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Jalarambapa Temple in Borsad Anand District Gujarat India

Here is Some Fact about Jalarambapa Temple in Borsad City in Gujarat India.

Location: Borsad City Anand District Gujarat
Address: Opp.Ashok Park, Anand Borsad Dandi Heritage Road Borsad
Pincode: 388540
Built in: 1997
Built By: Shri Jalaram Seva Samaj Trast
Dedicated to : Virpur Saint Shri Jalaram Bapa
Significance: One of the Jalaram Temple in Borsad
Entry: Free
Photography: Allow
Temple timing: 6:00 Am to 9:00 Pm
Visiting Timing: 1 Hour
Best time to Visit: Oct to Feb
Phone: (02696)
Nearest Railway station: Borsad and Anand
Nearest Airport: Local Vadodra and Int.Ahmedabad

More Information about Jalaram Temple Borsad

Shri Jalaram Temple is located opposite Ashok Park, Borsad Dandi heritage Road in Borsad anand Gujarat.The temple was built in 1997 and built by Jalaram Janseva Trust.The temple is dedicated to Saint Jalarambapa.In this temple other deity are Lord Ganesha, Hanumanji,Ram.Site,Laxman, Radhe Krishna, Ranchodrai,and Goddess Amba.There are beautiful and attractive temple.

In temple complex a big garden and fountain look very attractive.The Main Gate of the temple is very big and made latest architecture.Every Thursday many people come here and take blessing Jalarambapa.A Big ground behind temple.In this Ground "Vadil Vishram Bhavan" Vridhashram (Old people home)  run by Jalaram temple.Mnay rooms and kitchen available in this Vrudhashram.Many oldest people live here.Only monthly 800/- RS Fee take here.

The temple has organized many activities like blood donation camp,eye treatment,Ambulance and free tifin service and two time food.During Diwali festival a big fair celebration here.large number of people take part in this fair.

Festival Celebration Jalaram Temple

Jalaram Jayanti
Dev Diwali
Ram Navmi
Guru Purnima
Sharad Purnima

Nearest Temples of Jalaram Temple Borsad

How To Reach Jalaram Temple Borsad

By Air: The Nearest Local Airport is Vadodra(35 Km) and International Airport is Ahmedabad just 100 Km from jalaram temple borsad.

By Rail: Borsad has a small railway station and big nearest railway station is Anand railway station just 15 km of borsad Jalaram temple.

By Road : There are many public and private vehicles available to reach Jalaram temple borsad.

Picture Gallery of Jalaram Temple Borsad

Google Map of Jalaram Temple Borsad

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Oldest Shiva Temple Asirgarh fort where Ashwathama present every day in Burhanpur District Madhya Pradesh

Here is Some Fact  about 5000 Year oldest Shiva temple in  Asirgarh Fort where Ashwathama present every day in Burhanpur District Madhya Pradesh.

Location: In Asirgarh fort Burhanpur District M.P
Built in: About 5000 years ago
Built By: Asa Ahir’s ruler
Dedicated to: Lord Shiva
Significance:One of the Oldest Temple
Entry: Free
Photography: Allow
Temple Timing: Only Day timing
Visiting Timing: 1 hours
Best time to visit: October to March.
Nearest Railway station: Burhanpur station
Nearest Airport: Indore Airport(183 KM)

More Information about Shiva Temple Asirgarh fort

Oldest Shiva Temple is located inside wonderful Asirgarh fort Burhanpur District Madhya Pradesh.The temple was built in about 5000 years ago Mahabharata times.The temple is built by Asa Ahir’s ruler .The temple is dedicated to lord shiva. The History says that Lord Krishna when gave a curse on Ashwathama that “Ashwathama will bear the load of all people’s misdeed on his shoulders. He will always roam alone like an apparition without getting any affection and sympathy till the end of Kaliyuga.  He will have neither any settlement nor any cordiality. He will live alone from the society. Never meet and talk with anyone meaning totally isolated from the world. He will suffer from   acute diseases which are incurable. These diseases are painful and forming ulcers that would never heal.
Ashwathama was requested to give up his stone (gem) which was on his forehead. Lord Krishna further said that “if you removed this gem then the lesion caused by removal of this stone on his forehead will never rehabilate and will affect you from leprosy, till the end of Kaliyuga”. According to people belief every time Aswathama finds his death time yet he never finishes. When Kaliyuga would be on its end then, Ashwathama is to meet Sri Kalki, this will be the tenth and final avatar of”Lord Vishnu”.

