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Hathni Mata Temple and Waterfall Near Pavagadh Jambughoda Gujarat India

Here is Information about Hathni Mata Temple and Nice wonderful Waterfall Sarsav Village Near Pavagadh Jambughoda in Gujarat India. Pavagadh is located about 760 mt. above the sea level and is home of wonderful temple of Mother Goddess Kali at the top of the hill.The Hathni Mata waterfalls are located in Jambughoda and approximately 80 km from Vadodara. Hathni means female elephant in local language and the place is so named because a cave from where waterfall opens up which houses a rock shaped look like baby elephant. Hathani Mata Temple and waterfall are awesome place to visit during rainy Season after Rain started.

Location: Sarsav Village About 25 KM of Pavagadh and 75 Km from Vadodra City, Gujarat
Dedicated to: Hathani Mata
Main Attraction: Waterfall
Photography: Allow
Entry: Free
Pin code: 389360
Height: 100 meter tall
Famous As: Hathni Mata Doodh
Parking : 30 Rs. 2-3 Wheeler,50 Four Wheeler ,100 Rs Other
Timing: No one can go after 7:00 Pm,Only Day Time
Visiting Timing: 2 ya 3 Hour
Best Time to Visit: Monsoon Time
Famous As: Hathni Mata waterfall
Nearest Railway station: Vadodra Railway station
Nearest Airport: Local Vadodra, Int.Ahmadabad

More Information about Hathni Ma Temple and Waterfall

Hathni Mata Temple and waterfall is located near Pavagadh Hill(25 Km) and Jambughoda (18 Km) and Vadodra(75 Km) on mountain hill.s a major attraction for them to bathe in the open natural atmosphere with their friends. it is a sight to envision pure water flowing down from the hills in speed from a good height.The place is nice with lots of greenery around. It's a good place for a small picnic .Hathani Mata Temple and Waterfall is also surrounded by green carpeted hills with flowers and floras.

The cave, which houses a temple with a rock shaped like a seated baby elephant is definitely worth a visit .Hathni Mata name is derived by the  locals from a Rock just below the waterfall which looks like a baby elephant.The cave has small human statue and the main temple is at the base of the waterfall.Food is made available by the local villagers.There are many people visit this temple and waterfall during Monsoon.It's a good place for a small picnic.This place is over full during weekend and the time of monsoon season. Hathni Mata Waterfall can be review only as a picnic spot for groups but not as a tourist spot. Children and others enjoy bath in the open natural nature with their friends.

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How To Reach Hathni Mata Temple Waterfall 

By Air: The Nearest Local Airport is Vadodra Airport(75 KM) and International Airport is Ahmedabad Airport(189 KM)

By Rail: The Near Railway Station is Vadodra Railway station Junction.You may get Texi and auto and Bushes to Reach Hathni Mata temple waterfall.

By Road: There are many public and private vehicles available to reach Hathni Mata temple and Waterfall.

Picture Gallery of  Hathni Mata Temple and Waterfall

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