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Vihaldham Saint Shri Visaman Bapu Ni Jagya & Shri Ramji Temple in Paliyad Near Sarangpur Gujarat India

Here is Some Information about Vihaldham Saint Shri Visaman Bapu Ni Jagya & Shri Ram Temple in Paliyad Near Sarangpur Gujarat India. Param Poojaya Shri Visamanbapu ni Jagya Vihaldham, Paliyad is one of the holy and peaceful place which are located in Botad District near Sarangpur Gujarat India.Paliyad Yatradham, the center of faith of millions of devotees in this land of Panchal, has gained special respect and prestige among other holy places of Gujarat. Fifteen kilometers from Botad in the southern part of the river Goma, the magnificent temple, Yatradham is known as Hermitage of Param Pujaya Shree Visamanbapuni Jagya. 

 Vihaldham Paliyad

Location: Paliyad Village,Botad District,Gujarat,India                                    Address: Ghela Somnath , Ta :Jasdan Di : Rajkot
Pin code: 364720
Phone :  +91 8758104040
Built in: about 15th century
Built By: Param Pujya Visamanbapu and currant Gadipati 1008 Mahamandleshwer Mahant Shree Nirmalaba Unadbapu.
Dedicated to: Lord Rama
Significance: One of the best temple
Entry: Free
Photography: Allow
Temple timing: 5:30 AM to 9:00 AM
Visiting timing: 1 hour
Best time to visit: Every Amavashya                                                      Main Attraction: Ancient temple of Lord Rama and Gaushala                                                        Official Website:
Temple Architecture : Hindu temple style Architecture
How to Reach by Air : The nearest Airport is Rajkot Airprt.(About 62KM)                                         

How to reach by Rail : The nearest railway station is Botad and Limbdi.
How to reach by Bus or Road : There are many public and private vehicals available to reach here.

More Information About Vihaldham Saint Shri Visaman Bapu Ni Jagya Paliyad

The history of Paliyad village dates back several centuries. According to local legends, the village was founded by a group of Rajputs who migrated to the region from Rajasthan. Over time, the village grew in size and became an important center of agriculture and trade.The first founder of this place, HH Shri Visamanbapu was born in the Kathi clan of Paliyad village on Sunday, the fifth day of Maha Sud. Shri Visamanbapu was the incarnation of Ramdev Pir himself, who was famous as a brilliant man from his childhood.


The Temple Main Gate is very beautiful and amazing articture of Like kathiyavadi tyle.On the right side of the Main gate is the beautiful and magnificent Ramji Temple. It has very attractive idols of Lord Rama, Mother Sita and Lakshmana.This Yatra Dham has been greatly developed by the present Gadipati Mahamandalehswar Pujya Nirmal Ba Undbapu and Bhailubhai.Thousands of devotees are eat meal Prasad free of cost every morning and evening in Paiyad Dham. Rooms with modern facilities are also available for staying. No money is taken for this. But we should donate generously for the development of the place.There are also Cow Backyard for services. There are also three stambh thats called as Sthambh of trust.And there are also so many vintage cars of india and also from other country.One Backyard for Buffalo and cows too.Another Backyard for horse.Every Amas they celebrate with thosands of people.They come here every amavashya.They are working for social upliftment of the nearby people.

All Gadi pati of the Vihaldham Paliyad

Param Pujya Shree Visamanbapu 

Param Pujya Shree Laxmanbapu
Param Pujya Shree Mota Unadbapu
Param Pujya Shree Dada Bapu
Param Pujya Shree Nana Unadbapu
Param Pujya Shree Amarabapu
Param Pujya Shree Shree 1008 Mahamandleshwer Mahant Shree Nirmalaba Unadbapu(Present Gadi Pati)
Bal Takar Shree Pruthvirajbapu (Future gadi Pati) 

Param Pujya Shree Shree 1008 Mahamandleshwer Mahant Shree Nirmalaba Unadbapu

Activities of Vihaldham Paliyad

The different types of Activities doing of Vihaldham Paliyad like Hindu religios festivals,diwali celebration,janmashtami Celebratin,Ram Navmi Celebration , yagnyas, sevakarya, Ram Katha,Daily Aarti and so many social Activites arrange by Param Pujya Nirmalabaa and Shri Bhailubapu.

Picture Galery of Vihaldham Paliyad


Google Map of Vihaldham Saint Shri Visaman Bapu Ni Jagya 

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