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Home Learning Video Date 21-01-2021

Home Learning Video Date 21-01-2021

Hello friends, due to the ongoing Corona epidemic in the world, the teaching work in the school is closed. In order to ensure that children are not deprived of education, the sensitive Gujarat government has set up a system where children can study at home. Doordarshan's DD Girnar channel has started giving daily home learning about the standard 1 to 12 so that children can study at home.

Home Learning Videos Std.1 to 12

Now children will be able to study at home. Now the children will sitting at home, Inexhaustible treasure of education. Educational programs for Std.1 to 12 will be broadcast on television every day from 15th to 20th. You can also watch these videos in Diksha App & Gujarat e-class Youtube chenel. 

Home Learning Date: 21-01-2021

Std.3 Gujarati : VIdeo
Std.4 Hindi : VIdeo
Std.5 English : VIdeo
Std.6 Science : VIdeo
Std.7 Science : VIdeo
Std.8 Science : VIdeo
Std.10 Science : VIdeo
Std.12 Maths : VIdeo

Online Education:

This post gives a Video lectures broadcast by Gujarat Government. lecture about every standard of Gujarati Medium. You will be able to collect wise video lectures every now and then. When you click on the video link, the video is opened on youtube and you can watch the video lectures. You can easily study by watching these video lectures. The video is made in a language you can easily understand, using visual and audio content.

Now children can do not go to school due to Covid-19 epidemic and stay at home, The gujarat education department has decided to introduce home learning for students from std.3 to std.12. As part of learning at home, A class of Std. 9 to 12 will be broadcast on television date 15 to 30 jun.

Gujarat e-class Videos:

Teachers are awesome sources of knowledge, prosperity and enlightenment to which all and sundry can be benefited for entire life. They serve as the actual mild in everyone’s existence as they assist college students to make their approaches in the life. They are the God proficient humans in everyone’s existence who lead us closer to success besides any selfishness. Really, we can name them as builders of the stunning future of our kingdom thru education.

Teacher performs very crucial position in the area of schooling who teaches college students very properly to be a character of exact ethical and behaviour. They make college students academically magnificent and usually inspire to do higher in the life. They equip college students with plenty of knowledge, abilities and fine attitudes so that college students can by no means experience misplaced and go ahead. They assist college students to get positive about their desires of schooling thru clear imaginative and prescient and ideas. Without instructors in the lifestyles one can't develop mentally, socially and intellectually.

Home Learning Std.1 to 12.... Diksha E class Study 1 o 12... Gujarat E-class Std.1 to 12.

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