From then it is said that Ashwathama is lingering in the surroundings of the fort for last 5000 years. And he worships Lord Shiva in the fort temple earliest in the morning. What still remains a mystery is that every morning there are fresh flowers and sandal offered to Lord Shiva. It is believed that he is the very first worshipper of that temple every day.
People related to that area told a myth that sometimes Ashwathama is seen in night and lingers around the Asirgarh Fort. And sometimes asks for turmeric and oil to stop the blood of his forehead. He takes bath in the pond which is in the campus of the fort and worships Lord Shiva in the temple of the Fort. And whoever has seen him has gone mad or lost his mental stability.

About Ashwathama

Ashwathama was the son of Guru Dronacharya, and he had a boon that he would stay immortal. As his father was in favour of Kauravas, he was also a warrior from that side. Shri Krishna knew thoroughly that until Dronacharya drops his weapons, it was impossible to kill him. That’s why they made Yudhishthir say that Ashwathama was killed. By this way, Dronacharya was killed and to take avenge Ashwathama killed all the five sons of Pandavas and tried to kill Abhimanyu’s son Pareekshit, in his mother’s womb . Because of that Lord Krishna cursed him to wonder all the time and took the gem of his forehead. Since then he is still ponder in that area.More fact watch Video.

Short Information about Asirgarth Fort

Asirgarh Fort is place in the famous Satpura Range, about 20 km north of the town of the Burhanpur District of Central Indian state of the Madhya Pradesh. Topped onto one of high apex of Satpura Mountain, spread over 60 acres of land, some historian stated this fort as ‘Babe Deccan’ means the “key to the Deccan”, which was count secure , some author said that after pacify this fort, ways to take southern area or ‘Khandesh’ become more easier. It is called "Door to South India". Burhanpur has strategically critical place for the moving from North India to South India. There is much to see like a mosque and one palace inside this fort. The location becomes more beautiful as this place is encompasses through Narmada and Tapti River valleys. This fort is erect by the king Asa Ahir, Ahir is an Indian Hinduism caste, which is referred to Yadav, and it is proffer that the word ‘Ahir’ derives from the Sanskrit word Ahi (snake) or so say those worships snake, though there is so many trust and connect myths for finding its derive. During the time of Asa Ahir, fort is not as grand as it seems now which means, after his rule, many changes, for the security reasons have been insert.

How To Reach Shiva Temple Asirgarth Fort

By Air: The Nearest Airport is Indore airport just 183 KM of Asirgarth Shiva temple.Indore airport is well connected  International flights.

By Rail: The Near Railway station is a Burhanpur station.

By Road: There are many public and private vehicles available to reach Shiva Temple Asirgarh fort  Burhanpur District.

Picture Gallery of  Shiva Temple Asirgarth  Fort


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Shri Mangesh(Mangueshi) Temple in Priol near Panji Goa India

Shri Mangesh or Mangueshi temple is one of the largest and most frequently visited temples in Goa and is worshipped with great reverence by the devotees.Here is Some fact about Shri Mangesh(Mangueshi) Temple in Priol near Panji Goa India.

