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Cyber Attack: If this is your Password, Change it Immediately

 Cyber Attack: If this is your Password, Change it Immediately

Cyber Attack: Almost everything around the world has gone digital today. Every service is available online today. In this online world, every person on his mobile or laptop uses passwords on different sites or apps.

As everything is going online, Cyber ​​crimes are also increasing along with cyber activities across the world. The biggest reason for these crimes is believed to be weak passwords.

Cyber Attack: People use easy passwords for fear of forgetting

Today every service is available online. Every website asks its user to create a password. In such a situation, due to having passwords on many apps and websites, people use the same password everywhere.

According to a NordPass 2022 study, people tend to choose identical or very simple passwords for fear of forgetting their passwords.

According to an estimate, more than 300 million websites are hacked every day. The hacking of these websites causes a loss of about $ 6 trillion.

Cyber Attack: If this is your password, change it immediately...

According to the NordPass 2022 report, some passwords are very easy and are used by people. Passwords that are in one flow are considered very easy and there are chances of getting hacked easily.

Here are some very easy and most used passwords-
1. 12345678
2. qwerty
3. 1234
4. qwerty12345
5. 1q2w3e
6. 111111
7. login
If you also use any of these passwords, then change them as they are more likely to be hacked.

Cyber Attack: How to prevent cyber attacks?

Several parameters have been prescribed for secure passwords. Use a combination of letters and numbers to make the password strong and secure.

Also, keep one or two characters in the password in caps lock as well as try to use any 1 such character @,!,#,$,%,^,&,*. With the combination of all these, you can make your password secure

It is very difficult to find a password that makes no sense. Therefore, do not use words in the password that are in the dictionary or letters that are in sequence on the keyboard. To remember the password, add four words at the end of the name of the app or company, so that the password of different platforms is remembered. It should be tried that the password should contain other characters along with the digits.

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