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Kapaleeswar Temple in Mylapore (Channai) Tamil Nadu

Here is some information about Kapaleeswar Temple in Mylapore (Chennai) Taminl Nadu india.

Location: Mylapore in Chennai,Tamil Nadu
Built in:1250 AD.
Dedicated to: Lord Shiva
Entry: Free
Festivals: Maha Shivratri,Panguni Peruvizha
Temple Timing: 5.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and
from 4.00 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.
Significance: Lord Shiva in the temple is a swayambumurthi.
Visiting Timing: 30 Mins
Best time to Visit: All time
Phone:+91- 44 - 2464 1670
Nearest Railway Station: Mylapore
Nearest Air Port: Chennai

The Kapaleeswarar Temple in Mylapore, Chennai is a very ancient temple. The original temple was submerged under the sea & the current temple structure was a later construction. The Moolavar is Kapaleeswarar & Amman is Karpagambal. There are separate sannadhis for several deities such as Vinayagar, Annamalaiyar, Murugar, Saneeswara. There are several other deities such as Durgai, Dakshinamurthy, Chandikeswarar located within the main Sannadhis of Kapaleeswarar & Karpagambal. The temple tank lies opposite the tower.As legend has it, Lord Shiva is purported to have pinched off one of the heads of Brahma so as to arrest his pride. As a form of penance, Brahma installed a Shiva Lingam in this spot to do penance. This Lingam is known as Kapaleeshwarar. In the courtyard of the Kapaleeshwar Temple, you can find a small shrine of Goddess Parvathi in the form of a peacock worshipping her consort Lord Shiva.
The suburb of Mylapore is said to have acquired its name from the words - 'myil' (peacock) and 'oor' (town). You will find the images of 63 Saivaite saints (Nayanmars) in the outer courtyard. The main entrance of the temple faces east with puranic legends inscribed on it.
During the Arupathu Moovar Vilzha Festival in March - April, thousands of devotees throng the temple to participate in the 10-day festivity in honour of the 63 Nayanmars. The bronze idols are taken in a colourful procession through the streets of Mylapore. This festival has become an integral part of the ethos of the local community.
The temple tank is spruced up and filled with water. This festival has now become a much-awaited event, what with colorful and attractive kolams decorating the streets and music and folk festivals. You can witnesss the Kokkalikattai and koothu dances as well as the traditional thoippavai puppet shows. Connoisseurs can savor the classical music and dance performances. Taste some authentic cuisine on the streets of Mylapore.

History of Kapaleeswar Temple Chennai 

Mother Uma wanted to know the full meaning of the five lettered Mantra " Na Ma Shi Va Ya " and the glory of the sacred ash.She begged Lord Shiva to teach Her on these topics.While Lord was teaching Her, Mother Uma was attracted by the beauty of a peacock dancing before Her. Lord, for Her inattention, cursed Her to become a peacock. For relief from the curse, He advised Her to go to Earth and perform penance on Him. Mother Uma worshipped the Shivalinga under the Punnai tree in this place.Moved by Her penance, Lord appeared before Her and and confirmed Her release from the curse and named Her Karpagavalli. As requested by Mother Karpagavalli, Lord approved the name of the place Mayilai-now Mylapore.

Architecture of Kapaleeswarar temple

Kapaleeswarar temple was built in the 7th century by the Pallava Nayanmars. Nayanmars are said to be the devotees of Lord Shiva who worship him by singing hymns in the temple. They are more powerful such that whatever they desire, that will be fulfilled easily. The Kapaleeswarar temple is built in such a way that it is made very attractive for the people who visit the temple. Kapaleeswarar temple is the biggest temple in the Chennai. It was built in such a way that it becomes one of the biggest attractions for the devotees. The view of the temple from outside will be very excellent to see. There is also a Pond in the temple which is known as the Kolam or Theertham which is useful for sacred activities. Some people also consider taking bath in that Kolam or Theertham as a sacred thing.
Architectural fact is that the temple is a testimonial for the vishwarkarmas sthapathis. This temple is built based on the Dravidian style in which the Gopurams are situated along the streets and the main temple is sitting inside the gopurams. There are basically two gopurams making two particular entrances to the temple. The height of the temple is about 40m and the gopuram that is present in the western side faces the Theppakulam or the so called tank of the temple.
 How to Rich  Kapaleeswar Temple in Chennai 

By Road: There are many bus facility available from all the parts of the Chennai to the Mylapore. It is necessary that we should catch the local city bus from Tambaram or Koyambedu to reach the Kapaleeswarar temple if we are from any other part of the Tamil Nadu. 
By Rail:The trains are also available for reaching Mylapore. The nearest railway station is Mylapoore.

