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Shree Kamnath Mahadev Temple Radhu Kheda District Gujarat India-600 Years old Ghee Bhandar

Radhu is a Village in Kheda Taluka in Kheda District of Gujarat State, India. It is located 13 KM towards west from District head quarters Kheda. 11 KM from . 69 KM from State capital Gandhinagar.Radhu village is Shri Ravishankar Maharaj's Birth Place.In this  village situated small but very popular Lord Shiva Kamnath Mahadev temple. It is famous for Ghee Bhandar.Here is some fact about Shree Kamnath Mahadev Temple Radhu Kheda District Gujarat India.

Location: Radhu Village, Kheda district
Address: Kamnath Mahadev, Radhu, Kheda, Gujarat.
Pin code: 387560
Phone : +9186904 67031
Built in: about 650 years ago 
Dedicated to: Lord Shiva
Significance: one of the Ghee Bhandar's temple
Entry: Free
Photography: Allow
Temple timing: 6:00AM to 8:00 PM
Visiting timing: 1 hour
Best time to visit: During Shravan month( July to Dec)
Main Attraction: 600 years old 650 nos Pot of Ghee
Festival Celebration : Maha Shivratri
Temple Architecture : Hindu temple style
Nearest Airport: Ahmedabad (40 KM)
Nearest Railway station: Ahmedabad Railway station(40 KM)

More Information about Shree Kamnath Mahadev Temple Radhu

Shree Kamnath Mahadev Temple is located at small village Radhu in kheda district Gujarat.The temple was built about 650 years ago.The temple is dedicated to Lord shiva here known as Kamnath Mahadev temple.The temple has speciality of “ghee charu”. People wish something if their wish fulfilled then he give “CHARU” of ghee. 


In this temple devotees offer ghee in quantity they wish,which is used for the akhand jyot (uninterrupted lamp) and during month of Shravan in hawan.The offered ghee is stored in black pots which has a capacity of carrying approximately 60 kgs of ghee.Earlier at temple there was single room to store ghee but past few years with increase in devotees and ghee offered by them currently there a three rooms full with pots filled with ghee.Its indeed a miracle or blessings of lord Shiva that ghee in such quantity being stored for so long time without any cold storage facility is still so fresh.


Every year and especially During Shravan month many people of All India come here. Every year 35 black pots Ghee apply in this temple.Lord shiva's Gold idol Darshan available in Shravan month's four monday,shravan month shivratri(12th and 12thday) and shivratri.After this festival idol darshan close.Large procession of Golden Shiva idol arrange by temple committee in whole village.

History of Kamnath Mahadev

As per hindu time table in Sanvant 2054,the Story of Village named Punaj.Which is near to Radhu.One man who votary of lord shiva,He leaves in Radhu Village.There is a Vatrak river in the way of Radhu to Punaj.He go to Punaj at Mahadev's Temple Daily for adoration of Mahadev by cross this river. But one day ,there was a time of monsoon, due to hard rain,there was flood in the Vatrak. So He unable to go there by crossing this river.So he pray to god ,what to do now,please give him solution, he never forgot to go for adoration ,but due to this situation he felt sad and helpless . so Mahadev give him a solution in his dream ," to take out flame of intact holy lamp, to Radhu implantation of it." so he no need to go punaj every day not to face any problem.
So he do right as Mahadev said,So due to this intact flame of holy still there.And with this peoples filling connected,and they have strong believe in Kamnath Mahadev.

Temple Trust Contact No 

Babubhai Patel : MO -9974965706
Ajitsinh Raval : Mo -9898321537
Bhikhabhai Bharvad : Mo- 9974055519

How to reach Shree Kamnath Mahadev Temple Radhu

By Air : The Nearest Airport is Ahmedabad within 40 KM far this temple.

By Rail : The nearest big Railway station is Ahmedabad Kalupur and Maninagar Railway station within 40 KM of Radhu.

By Road or Bus : There are many public and private vehicals available to reach here. 

Picture Gallery of Shree Kamnath Mahadev Temple Radhu

Google Map of Shree Kamnath Mahadev Temple Radhu

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