Location: Mangueshi Village in Pirol, Ponda taluka, Goa
Address: Dinanath Mangeshkar Road, Ponda, Goa - 403401, Mangeshi, North Goa 
Phone:  +(91)-832-2343338, 2343904,+(91)9822124711,+(91)832-2343338
Built in: 1567 AD
Re Built in: 1973
Built By: Portuguese
Dedicated to: Lord Shiva
Entry: Free
Photography: Outside Allow inside not allow
Significance : One of the most Shiva temple
Main Attraction: A Lamp Tower, A Welcome Gate, A Noubatkhana & Agarshalas.
Temple timing: 6:00 Am to 10:00 Pm
Visiting timing: 1 hour
Best time to visit: Oct to Feb
Nearest Railway station: Madgaon railway station(17 Km)
Nearest Airport: Dabolim Airport Goa(15 Km)

More Information about Shri Mangesh Temple

Shri Mangesh or Mangueshi Temple is located at Mangueshi Village in Pirol, Ponda taluka, Goa it is at a distance of 1km from Mardol and close to Nagueshi, Panaji the Capital of Goa is about 22 km and Margao 26 km.The temple was built in 1567 and rebuilt in 1973 by Portuguese.The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.The Shri Mangueshi Temple attracts thousands of visitors every year and is gifted by the 'Welcome Gate', an elegant lamp tower, a 'Noubatkhana' overlooking the temple tank and the 'Agrashalas' on three sides.In the temple of Mangesh is a prominent Nandi Bull which is considered to be the Vahana (Vehicle) of Shiva. The temple complex consists of a spacious courtyard surrounded by the temple itself and rooms for weddings and pilgrims. The temple also has a magnificent water tank, which is believed to be the oldest part of the temple.

The sanctum sanctorum (garbhagriha) of the temple which is decorated with a beautiful silver gateway housed the golden image of Lord Mangesh crowned atop with a ferocious image of Lord Narsinha. Decorative windows, handrailings, entrance columns, pediments, all give the temple an irresistible look. The deity looks bright decorated with locally available flowers, ornaments, shawl etc.Local women sell beautiful local flowers, Bilvapatra (leaves), Karmalam sold on leaf plates with masala, Mango and jackfruit cakes (a Goan speciality know as saat).

History of  Shri Mangesh Temple

Shri Mangesh temple actually had its origins in Kushasthali, now know as Cortalim, a village in Salcete. Salcete fell into Portuguese rule in 1543. This temple was dutifully preserved until the arrival of the Inquisition from Europe in 1567, when it was vandalised and demolished . In the year 1560, the Portuguese started Christian conversions in Salsette taluka, the Saraswats of Vatsa Gotra felt insecure and shifted the Mangesh Linga from the original site at the Kushasthali or Cortalim on the banks of river Aghanashini to present place in May 1st, 1560 A.D. (according to Hindu calendar - 1482 sakha) to the locality now known as Mangeshim in Priol village of Atrunja Taluka, which at that time was ruled by the Hindu kings of Sonde. After remaining in the house of a temple priest for sometime, Sri Mangesh deity was finally installed in its present site at Priol. The original site was a very simple structure, and the current structure was only built under Maratha rule, some 150 years after it had been moved. The Peshwas donated the village of Mangeshi to the temple in 1739 on the suggestion of their Sardar, Shri Ramchandra Malhar Sukhtankar, who was a staunt follower of Shri Mangesh. Ironically, just a few years after it was built, this area too fell into Portuguese hand in 1764, but by now, the Portuguese had lost their initial religious zeal and had become quite tolerant of other religions, and so, this structure remained untouched.  

Festival Celebrated in Shri Mangesh Temple

The Annual festivals that take place in Mangesh temple are Rama Navami, Akshaya Tritiya, Anant Vritotsava, Dussera, and Diwali. The main annual festival of this Temple falls on the day of “Magh Pournima” in February (it begins on Magha Shukla Saptami and ends of Magha Poornima). The three day zatra of Shri Mangesh takes place in the lavish temple in the Ponda district which draws huge and colorful crowds. Navaratri and Shivaratri are observed grandly with Makharotsava. And during the time of March the festivals of Holi or Shigmo take place here. 

Nearest Temples of Shri Mangesh Temple 


Shri Naguesh Temple
Shri Shantadurga Temple
Shri Mahalaxmi Temple
Shri Chandranath Temple
Shri Bhagvati Temple

How To Reach Shri Mangesh Temple Goa


By Air: The Nearest Airport is Dabolim Airport Goa just 15 Km from Shri Mangesh Temple.