By Air: The Nearest airport is Chennai airport.
Picture Gellery of Kapaleeswar Temple in Mylapore

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Swaminarayan Golden Temple in Vadtal Dham Gujarat India-Live Darshan

Here is Some Information about Swaminarayan Temple in Vadtal Dham Gujarat India.

Location:  Vadtal,Anand Di,Gujarat
Built in: 3rd November 1824
Built By:Shreeji Maharaj
Dedicated to: lord Swaminarayana,Hari Krishna Maharaj
Photography: Allow
Temple Timing: 5:30 Am to 9:00 Pm
Significance: One of the biggest Swaminarayana Temple
Visiting Timing: 30 Mins
Best time to Visit: All Time
Main Attraction: One of the Golden Temple
Architecture : Hindu Temple Style Architecture
Festival Celebration: Janmashtami,Ekadashi,Diwali,Holi and many more
Live Darshan: Click Here 
Daily Darshan: Click Here
Nearest Railway Station: Anand,Vadtal
Nearest Air Port: Ahmedabad(60 KM), Vadodra(60 KM)

More Information about Swaminarayan Temple Vadtal 

 Vadtal, a beautiful village situated in the Anand district of Gujarat is popular for being the home for famous Swaminarayan Temple. The temple comprises of three striking shrines with finely constructed idols of Shri Radha Krishna on the right, supreme power Shri Harkrishna at the center and Shri Vasudev towards the left. Uniquely built wooden pillars and peaceful Gnanbaug garden within the temple premises provides an enchanting experience to the visitors.

Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Vadtal, the head quarter of Shri LaxmiNarayan Dev Gadi. This temple holds several prevailing altars. Near which the mid altar is blessed by fixing the symbols of Shri LaxmiNarayan Dev. On the right of this, the icons of Shri Radha Krishna went hand in hand with Supreme Lord Shri Swaminarayan in the type of Shri HariKrishna Maharaj are introduced and on the left of Shri LaxmiNarayan Dev the icons of Shri Vasudev, Shri Dhamapita and Bhaktimata are commissioned. The aforementioned symbols in the temple were introduced by Bhagwan Swaminarayan on 3rd November 1824, in the middle of the sacred serenades of Vedic songs and reverential enthusiasm of the establishment service.

The temple in Vadtal, otherwise called Vadtal Swaminarayan. This temple having lotus formed plinth is an extraordinary building example. The nine vaults on the temple worships the height of the temple. The temple was inched toward getting developed under the capable direction of Sadguru Shree Brahmanand Swami. The mainstays of the temple bear bright stone carvings. The development-work was finished inside simply fifteen months by the grace of Bhagwan Swaminarayan. The dividers of the temple are finished with vivid representations from the Ramayana.

History of  Swaminarayan Temple in Vadtal

On the day of Nirjala Ekadashi, the devotees from Vadtal went to Shreeji Maharaj and pleaded Swaminarayan to construct a temple of Shri Krishna in the village. Shreeji Maharaj immediately commanded his disciple Brahmananda Swami to give a temporary pause to the construction of the Muli temple and work with his team of learned saints to plan the construction of a temple in Vadtal. The construction was proactively completed within 15 months and the installation ceremony was done by Lord Swaminarayan himself in the midst of Vedic hymns and prayers.

Address,Contact Info,Aarti timing and all Information about  Vadtal Temple

Address : Shree Swaminarayan Temple, At: Vadtal, Ta: Nadiad, Dist: Kheda,Gujarat,India
Pincode: 387375
Phone: 0268-2589728, 2589776
Official Website:

Aarti Timing

Mangala Aarti : 5:30 AM (5:15 Only Purnima Day)
Shrungar Aarti: 7:15 AM
Darshan Close: 9:30 AM
Rajbhog Aarti: 10:10 AM
Darshan Close: 12:00 PM
Uthapan Darshan: 3:30 PM
Sandhya Aarti: 6:30 PM
Shayan Aarti : 8:30 PM

How to Reach Swaminarayan Temple in Vadtal 

By Air: The Nearest Airport is Ahmedabad(60 KM) and Vadodra(60 KM).

