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Oldest Shiva Temple Asirgarh fort where Ashwathama present every day in Burhanpur District Madhya Pradesh

Here is Some Fact  about 5000 Year oldest Shiva temple in  Asirgarh Fort where Ashwathama present every day in Burhanpur District Madhya Pradesh.

Location: In Asirgarh fort Burhanpur District M.P
Built in: About 5000 years ago
Built By: Asa Ahir’s ruler
Dedicated to: Lord Shiva
Significance:One of the Oldest Temple
Entry: Free
Photography: Allow
Temple Timing: Only Day timing
Visiting Timing: 1 hours
Best time to visit: October to March.
Nearest Railway station: Burhanpur station
Nearest Airport: Indore Airport(183 KM)

More Information about Shiva Temple Asirgarh fort

Oldest Shiva Temple is located inside wonderful Asirgarh fort Burhanpur District Madhya Pradesh.The temple was built in about 5000 years ago Mahabharata times.The temple is built by Asa Ahir’s ruler .The temple is dedicated to lord shiva. The History says that Lord Krishna when gave a curse on Ashwathama that “Ashwathama will bear the load of all people’s misdeed on his shoulders. He will always roam alone like an apparition without getting any affection and sympathy till the end of Kaliyuga.  He will have neither any settlement nor any cordiality. He will live alone from the society. Never meet and talk with anyone meaning totally isolated from the world. He will suffer from   acute diseases which are incurable. These diseases are painful and forming ulcers that would never heal.
Ashwathama was requested to give up his stone (gem) which was on his forehead. Lord Krishna further said that “if you removed this gem then the lesion caused by removal of this stone on his forehead will never rehabilate and will affect you from leprosy, till the end of Kaliyuga”. According to people belief every time Aswathama finds his death time yet he never finishes. When Kaliyuga would be on its end then, Ashwathama is to meet Sri Kalki, this will be the tenth and final avatar of”Lord Vishnu”.

From then it is said that Ashwathama is lingering in the surroundings of the fort for last 5000 years. And he worships Lord Shiva in the fort temple earliest in the morning. What still remains a mystery is that every morning there are fresh flowers and sandal offered to Lord Shiva. It is believed that he is the very first worshipper of that temple every day.
People related to that area told a myth that sometimes Ashwathama is seen in night and lingers around the Asirgarh Fort. And sometimes asks for turmeric and oil to stop the blood of his forehead. He takes bath in the pond which is in the campus of the fort and worships Lord Shiva in the temple of the Fort. And whoever has seen him has gone mad or lost his mental stability.

About Ashwathama

Ashwathama was the son of Guru Dronacharya, and he had a boon that he would stay immortal. As his father was in favour of Kauravas, he was also a warrior from that side. Shri Krishna knew thoroughly that until Dronacharya drops his weapons, it was impossible to kill him. That’s why they made Yudhishthir say that Ashwathama was killed. By this way, Dronacharya was killed and to take avenge Ashwathama killed all the five sons of Pandavas and tried to kill Abhimanyu’s son Pareekshit, in his mother’s womb . Because of that Lord Krishna cursed him to wonder all the time and took the gem of his forehead. Since then he is still ponder in that area.More fact watch Video.

Short Information about Asirgarth Fort

Asirgarh Fort is place in the famous Satpura Range, about 20 km north of the town of the Burhanpur District of Central Indian state of the Madhya Pradesh. Topped onto one of high apex of Satpura Mountain, spread over 60 acres of land, some historian stated this fort as ‘Babe Deccan’ means the “key to the Deccan”, which was count secure , some author said that after pacify this fort, ways to take southern area or ‘Khandesh’ become more easier. It is called "Door to South India". Burhanpur has strategically critical place for the moving from North India to South India. There is much to see like a mosque and one palace inside this fort. The location becomes more beautiful as this place is encompasses through Narmada and Tapti River valleys. This fort is erect by the king Asa Ahir, Ahir is an Indian Hinduism caste, which is referred to Yadav, and it is proffer that the word ‘Ahir’ derives from the Sanskrit word Ahi (snake) or so say those worships snake, though there is so many trust and connect myths for finding its derive. During the time of Asa Ahir, fort is not as grand as it seems now which means, after his rule, many changes, for the security reasons have been insert.

How To Reach Shiva Temple Asirgarth Fort

By Air: The Nearest Airport is Indore airport just 183 KM of Asirgarth Shiva temple.Indore airport is well connected  International flights.

By Rail: The Near Railway station is a Burhanpur station.

By Road: There are many public and private vehicles available to reach Shiva Temple Asirgarh fort  Burhanpur District.

Picture Gallery of  Shiva Temple Asirgarth  Fort


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