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Big scam going on on WhatsApp, CID warns; Avoid ‘these’ mistakes

 Big scam going on on WhatsApp, CID warns; Avoid ‘these’ mistakes

New Delhi: WhatsApp Scam: Instant messaging app WhatsApp is widely used. Cyber ​​criminals are also taking advantage of this. It has come to light that cybercriminals are cheating WhatsApp users through various means. WhatsApp is used by millions of users. It is seen that cybercriminals are taking advantage of this to cheat. This causes huge financial loss to the users. Scammers are deceiving users by claiming that the message is sent by a banking or government agency. Cybercriminals use other people’s names to get users’ private information and steal money.

Assam’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has warned WhatsApp users about this. Assam CID has issued a notification. Cybercriminals are using profile photos and names of officials. After this, WhatsApp is collecting money from users through gift cards. Cyber ​​criminals are also using Chief Minister’s photo to cheat people.

Unauthorized access to contact list of cyber criminals officials. Then they collect the information of the employees from the official website with a particular organization. Information about senior executives and leaders is accessed through websites, social media, email and messenger. By using the same name and information, cyber criminals send messages and cheat people. Users are advised to beware of such fake messages and emails. Also, if such a message is received, it should be verified by the concerned officer before making the payment and clicking on the link. Also, you can complain about this to Cyber ​​Cell.

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