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Maths PUZZLE With Answer 2 | Maths Koyda Ukel 2

Maths PUZZLE With Answer 2 | Maths Koyda Ukel 2 

Hello friends, you must know about solving puzzles.  Your brain gets tired of solving various math puzzles and in the end you bring the answer to the puzzle .. With practice you will be able to solve it quickly .. This is an excellent exercise to do brain exercises .. So today we have new math puzzles.  Let's practice.


A + B = 76

A - B = 38 

A ÷ B =____?

Answer : 3

A = 57 if B = 19.


(57-19) =38

(57/19)= 3

A mind-boggling riddle, try it yourself

For sunrise, sun has to be dark, spring is green for autumn and for the form of Ganges one has to hit or fight a brook with stones.  Similarly, for the best and the best days, a man must fight against the bad days or face the bad days.

Prabhu Sri Rama won Lanka but faced many odds and difficulties before winning.

The Pandavas must have won the Mahabharata war, but at the root of it, there are countless difficulties and plagues.

Slowly it seems to grow slowly, but here too, its path is not easy.  Sometimes a storm, sometimes a storm, sometimes an hail, and sometimes withstand the overflow, the same seed has taken the form of a huge tree one day.  Now sometimes by his leaves, sometimes by his twigs, sometimes by his wood, sometimes by his cool shade, sometimes by his sweet fruits, he gets a respectable and honorable life.

Remembering days can be bad but not life.  A shield of patience, courage, caution and happiness can make situations your slave.

The one who stays will last and the same will grow!

Maths PUZZLE With Answer 2 | Maths Koyda Ukel 2 

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