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Mansa Devi Temple in Haridwar Uttarakhand

Here is Some Information about Mansa Devi Temple in Haridwar Uttarakhand India.

Location : At the top of Bilwa Parvat (Hill),Haridwar Uttarakhand India
Built in : 1811-1815 A.D.
Built By : Maharaja Gopal Singh of Mani Majra
Dedicated to:Mansa Devi (a form of Shakti)
Significance:One of the Siddha Peethas
Temple Timing : 7.30am-7pm Apr-Oct, 8.30am-6pm Nov-Mar
Visiting Time : 30 Mins
Entry : Free
Photography : Allow
Best Time to Visit : May to October
Coordinates: 29°57'28"N 78°9'54"E
Reaching there : Rope way
Rope way Tickets : 210/- Per Person(160 /-Ropeway Journey)
Nearest Airport : Delhi Airport,Dehradun Airport
Nearest Railway Station : Haridwar Junction

More Information about Mansa Devi Temple Haridwar

The Mansa Devi temple happens to be one of the oldest holy places in the town of Haridwar. It is visited by tourists from all corners of the world. Dedicated to goddess Mansa Devi, the temple occupies a wonderful position atop the Bilwa Parvat. The temple is mostly popular for having wishes fulfilled. It is said that pilgrims who pray to the goddess with a pure heart can get their desires fulfilled by the blessings of goddess Mansa Devi.

This temple has two idols of the presiding deity, one with three mouths and five arms and the other with eight arms. One of the major Siddh peethas in India, this temple is the apex of Siddh peetha triangle, which is formed by the trio of Mansa Devi, Maya Devi and Chandi Devi.

One of the famous rituals performed by the devotees visiting the temple is to tie holy threads to the sacred tree, which is believed to fulfil wishes of devotees. Once the wishes are fulfilled, devotees need to untie the holy thread.

Apart from being a holy shrine, the temple is also a famous tourist destination. This is because of the cable cars, which are popularly known as 'Devi Udankhatola'. The cable car carries tourists from the lower station up to the temple. The ropeway, which is used by the cable cars, is located at a height of 178 m from the ground.

How to Visit Mansa Devi Temple Haridwar

Devotees who visit the temple usually like to take some prasad (offerings) for the Goddess. There's no shortage of sellers, either where you board the cable car or outside the temple. Bags containing a coconut and flowers sell for around 20 rupees, and it's possible to buy plates of flowers for around 10 rupees. The entry to the temple is also lined with vendors peddling everything from jewelry to music.

Inside the temple, you'll reach the footsteps of the Goddess. Give some of the prasad to thepandits (Hindu priests) and you'll receive a blessing. However, do note that these pandits are very money hungry and are known to openly demand donations (with threats that wishes won't be fulfilled unless you comply). From there, you'll be herded into the inner sanctum where the idol of the Goddess resides. The rest of your prasad will be taken, and you'll be given some broken pieces of coconut in return. Quickly make a wish to the Goddess before again being herded onwards. At the exit, you'll find idols of other gods and goddesses (accompanied by eager pandits) that you can pray to as well.

History of Mansa Devi  Temple

In the year 1840 at a distance of 200 meters from the main temple is the Patiala temple which was got constructed by Sh. Karam Singh, the then Maharaja of Patiala.
This temple had the patronage of Manimajra State. After the merger of princely states into Pepsu, the Patronage of State Govt. ended and the temples remained neglected. The Raja of Manimajra then appointed pujari as ‘khidmatuzar’ of this temple whose duty was to worship the deity of the temple. 
Mansa Devi temple is located in Bilaspur village, which is around three kilometers to the east of Mani Manjra, adjoining Chandigarh. The temple is thronged by hundreds of devotees from all over the country and even tourists from abroad, during Navratri. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Mansa. People believe that the deity is very powerful and fulfills every wish of the devotees.

Until some time later deity in the Mansa Devi temple was worshipped in the form of the holy 'sand' that is in the formation of 'pindi', which encompasses Devi Saraswati and Devi Lakshmi as well. Today there is a marble idol of Goddess Mansa which is worshipped. The idol becomes more spiritual and attractive when it is adorned with sparkling ornaments, during special pujas and festivals.

Maa Parvati insisted that she may be told the immortal secret and for long Shiva ji continued postponing. Finally one fine day because of constant demand of Maa Parvati, Lord Shiva made up his mind to tell the immortal secret. He started revealing the story in a lonely place where no living being could listen it for he choose Amarnath Cave.

Archaeologists and historicists have immense interest to visit the Mansa Devi Temple, when they are touring through Chandigarh due to the legacy of the temple. The walls of the temple are beautifully adorned with paintings of shrines. This particular architectural beauty of the temple comes from Shivalik background as well. History gives the evidences that the temple was constructed in the Panchayantana pattern and serves as must-visit excursion of Chandigarh.

How to Reach Mansa Devi Temple Haridwar

By Bus : The Temple is located at a distance of about 10 km from the Chandigarh bus terminus and 4 km from the Panchkula bus terminus, the Mansa Devi temple can be reached by local buses or autorickshaws. The Chandigarh Transport Undertaking and even the Haryana Roadways have special buses during the Navratra fair.

By Rail : Chandigarh is the ideal place to start off if you intend to visit the temple. If you are travelling by train, Chandigarh is the nearest railhead for those heading to Mata Mansa Devi temple. It is situated on the Chandigarh- Kalka rail line.

By Air : Nearest Airport is Chandigarh. There are daily flights operated by Indian Airlines and private airlines to Chandigarh. Since it's a popular travel circuit, bookings ought to be made well in advance.

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Picture Gallery of Mansa Devi Temple in  Haridwar

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