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Bhairav Parvat Temple(Shakti Pith) in Ujjain Madhya Pradesh

Here is some information about Bhairav Parvat Temple in Ujjain Madhya Pradesh India.

Location: Bhairav Hill ,Ujjain Madhya Pradesh
Dedicated to: Goddesh Avanti,durga
Temple Timing: 6 : 00 Am to 8:00 Pm
Significance: Among one of 51 shakti pith
Visiting Timing: 1 hour
Best time to Visit: oct to march
Nearest Railway Station: Ujjain
Nearest Air Port:  Indore Airport

About  Bhairav Parvat Temple  

The Bhairav Parvat Temple is located at Ujjain Madhya Pradesh India.Bhairavparvat, adjoining Bhairav hills is on the eastern banks of River Shipra which is close to Ujjaini town.Ujjain is one of the very ancient cities in India. It has Mahakal Jyotirlinga, two Shaktipeethas and numerous other temples.The holy place is dedicated to a divine power “Goddess Durga”, worshipped by a large number of Hindu devotees as “Maa Avanti or Avantika”. It is believed that Sati’s ‘Upper Lip’ fell here.The whole structure of the temple is made of unique stones having different colors, the roofs and walls are inscribed with such beautiful stones and presents picturesque views. An idol is kept inside this temple and it is always covered with red cloths. Everyday prayers and other rituals are performed in this temple.
History of  Bhairav Parvat Temple Ujjain 

As Such there are no records of when this temple was constructed, who constructed etc. But surely it has connection with the time when Ujjain was formed and its dates back around 4th century B.C under the famous kingdom known as ‘Avanti Kingdom’. From this kingdom only, this temple got his name and it is said that it was a prime holy site for kingdom during those days. In Mahabharata also the description of the Avanti Devi temple is given. But people visiting this temple will surely find from local people about the existing of this temple and information related to its origin.
How To Reach  Bhairav Parvat Temple Ujjain  

By Road : There are many public and private vehicals available to reach Bhairav Parvat Temple in Ujjain Madhya Pradesh .

By Train The Nearest Railway station is Ujjain station .

By Air : The Nearest Airport is Indor Airpot.
Picture Gellery of  Bhairav Parvat Temple Ujjain  

Google Map of Bhairav Parvat Temple in Ujjain  

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