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Do you know about the factors that can trigger anyone to commit suicide?

 Do you know about the factors that can trigger anyone to commit suicide?

Suicide is a concern all over the world. At present, its increasing number is forcing it to think that why do people take such a step? This situation becomes even more worrying when someone who shows the direction of the society comes under its control. We are telling its trigger points and ways to avoid it.

In trying to prove themselves better or perfect than others, people often fall prey to mental disorders like stress, depression, anxiety, anger. Apart from these mental disorders, uncontrolled emotions can also be responsible for some cases of suicide.

Can the symptoms of suicide be recognized?

It is very important to know that after all, what are the symptoms of a person that he is having thoughts of suicide in his mind. Knowing this is also important because we can save someone's precious life in this way.

Those people who are going through a phase of depression are at the highest risk of moving on the path of suicide. It is a serious mental illness. In which the person remains depressed and negative thoughts keep coming in his mind all the time. Due to which a person starts thinking of ending his life by losing.

The number of people committing suicide in India due to family stress, financial problems, strained relationship or breakup is increasing.

These are some points which can lead any person towards suicide.

Many health problems can cause suicide in people. like:

1. Depression

In simple words, suicidal thoughts and behavior start when a person is suffering from depression. Unable to overcome this disease, he goes astray and concludes that suicide is the only way to get rid of his pain.

2. Anxiety

Many people are unable to cope with problems like financial crisis, family troubles, bad relationships, financial stress and often suffer from nervousness or anxiety. In such a situation, the person is not able to control his panic and takes terrible steps like suicide.

3. Psychiatric disorder

People suffering from psychiatric disorder also easily take steps like suicide. These include drug addicts, people with chronic illness or unbearable pain, people who have witnessed suicide closely and those who have previously attempted suicide.

4. Stress

A more stressful event, often referred to as a precipitating event, leads to suicide. It can take the form of mental illness. It is the cause of about 90 percent of all suicides. Too much stress about something or a situation can trigger suicide in some cases.

5. Isolation

Loneliness brings with it many bad thoughts. Often a person living alone has negative thinking which is said to be the reason for suicide. A person who has been alone for a long time starts thinking that there is no one for him in the world. He is compelled to take terrible steps like suicide.

How to stop suicide?

One should constantly have good conversations with the negative thinking person so that they can avoid thoughts like suicide. Pay attention to the attitude of the people around you and see if nothing is bothering them. Along with this, advise such people to go to a good psychiatrist so that they can talk about their problem.

Psychiatrist Dr. Aleem Siddiqui explains that when the thoughts of suicide come, then the person tries to share the grief with someone. When there is no way out, he moves towards suicide. That is why keep in mind that by being busy in your work, you do not ignore such a person.

Along with this, there are many suicide helpline numbers in India which can be used to prevent the incidents of suicide.

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