By Train: Vadtal has a mini Railway Station and a Big Junction is Anand.(10KM)

By Road: There are many Bushes and Rickshaws available to reach Vadtal and Vadtal is connected to all major cities in Gujarat.

Video of  Swaminarayan Golden Temple in Vadtal 


Picture Gallery of Swaminarayan Temple in Vadtal 

Old Temple Picture

New Golden Temple Pictures

Google Map for Swaminarayan Temple in Vadtal

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Sun(Surya Narayan) Temple in Borsad Gujarat India

Here is some information about Sun(Surya) Temple in Borsad Gujarat India.

Location:  Borsad,Anand,Gujarat
Address : Suryanarayan Temple , Bagodra Bomba Highway No 8
Borsad Di: Anand Gujarat , India
Pin code : 388540
Built in:1972
Built By:Advocate Ramanbhai M. Patel
Dedicated to:Lord Sun(Surya Narayana)
Temple Timing: 6:00 Am to 9:15 Pm
Aarti Timing 
Mangala Aarti : 6:00 AM
Shangar Aarti : 7:00 AM
Rajbhog Aarti : 11:00 AM
Sandya Aarti : 6:45 PM
Shayan Aarti : 9:15 PM 

Significance: One of the biggest Sun Temple
Visiting Timing: 1 Hour
Best time to Visit: All time
Phone : 02696 222215
Nearest Railway Station: Anand
Nearest Air Port: Ahmedabad( 100 KM) and Vadodra(40 KM)

More Information about Sun Temple Borsad

The Sun Temple of Borsad is very welknown in India. It is a very Holy place, where about 50 Yagyas are done and where 37 Kathas on Bhagwat, Ramayan, Surya Puran, Devi Bhagwat, Ganesh Puran, Brahma Puran and Atimaha Rudra Yagya for 21 days are done. Sun Temple is very holy because it is built at desire of Lord Sun himself.

Lord Suryanarayan appeared in Borsad at the house of Bhata and Advocate Ramanbhai M. Patel in Navaran Society, Borsad. He spoke through the boy at the age of five months that "build a Sun Temple. The House people of Ramanbhai were astonished and were thinking about the incident at that time Lord Suryanarayan appeared in a form of Kumkum, gave darshan and disappeared. He said that fact is true. Ramanbhai I have made you media, do not worry of economic aspect. He inspired Ambalal Madhabhai Patel and Haribhai Shanabhai Patel of Borsad to donate Seven acres of land. He inspired Architect Narendra Patel and Mahendra Kantharia of Barod to prepare a design. He inspired donor like Kishorbhai Patel of Bhuvel and Goregaon and Purushottamdas M Patel of Khanpur and Bhivandi and others to donate. Hence big Sun Temple with other Gods is built. 

History of Sun Temple Borsad

This welknown Sun Temple has an unique History. It is built at the instance of God himself. God appeared through body of a boy named Kalpesh aged about 5 months, who was unable to speak. His father and mother were astonished. this incidence is impossible. How it can be cured. Hence God gave proof of it. That is true. God appeared on the body of the boy in form of "kumkum". God appeared and gave "Darshan" to his father Ramanbhai and mother Dahiben in 1972, in form f "kumkum" at Borsad. There after kumkum automatically disappeared.


God gave darshan to Pramukh Swami of Bochasan, Chhote Morari Bapu of Khudheli and Bhagvati Keshav Maharaj of Nadiad.
God inspired Ambalal M. Patel and Haribhai Shantilal Patel of Borsad to donate land for Sun Temple. God inspired the Architect Narendra Patel to make a design of Sun Temple. He also inspired engineer Mahendrabhai Kantharia of Borsad for Engineering God inspired many Donors to donate for Sun Temple. Thid historical Sun Temple is built in Borsad. It was registered as a public trust in 1977 at Nadidad. Another trust is also established in the state of Illinois at Elkgrove village in U.S.A., in 1996. It is named as Suryanarayan Sevashram Trust Fund Corporation. It is non profit organization.

Temple  Pujari Shri Shridhar Sastriji from Gangapur City of Rajasthan is doing Pooja at Sun Temple borsadsince 1991.He spent his hole life in Lord surya's temple.He works very honestly.By getting the blessing of Lord Surya (Sun) he is a very happy in his life.His elder sun satyanarayan Shastri become a famous astrologer and yonger sun Pankaj Sashtri is principal in Gov school.They are live al very happy in Sun Temple borsad.

