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Simsa Ma(Santandatri or Sharda) Temple-childless women Get Child Prayer this temple in Simas Mandi Himachal Pradesh

Here is Some Information about Simsa Maknown as Santandatri or Sharda Temple where childless women Get Child Prayer this temple in Simas Himachal Pradesh.

Location:Simas Village Near Mandi District Himachal Pradesh
Dedicated to:Goddesh Simsa or Santan Datri,Sharda
Significance:Childless women Get Child Prayer this temple
Photography:Not Allow
Main Attraction: A wonderful Stone
Temple Timing:6:00 Am to 9:00 Pm
Visiting Timing:1 hour
Best Time to Visit:September to May
Phone: 089891 05755
Nearest Railway station:Baijnath
Nearest Airport:Gaggal

More Information about Simsa Ma Temple


Simsa Ma temple is located at Simas village near Mandi district in Himachal Pradesh.The temple is dedicated to Goddessh Simsa.The temple is also known as Santan Datri and Ma Sharda.Faith is best exemplified at the altar of Maa Simsa Devi, where childless women come with prayers on their lips and hope in their heart.During the ‘Navratri festival' it is a heart-rending sight to see women sleeping on the floor of the temple, for the blessings of Maa Simsa to have a child! The ancestors say that if a woman comes with a pure heart to the temple of Maa Simsa and sleeps day and night in the temple, give up from food and feasts, then she has a dream—dream about either fruits that indicates the blessing of a child. Strange but true if one hears countless accounts of women bestowed with kids after this experience. 

It is not that every woman is bestowed with a child but there are some cases where women don’t dream of fruits etc. In such cases the woman has to leave the temple. It is said that if a woman doesn’t leave the temple in spite of having a dream where her remaining childless is hinted at, she develops red patches on her body that itch a lot and the poor woman has to leave the bed.The temple is full of devotees some coming to seek boons and some others to pay their gratitude. The faith of the people, thronging the temple from far and wide, speaks a lot about the power of the unknown that still make us wonder struck at the wonders of the nature. 

Stone near the temple, which is moving from a finger 



This stone is very Prsid Simsa Mata temple. If the stone does not have to move and shake with both hands the little finger of your hand, it will move. 

Nearest Hotels of Simsa Ma Temple 


The Regent Palms Hotel
Visco Resorts Hotel

How to Reach Simsa Ma Temple 

By Air: The Nearest Airport is Gaggal Airport. 

By Rail: The Nearest Railway station is Baijnath 25 KM from the temple. 

By Road: There are many public and private vehicles available to reach Simsa Ma temple via Baijnath and Mandi District. Picture Gallery of Simsa Ma Temple 

Picture Gallery of   Simsa Ma Temple


Google Map of Simsa Ma Temple



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