By Rail: The Nearest Railway station is Madgaon railway station just 17 Km from Shri Mangesh Temple.

By Road: There are many public and private vehicles available to reach Shri Mangesh Temple. 

Picture Gallery of Shri Mangesh Temple


Google Map of Shri Mangesh Temple 

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Baroli Temple in Rawatbhata Chittorgarh District Rajasthan India

Here is Some Fact of Baroli Temple in Rawatbhata town of Baroli  Chittorgarh District Rajasthan India.

Location:  Rawatbhata Town Chittorgarh District Rajasthan
Built in: 8th century
Built By:Hun Rulers
Dedicated to: Lord Shiva
Significance: One of the oldest temple
Photography: Allow
Temple timing: Open All Days
Visiting timing: 1 hour
Architectural style: Gurjara-Pratihara
Best time to visit: Nov to Feb
Nearest Railway station: Kota Railway station
Nearest Airport: Kota Airport

More Information about  Baroli Temple

Baroli Temple is located  in Rawatbhata Chittorgarh District Rajasthan.The Temple was built in 8th century and built by Hun Rulers.The complex of eight temples is situated within a walled enclosure; an additional temple is about 1 kilometre (0.62 mi) away. They are built in the Pratihara style of temple architecture dated to the tenth century A.D. All nine temples are under the control of the Archaeological Survey of India for conservation and protection.

The temples are made out of soft sandstone (similar to that used in Chittaurgarh's Vijay Stambh) but the architecture and artwork reminds one of the Hemadpanthi and Chalukyan Temples found in the Deccan. The temples, unlike other monuments in Rajasthan are located in midst of dense green trees and lawns.

The fact that this complex is dominated by Shiva becomes evident due to a large Nandi Bull just in front of the temple. The name Ghateshwar Mahadev comes from the ghata (pot) installed at the shikara (pinnacle), nested on a lotus. It is there because one of its the phalic manifestations of Shiva (linga) looks so when inverted. I could not exactly imagine the same. 

How To Reach Baroli Temple

By Air: The Nearest Airport is Kota Airport.

By Rail: The Nearest Railway station is Kota Junction Railway station.

By Road: There are many public and Private vehicles available to reach Baroli Temple in Rawatbhata.

Picture Gallery of Baroli Temple

Google Map of Baroli Temple

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Ma Narmada Temple(Narmadakund) Amarkantak Madhya Pradesh India

Narmada Temple and is located in the heart of the city of Amarkantak are one of the most significant parts of Amarkantak. Narmada Kund marks the spot where river Narmada originates, and meanders along, before its 1,300km long journey ends into the Arabian Sea.Here is Some fact about Ma Narmada Temple(Narmadakund) Amarkantak Madhya Pradesh.

Location: Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh
Built in: 1000 years ago
Dedicated to: Goddesh Narmada, Lord shiva
Significance: One of the Most Temple
Entry: Free
Photography: Allow
Temple timing: 6:00 Am to 7:00 Pm
Visiting Timing: 2 hours
Best time to Visit: Any time of Year
Phone: +919924133449
Nearest Railway station:Pendra Road Railway Station (17 Km)
Nearest Airport: Dumma Jabalpur(250Km), Raipur(245 Km)

More Information about Narmada Temple(Narmadakund) Amarkantak

Ma Narmada Temple or Narmadakund is the origin of Narmada River. This is the place where it is believed that the river Narmada originated.Narmdeshwar temple which has a holy kund made at the source of river Narmada is the most important temple at Amarkantak. There are about twenty small temples in the premises of the Narmada Mandir each one of which is important in its own way. There is the Sati temple, which is, devoted to Parvati. The protected site of the ASI is close to the main Narmada temple .The temple complex is constructed at the point from where the holy river Narmada originates.

Narmadakund has eleven corners and is nearly 500ft long.Narmada Kund can be visited any time of the year as a pleasant climate prevails here.The place is surrounded by 16 stone temples like the Narmada Temple, Lord Shiva Temple, Annapurna Temple, Guru Gorakhnath Temple, Shri Ram Janki Temple and Shri Radha Krishna Temple. Narmadakund covers a sprawling area of 6 acres of land and comprises over 23 statues of various idols.