Nearest Temples of Sun Temple Borsad

Jalaram Temple Borsad
Jalaram Tirth Dharmaj 

Video Of Sun Temple Borsad 

How to Reach Sun Temple Borsad

By Air: The Nearest Airport is Ahmedabad (10000 KM) and Vadodra (40 KM).

By Rail: The Nearest Railway station is Anand.(17 KM)

By Road: There are many bushes and private rickshaws available to get borsad sun temple.

Picture Gallery of Sun Temple Borsad 

Google Map of Sun Temple Borsad 

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Sun Temple in Ranchi Jharkhand

Here is Some Information about Sun Temple in Ranchi Jharkhand india.

Location:  Tata Road near Bundu which serves,Ranchi,Jharkhand
Built By:Sanskrit Vihar Cheritable Trust
Dedicated to:Lord Surya Dev
Entry: free
Photography: Allow
Temple Timing: 6:00Am to 10:Pm
Visiting Timing: 30 Mins
Best time to Visit: Sep - May
Nearest Railway Station:Ranchi
Nearest Air Port:Ranchi

The Sun Temple of Ranchi is a magnificent piece of architecture. Sun Temple is a mammoth vehicle having 18 wheels which is driven by seven horses. This piece of architecture is surrounded with green lawns. The scenic beauty is tempting and provides solace to the visitor. In the vicinity of the Sun Temple is a sacred pond which has clean water, and people take holy dip in this pond believing that dipping in this sacred pond will purify their soul from all the sins of this mortal world.

Significance of the Sun temple

The Sun Temple is very much a newly built monument in Jharkhand. It is built around the sacred pond favouring the Chhathavratis in the Chhota Nagpur Plateau region. The structure of temple has been designed with elegance. The temple complex has the shape of a big chariot with eighteen wheels and seven lifelike horses that seem to be ready to take off for the journey. The temple is constructed by a charitable trust named Sanskrit Vihar which is under the leadership of Shri Ram Maroo, the managing director of Ranchi Express. Devotees who visit the Sun temple get mesmerized not only by its beauty but also by the exquisite surrounding which adds glow to its lavish design. 
A unique feature of this shrine is that it is designed in the form of a huge chariot with richly decorated 18 wheels (nine on each side) and seven life-like horses in the model of ready to take off. There is a pond in the temple premises, which serves as a sacred place for Chhathavratis (devotees taking part in the festival of Chhath.) The temple is ideally being constructed away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded and noisy city amidst the beauty of nature.
Even the route to reach the Sun Temple in Jharkhand through Ranchi is very beautiful. The route which leads to the temple offers some of the finest picturesque locales of Chhota Nagpur Plateau region. 
 Other places to visit in Ranchi 

Ranchi Lake: the lake was excavated by Col. Onsely, a British Agent in the year 1842. Ranchi Lake is centrally situated and is a few minutes walk from GPO and is adjacent to Ranchi Telephone Exchange.

Tagore Hill: the hill is about 3 km. from the Ranchi GPO and is about 300 ft. high. As the hill is associated with legend that the Tagore family, it is known as Tagore Hill. A number of books are supposed to be written by Rabindra Nath Tagore on the top of the hill.

Rock Garden: This spot has been developed into an artificial garden which is being embedded completely with water falls and sculptures, to attract tourists.

Nakshatra Van: Nakshatra Van is situated near Raj Bhawan and was constructed in the year 2003 by the State Government. It is a Designed Project by the Government in which 27 plants have been planted according to the 27 planets of Astrology Science.

Panch Ghagh: it is located on the way to Simdega via Khunti. It is a beautiful waterfall. It has infact five water falls in a row and therefore called as Panch Ghagh.

Jonha Fall: Jonha is about 40kms away from the city of Ranchi. The road which leads to Jonha is a bit narrow but not as rough, rugged and arduous as that of Hundru.
How to Rich Sun Temple Ranchi   

By Road: The temple is 39 km from Ranchi which is well connected by motorable roads. It can be reached from Birsa Bus Stand, and private buses and jeeps are also been facilitated from here. 
By Rail: The Nearest Railway Station is Ranchi.

By Air:The Nearest Airport is Ranchi.

Picture Gellery of Sun Temple Ranchi 

Google Map for Sun Temple in Ranchi

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