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Tornavmata Temple in Borsad Gujarat

Here is Some Information about Tornavmata Temple in Borsad Gujarat India.

Location: At Borsad
Built in: 300 Years ago
Built By: One strenger ledi
Dedicated to:Lord Shiva and Tornav Goddesh
Entry: Free
Temple Timing: 7:00Am  to 9:00Pm
Significance: One of the Most Temple
Visiting Timing: 30 Minuts
Best time to Visit: In June to January
Nearest Railway Station: Anand
Nearest Air Port: Ahmedabad

The TornavmataTemple is located out of borsad city.The Temple was built in about 300 years ago.The temple is Dedicated to Lord Shiva and Tornavmata.According to VishnuPuran Long time ago this is a riverfrant of Mahisagar River sangamxetra .Mostly most of the people goin to this temple on sunday.And once in the year during the shravan month people from borsad arranging the mela its called gam-ujani.and on this day all the people from borsad and around going to this village.

How To Reach  Tornavmata Temple 

By Air: The Nearest Airport is Ahmedabad.
By Rail: The Nearest Railway station is Anand.
By Road: There are many bushes and private rickshawas available to get borsad sun temple.
Picture Gellery of  Tornavmata Temple

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