Neatest Tourist Attraction of  Narmada Temple(Narmadakund) Amarkantak


Jaleshwar Mahadev
Mai ki Bagia
Karna Temple
SonemudaYantra Mandir
Apil Dhara and Durga Dhara
Bhrigu Kamandalu
Dhuni Pani
Rudra GangSambhu Dhara
Kabir Chabutra
Barati Nala
Jain Temple
Ganesh Temple
Barfani Dada Ashram
Kalyan Ashram
Chandika Mata Ashram
Kanha National Park

Nearest Hotel of  Narmada Temple(Narmadakund)Amarkantak


Hotel Sarvoday
Hotel Surobhi
Hotel Narmada

How To Reach  Narmada Temple(Narmadakund)Amarkantak

By Air: The Nearest Airport is Dumma Jabalpur Airport (250Km), and Raipur Airport (245 Km).

By Rail: The Nearest Railway station is ra Road Railway Station (17 Km).

By Road: There are many public and private vehicles available to reach  Ma Narmada Temple(Narmadakund) Amarkantak.

Narmada Temple(Narmadakund)Amarkantak Pictures

 Google Map of  Narmada Temple(Narmadakund) Amarkantak

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Sri Siddhivinayak(Lord Ganesha) Temple(Devsthan)-Largest Ganesha Idol- in Mahemdavad Near Ahmedabad Gujarat India

Sri Siddhivinayak Temple is situated Only 25 Km of Ahmedabad City.There temple look Lord Ganesha of 71 feet high statue.Sri Siddhivinayak temple is one of the major pilgrim in Mahemdavad Gujarat.Here is Some Fact about Siddhivinayak or Lord Ganesha Temple or Devsthan in Mahemdavad Gujarat.

Location: Just 25 km from Ahmedabad on the banks of Vatrak Mahemdavad via Dakor road
Built In: 2011(Start 9th March2011)
Built By: Mr. Narendra Bhai Purohit Parivar
Entry: Free
Height: 71 Feet
Area: 60,000 Sq.Feet 
Parking: Available
Photography: Allow
Dedicated to: Lord Ganesh
Signification: One of the famous temple of Gujarat
Main Attraction: Structure of temple
Temple Timing: 5:30 AM to 8:30 PM
Best Time to Visit: Sankasthi Chaturthi of every month and Ganesha Festival
Visiting Timing: 2 hours 
Festivals: Ganesh Chaturthi, Hindola Utsav,Ram Navmi,Janmashtami
Live Darshan: Click Here
Nearest Railway Station: Mahemdavad Railway Station(2 Km)
Nearest Airport: Ahmedabad International Airport( 25 Km)

More Information about Siddhivinayak Temple(Devsthan)

Shri Siddhi Vinayak Devsthan or Temple is located  in MAhemdavad near 25 Km of Ahmedabad City of Gujarat.The temple was built in 2011 abd built by Mr. Narendra Bhai Purohit Parivar.The temple is dedicated to lord Ganesha.The Temple is a unique and artistic temple on the ground floor and first floor porch ten thousand square feet of meeting various religious  cultural activities are also equally large sabha mandap. 65 feet in height from the ground, an idol, a lift and a ramp to the temple that is a convenience.January 24 through February 2 feat Siddhivinayak temple Mahemdavad torch will travel from Mumbai.The temple's Main Gate is very Attractive and large.A beautiful garden make the temple complex. There is big Garden flowers typical swastika was made. In this temple Lord Ganesha idol looking same Siddhivinayak temple Mumbai.

The Main Attraction of this temple is structure of the temple is look like Lord Ganesha Idol.Every month's  Sankasthi Chaturthi large numbers of the people come here and fulfill their wish.Ashtavinayak Darshan also available in this temple.In this temple's Lord Siddhivinayak is the chief deity of this powerful Pooja. He is considered the God of Luck and he blesses his devotees with smooth success in all their endeavors. 

