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Machail mata Temple in Machel Jammu Kashmir

Here is Some Information about Machail mata Temple in Machel Jammu Kashmir India.

Location:   Machel village near Jammu .
Built in: about  2000 years ago
Yatra starts : During August
Dedicated to: Goddesh Chandi Devi
Phone : +91-191-2548172
Significance: one of the faimous temple
Temple Timing: 6:00 Am to 9:00 Pm
Visiting Timing: 1 hour
Best time to Visit: Aug to Dec
Nearest Railway Station: Jammu station
Nearest Airport: Jammu Airport

The Machail Mata temple is located in Machel village near Jammu Jammu Kashmir.The temple was built in about 2000 years ago.The temple was dedicated to Goddesh Chandi Devi.Machel temple is surrounded by the beautiful hills, glaciers and tributaries to the holy river Chenab (Chadrabhaga). One can reach the village by foot from the town Gulabgarh.In 1834, Jorawar Singh had sought blessings of Maa Durga at Machel before advancing to Laddakh in 1834. Zorawar Singh had no trouble in crossing the mountain ranges and entering Ladakh through the source of the Suru River where his 5000 men defeated an army of local Botis. After his miraculous victory he became faithful devotee of Maa DurgaThousands of people visit the shrine every year though the pilgrimage takes place in the month of August only.The Yarta(Journey) starts every year to this temple.The temple view tringle shape.

Journey of  Machail mata Temple

The Machail mata Temple  Journey starts in July -August month Every year.Many people wait start journey and join journey.The total foot journey from Gualbgarh to the Shrine is about 32 Kms. Porters are also available to carry baggages and chidren. It usually takes 2 days and 1 night stay to reach the Shrine. The night journey can not be done because there are no electricity poles along the way. The entire track is dotted all along with yatries of all hues with colorful attire. The main stop-overs en route are from Atholi Gulabgarh are Layondee, S Kunderpul, Chishoti, Hamooree and thence Machail Mata’s seared temple. The entire areas is land locked surrounded by lush green, vibrant and salubrious greenery of pine (Deodar, Kail, Fir, Spruce), oaks, shrubs and herbs.
The river Chandra and Bhaga confluences at Atholi and while traversing this long stretch of 30 kms, you follow proud Bhaga sometimes accompanying you and some times going against your track with roaring echoes and foaming fury watery flames so gorgeously against perpendicular rocks. The Chhari starts from Bhadarwah town itself and this year this Chhari started from Bhadarwah on 19th August on foot led by the Punjari of Bhadarsah temple accompanied by the delighted devotees.
While on way, you come across many villages and hamlet on the left and right, through of course, unreachable and of the few hamlets are Matti, Seondi, Hamiddran, Massu, Mao, Garh, Naral, Sugliangadi, Bathree, Mulgo, Shagaani, Kokandran, Rotae, Palelee, Betha and a big village ligree having hamlets viz, Doordo, Stangarhi, Thatak, Shahalee, Totee, Pondale, Tunkhel, etc. etc. This village ligree is having a population arounding 1000 or so. It is a matter of pity that educational front is very poor due to inaccessibility of the area and there is no schooling above metric level.
The entire belt is often surrounded by hot and cold springs which flow intermittently and some of course are perennial and these springs are called miracles of nature and these springs are considered as most sacred and meritorious. On reaching Machail a small village, rather hamlet is located at the sacred shrine of Mata Chandi depicted in the main photo and the devolve throng in queues for hours together to have a holy darshan of Mataji pay obedience and obtain blessings.Though it may seen strange, but too true that lord Shiva is quite glitteringly with his consort Mata Parvati, through the rock is perpendicularly perched upon a very hard bed, not as yet reachable. This pious spot is located in the back drop of sacred shrine of Chandi Mata. Miraculous are the ways of the Gods and Goddesses who alone can well understand the mysteries of the vast, varied cosmic universe.

How To Reach Machail mata Temple  Jammu

By Air : The Nearest Airport is Jammu Airport.Helicopter service to Machel is also available from Jammu and the base camp Gulabgarh during this period.

Picture Gellery of Machail mata Temple

Google Map of Machail mata Temple in Machel

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