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Vadivudai Amman Temple in Tiruvottiyur(Chennai) Tamil Nadu

Here is Some Information about Vadivudai Amman Temple in Tiruvottiyur Tamil Nadu India.

Location:  Sannadhi Street, Tiruvottiyur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Built in: About 2000 years  ago
Built By: Rajendra Chola
Phone : +91 -044-25733703
Dedicated to: Lord Shiva
Significance: One among Oldest temple
Temple Timing:5:00 Am to 10:00 Pm
Visiting Timing: 1 Hour
Best time to Visit:
Nearest Railway Station: Chennai Station(7 Km)
Nearest Airport: Chennai Airport(7 Km)

More Information about  Vadivudai Amman Temple

Vadivudai Amman Temple is located Sannadhi Street, Tiruvottiyur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu in the India.The temple was erect about 2000 years ago.The temple is devoted to Lord Shiva.The temple is revered by the Tevaram chant of Saiva nayanars, the 7th centennial Tamil saint poets and classified as Paadal Petra Sthalam.this temple is referred either as Adipureeswarar temple or Thyagaraja temple. Lord Shiva is available in this temple in three main forms - formless, physical form, and always  in an dietetic form.The goddess of the temple, Vadivudai Amman, is very powerful, and she is one of the three main goddesses of the Chennai region.The main shrine of the temple has the big Shiv Linga named Adi Pureeswarar. Hence, this temple is always  named as Adi Pureeswarar temple. Adjacent to the main shrine, the shrine of the Thyagarajar is located. Vadivudai Amman is seen in a discrete shrine. Apart from these three main shrines, there are a lot of shrines in this temple. Some of the notable shrines are 27 star Shiva shrines and Tiruvotteeswarar shrine. Other deities present in the temple build Thiruptheeswarar, Kuzhandhai Eesar, Jaganadhar, Annamalayar, Jambukeswarar, Nagalingar, Meenakshi, Sundareswarar, Sagasralingam, Amirthakandeesar, Gowrieeswarar, and Ek abaadhar.

History of  Vadivudai Amman Temple

The temple is unite with the saint poet Sundarar and Pattinathar. The temple has been in existence from the Pallava times of 7th century and widely expanded by the Chola kings during the 11th century. The temple has a seven plane gateway tower and a tank with area covering 1 acre. The temple draws parallel with the Thygaraja temple in Tiruvarur as both the temples were expanded by Rajendra Chola I and both have the same dance poses of the Lord Shiva. The temple was originally built by Pallavas and later restore by the  Rajendra Chola I. The wording dating 954 CE, the fifth year of the Chola king Gandaraditya reveal 90 sheep for the burning lamps and ilavilaku. The writing dating from 1046 CE reveal that 64 bronze Nayanmar statues were installed in the temple. There were equal number of dancing girls called Devadasi in the temple who were sever into two groups, the Valankai Dasis danced for Thyagaraja and the Idangai Dasis danced for the Vadivudaiamman. During the reign of the Malik Kafur, much of the temple was maturate and the russet idols present now in the temple were installed during the Vijayanagara time of 15th century. Famous piste like Pattinathar, Tope swamigal and Ramalinga Swamigal lived in this town and prayed Thyagaraja in this temple. This place is always  home to Thiruvottiyur Thyagayyar who is a Carnatic composer and poet.

How To Reach Vadivudai Amman Temple

By Road : There are many people and private vehecals available to reach Vadivudai Amman Temple in Tiruvottiyur.

By Rail : The Nearest Railway station is Chennai  Junction.(7 Km).

By Air : The Nearest Airport is  Chennai  International Airport(7 Km).

Picture Gellery of  Vadivudai Amman Temple Tiruvottiyur

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