Food Court for snakes , big free Parking Facilities,Amusement Park,Special VIP Darshan Passes,Lift Facility,Wheel Chair Facility also available in this temple.Must Visit this Largest Temple.

Darshan and Aarti Timing of Siddhivinayak Temple 

Darshan Timing: 5:30 AM to 8:30 PM
Dhoop Aarti Timing: 6:30 AM
Darshan Aarti Timing: 7:15 AM
Rajbhog Aarti Timing: 12:30 PM
Shringhar Aarti Timing: 4:45 PM
Dhoop Aarti Timing: 6:30 PM
Darshan Aarti Timing: 7:15 PM

Address and Contact Detail of Siddhivinayak Temple Mahemdavad

Address:Shree Siddhi Vinayak Devasthan, 
GJ SH 3, Mahemdabad, Gujarat India
Phone Number: +91 9726967677
Pincode: 387130

How To Reach siddhivinayak Temple Mahemdavad

By Air: The Nearest Airport is Sardar Patel International Airport Ahmedabad just 28 Km of Siddhivinayak Temple Mahemdavad.

By Rail: The Nearest Local Railway station is Mahemdavad Railway station just 2 Km and Junction is Kalupur and Manunagar Railway station Ahmedabad just 25 Km of Siddhivinayak Temple Mahemdavad.

By Road: There are many public and private vehicles available to reach Siddhivinayak temple Mahemdavad.The temple is situated on Mahemdavad to Ahmedabad Highway so you can easily reach there.

Video of  Siddhivinayak Temple Mahemdavad


Picture Gallery of  Siddhivinayak Temple Mahemdavad

Main Temple
Main Temple Side View

Main Gate of Temple
Lord Ganesha Idol
Pooja Sidual
Night View of Temple

Koth Ganesh Temple Ganpatpura Koth Near Ahmedabad  Click Here 

Google Map of  Siddhivinayak Temple Mahemdavad

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Sri Anjaneya Temple Near Eachanari Coimbatore Tamil Nadu India

Sri Anjaneya Temple known as Panchamuga Anjaneyar Temple is one attractions of  popular tourist spot.This temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuma in the divine form of Panchamuga Anjaneyar.Here is Some Fact of Sri Anjaneya Temple near Eachanari Coimbatore Tamil Nadu.

Location: Near Eachanari Coimbatore Tamil Nadu
Address:  Arulmigu Anjaneyar Thirukovil , 
Namakkal - 637403, Namakkal District.
Built in: About 500 - 1000 years ago
Built By: Krishnadeva Raya
Dedicated to: Lord Hanumanji
Entry: Free
Photography: Allowed
Temple Timing: 5:00 Am to 9:00 Pm
Visiting Timing: 1 Hour
Best Time to Visit: Oct to Feb
Festivals : Anjaneya Jayanthi (Hanuman Jayanti)
Phone: (04286 ) 233 999
Nearest  Railway Station: Salem Railway Station(54 Km)
Nearest Airport: Coimbatore International Airport 153 km

More Information about  Sri Anjaneya Temple


Sri Anjaneya Temple is located near Eachanari Coimbatore Tamil Nadu India.The temple was built in 500 to 1000 years ago during KrishnaDeva Raya Period and built around 650 years ago.The temple is dedivated to Lord Hanumanji.Sri Anjaneya Temple is popular for the huge statue of Lord Hanuman, which stands at a height of 18 feet. And the specialty is the statue is made out of a single stone and stands out to an open sky, no roofs are built for Lord Hanuman. 

This shrine is managed by Sri Ramabhaktha Hanuman Dhyana Kendra Trust. The specialty of this Hanuman is that he has Pancha Mukha (five faces). Panchamuga Anjaneyar Temple’s main deity is 13 feet tall and is carved from a single stone. Hanuman is depicted as singing or chanting ‘Rama Rama’. The priest has to use a ladder to adorn the deity with garlands.Here Lord Hanuman is adorned with golden crown, diamond ear rings, golden belt and other precious ornaments.Lord Hanuman is always decorated with His favorite tulasi garlands, betel garlands and are offered with milk, ghee, honey etc.

