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February-2021 Samayik Kasoti na Aayojan Babat - February Ekam kasoti std.3 to 8 Time table

February 2021 Ekam kasoti std.3 to 8 Time table

February-2021 EKAM KASOTI Na Aayojan babat Letest Paripatra.



February ekam kasoti karykram

Spirituality is not the path of cowardice and indolence, but the path of those who abandon cowardice and indolence. For most people, spirituality means only the path from which cowardly people want to avoid their responsibilities.

Spirituality does not mean avoiding small responsibilities but it is important to have courage to renounce small responsibilities and take a big responsibility. Think! If spirituality was the way for the weak, then people like Lord Mahavira and Lord Buddha, who had the ability to count the teeth of a lion in their childhood, would not have passed through this path.

Spirituality is the name of contemplation of Swayambhu (Shambhu), abandoning self-concern. And the journey of redress of the sufferings of the world by forgetting one's own troubles is the real spiritual journey.

Don't cut the time but live. Cutting time means misusing time and living time means utilizing time. It is clearly stated in our scriptures that a man loses his life in vain.

"Kalo na yato vyameva yata" means that man understands that he is cutting time but the truth is that he is not cutting time but time. Time is spent only by those who believe in making effort, creating new things and continuing to succeed.

Otherwise, those who believe in luck, continue to cut it. Learn to use each moment properly so that your morning can be good morning and good night. And you can also lead your life towards progress and success.


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