero Lectro F2i review article, we will tell you all the important things along with the look, features, battery range, speed, build quality, riding and comfort of Hero Lectro F2i and after knowing all this, you will benefit while buying an electric cycle

Very premium looking and strong build quality
Whether it is an electric scooter, a motorcycle or a cycle, when we buy them, the first thing we see is its looks. Looks means what the Hero Lectro F2i looks like and what is its build quality. Hero Lectro looks powerful and its build quality is also good. It gets 27.5-inch wheels, dull wall black and black spokes. Be it the handle, pedals, battery storage stem, seat or stand of the Hero Lectro F2i, their build quality is quite good and it is also very sturdy to look at. The pedals are equipped with anti-skid alloys with reflectors. Overall, its look is quite premium, which will suit your eyes at first sight.

Good riding and comfortable
The most special thing about the Hero Lectro F2i is its riding. Whether you drive it every day with the purpose of cycling for better health, ride it as a commuter bike for 10-15 kms to office or ride it for off-roading or adventure purpose, you are sure to enjoy it. First of all, let’s talk about the seat of Hero Lectro F2i, it looks a bit hard and small, but when you sit on it you feel comfortable and even after cycling for 15-20 kilometers you do not feel uncomfortable. do. The grip of your foot on its pedal is good. The positioning of the handle is also good and gives you a different feel. You feel complete control on this electric cycle. However, you will have to lean a little while driving. If your height is less then you may have some problem. However, you have the option of adjusting the seat. Overall, the Hero Lectro F2i seems quite comfortable to you in terms of riding.

Speed, Throttle and Gear
When you buy an electric bicycle, then the question also revolves in your mind about its speed, after all, when we run it on battery, then at what speed it can run. Let us tell you that at present the top speed in electric cycle is only 25 kilometers per hour and you get to see the same in Hero Lectro F2i. On the ride side of the handlebar, you get to see the throttle setup, which you can easily control with your ride hand. On the other hand, in terms of gear, it has Shimano’s thumb shifter 7 speed gearbox, which is quite smooth. On the right side, you can see a switch at the bottom of the handlebar, so that you can turn the motor on or off. If you have to pedal, you can easily turn off the electric motor.

Features also pleasing
Now when it comes to the features of the Hero Lectro F2i, on the left side of the handlebar, you see a small waterproof LED display unit, in which you can see the on button and headlight as well as 3 riding modes like Low, Medium and High, which can be seen. You can control through buttons. The special thing is that you can put it in electric cycle mode only when you tap the RFID key switch on the right side of this unit. Hero Lectro F2i is the country’s first electric mountain bike, so you also get the facility of Bluetooth connectivity in it. You can also take advantage of ride state, ride tracking as well as controls through the Hero Lectro iSmart app.

The Hero Lectro F2i Electric Cycle is powered by an IP67 protected Lithium Ion 36V battery. Along with this, it has an electric motor of BLDC 36V / 250W. On a full charge of its battery, you can run up to 28 km in throttle mode and 35 km in padlake mode. Hero Lectro F2i battery takes 4 hours to get fully charged. Its suspension is also amazing, which you can fix and change according to your needs and ride path.

Hero Lectro F2i Performance
You must be wanting to know how is the performance of Hero Lectro F2i, then you must have got an idea from the above mentioned things that it is an electric cycle, which attracts with its looks and features as well as power and everything else. . Its performance is equally good. The company may have presented it as a mountain bike, but it is equally good as a commuter electric cycle, from the handlebar to the pedals, suspension and disc brakes.

Price and my opinion
We got for review the Hero Lectro F2i bike in Black with Yellow accent color, which according to the Hero Lectro website is currently priced at Rs 39,999. For those who are looking to buy an electric cycle to improve their health or as a commuter, then you can definitely choose Hero Lectro F2i as an option. However, it is important to mention one thing here that since this is a mountain bike, you have to be more careful while driving in crowded places.

Hero’s presence in the electric cycle market
Let us tell you that there are many players in the electric cycle market in India, but Hero Lectro has made a special place among them and this company has introduced many electric cycles in the range of Rs. And the features are good. The biggest advantage of an electric cycle is that it is also good for your health, which you can run manually or run on battery in case of exhaustion.

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