Devotees pray to the deity to fulfill their wishes by giving a big or small garland made of betel leaves or thulasi (holy basil) on Saturdays.Other deities are Sudarsana Perumal (Lord of the discus), Vishnu, Durga and Gajalakshmi can be found in the temple.A small Pyramid is in this place where devotees can sit inside it and meditate. Daily Rama Nama bhajans (religious songs) are sung by groups of devotees.

Nearest Tourist Attractions of  Sri Anjaneya Temple

Koolippatti Murugan Temple
Ardhanareeswarar Temple
Ranganatha Swamy temple
Arapaleeswarar Temple
Eshwaran Temple
Periyaswamy Temple
Ettukai Amman Temple
Asala Deepeswarar Temple
The Bungalow Club Resorts
Mithra Resorts and Club
Forest Collage Museum
Bharathi Park


Nearest Hotels and Restaurants of  Sri Anjaneya Temple

Aathirai Restaurant
280/158, Salem Main Road
Namakkal - 637001
Phone : +91-4286-276030, 276040
Hotel Radha Prasad
Near Anna Statue,
Tiruchengode - 637211.
Phone : 04288 - 255510, 255560
Phone : 097155 69000, 097888 34567
Hotel Golden Palace
Trichy Main Road, Namakkal 637 001, India
Phone: +(91)-4286-228511, +(91)-9500979572

Hotel Vangili International
Richy Road, Namakkal
Phone: +(91)-4286-232777, +(91)-7598376424


How To Reach Sri Anjaneya Temple 

By Air: The Nearest Airport is Coimbatore International Airport  just 153 km from Sri Anjaneya Temple.

By Rail: The Nearest Railway station is  Salem Railway Station just 54 Km from Sri Anjaneya Temple.

By Road: There are many public and Private vehicles available to reach Sri Anjaneya Temple.

Google Map of  Sri Anjaneya Temple

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Uncha Kotda Chamunda Mata Temple Near Bhavnagar Gujarat India

Here is Information about Chamunda Mata Temple in Uncha Kotda Near Bhavnagar Gujarat India.

Location: Uncha Kotda Village Near Bhavnagar
Dedicated to: Goddesh Chamunda
Significance: One of the Best temple
Temple Timing: 6:00Am to 8:00Pm
Visiting Timing: 1hour
Dining Hall: Available
Dharmashala: Available
Architecture of the temple:  The temple is just about 500 ft long and 800 ft height.
Best time to Visit: January to July
Phone :  099743 35693
Nearest Railway Station: Bhavnagar Railway station   
Nearest Airport: Bhavnagar Airport(73 Km)

More Information about Uncha Kotda Chamunda Ma Temple 


Goddesh Chamunda temple is located in Uncha Kotda suited in Bhavnagar district of Gujarat state of India.The temple is high of 800 Feet of sea level and near sea.The temple is known as hill station temple.There are many beautiful temple dedicated of Goddesh Chamunda.There are the many Trishul on the right side. On the left side, the cool water facility available of every pilgrim.The Temple built with local stone but looking very beautiful.Many people come here and stay.In this temple Dining Hall and in this dinng hall food available daily two times and for stay Dharamshala free of cost.Out side near a sea shore of temple.Really Beautiful religious place.You must visit this historical and religious place.

Nearest Visiting Place of Uncha Kotda


Bhav nagar Khodiyar Temple
Bajarang Das Bapa Temple Bagdana
Jain Temple Palitana
Bhavnagar City
Mahuva City
Talaja City

How To Reach Uncha Kotda Chamunda Maa Temple


 By Air : The Nearest Airport is Bhavnagar Airport just 73 Km of Uncha Kotda Temple.

By Rail: The Nearest Railway station is Bhavnagar Railway station just 73 Km Uncha Kotda  Temple.

By Road: There are many public and private available to reach Uncha Koda Chamunda Mata Temple.

Picture Gallery of  Uncha Kotda Chamunda Maa Temple



Google Map of  Uncha Kotda Chamunda Mata Temple



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