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Shore Temple in Mahabalipuram Tamil Nadu

Here is Some Information about Shore Temple in Mahabalipuram Tamil Nadu India.

Location:  Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu
Built in:7th century(700 -728 AD)
Built By: Rajasimha
Dedicatedt to:Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu
Indian citizens : Rs.10/-
Foreign Nationals : US$5
Childern below 15 years : Free
Photography: fee 25/- Rs
Income: 5.44 Caror
Attraction:One of the earliest structural temples in South India
Significance: Listed as World Heritage Site
Temple Timing: All days of the week , 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Visiting Timing:1 Hour
Best time to Visit: All time
Nearest Railway Station:Mahabalipuram
Nearest Airport: Mahabalipuram

More Information about Shore Temple Mahabalipuram

The Shore Temple on the Bay of Bengal was constructed in the 7th century during the rule of King Narsimha-Varman II Rajasimh.It is one among the oldest temples that can be seen in South India and is structured in the Dravidian style. It has recently come into more limelight as it has got its name on the list of the world heritage sites of the UNESCO. Various artistic carvings can be witnessed throughout the temple. Three different buildings make up the temple. Two among them are Shiva temples that face east and west. The third one is a Vishnu temple. It is one of the major Mahabalipuram attractions. 
Shore Temple of Mahabalipuram also claims the distinction of being the first Pallava structure to be constructed of stone, rather than being carved out of stone. The shikhar (spire) of the temple is of a towering, tiered style, and not rounded like those of the vihara design. The main shrine inside the complex is situated in the east and faces the sea. Behind this are the gateway, the forecourt and the assembly hall of the temple. There are shrines dedicated to both Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu in the Shore temple.
The sanctum sanctorum as well as the smaller temple in the west is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The walls surrounding these shrines are adorned with the images of Nandi Bull. Between these two shrines, there is a third shrine also, which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The idol of the Lord illustrates Him as reclining on the serpent Seshnag, a Hindu symbol for consciousness. The sculpted panels of this shrine portray vigorous earthly beauties, which seem to be imbibed with life and display breathtaking beauty. 

History of Shore Temple  Mahabalipuram


The temples of Mamallapuram, built largely during the reigns of Narasimhavarman and his successor Rajasimhavarman, showcase the movement from rock-cut architecture to structural building. The mandapa or pavilions and the rathas or shrines shaped as temple chariots are hewn from the granite rock face, while the famed Shore Temple, erected half a century later, is built from dressed what makes Mamallapuram so culturally resonant are the influences it absorbs and disseminates. The Shore Temple includes many bas reliefs including one 100 ft. long and 45 ft. high carved out of granite.

All but one of the rathas from the first phase of Pallava architecture are modelled on the Budhist viharas or monasteries and chaitya halls with several cells arranged around a courtyard. Art historian Percy Brown, in fact, traces the possible roots of the Pallava Mandapa to the similar rock-cut caves of Ajanta Caves and Ellora Caves. Referring to Narasimhavarman’s victory in AD 642 over the Chalukyan king Pulakesin II, Brown says the Pallava king may have brought the sculptors and artisans back to Kanchi and Mamallapuram as ’spoils of war’.

Architecture of Shore Temple  Mahabalipuram

Shore Temple is also acknowledged for being the first stone structure made by Pallavas. Before this, the monuments used to be carved out of the rocks or stones. Unlike other monuments of the region, Shore Temple is a five-storied rock-cut structural temple more willingly than monolithical. In southern India, this is one amongst the earliest and most important structural temples. The spire is extensively decorated with carvings and sculptures. In the recent years, a stone wall has been constructed to protect the shrine from further sea-erosion.

Perched on a 50 feet square plinth, the pyramidal structure raises to the extent of 60 feet. Presenting a typical specimen of Dravidian temple architecture, Shore Temple generates an exclusive combination of history and natural splendor. The temple was designed to grasp the first rays of the rising sun and to spotlight the waters after sunset. In the words of Percy Brown, Shore Temple served as "a landmark by day and a beacon by night".

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No.68 East Raja Street (Behind Sbi-Atm),

Sea Breeze Hotel 3.0 Star Hotel
Ottawadai Street, Mahabalipuram.

Indeco Mahabalipuram 2.5 Star Hotel
Shore Temple Road

Hotel Ramakrishna 3.0 Star Hotel
8 Othavadai Street,

Hotel Mamalla Heritage 2.5 Star Hotel
No 104, East Raja Street,

Radisson BLU Resort Temple
Bay Mamallapuram 4.5 Star Hotel
57 Covelong Road,

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59 Kovelong Road,

Sea Shore garden beach restaurant
10, Othaivadi street, Fisherman Colony

Sunrise Pizzara & Guest House
25 Ehirullum st

34, Othavadai St

Gecko Cafe
No. 14 Othavadai Cross Street

How to Reach Shore Temple  Mahabalipuram

By Air :Chennai is the closest airport from Mammallapuram Shore Temple.It is 76 Km From the shore temple.

By Rail :Chengalpattu is 29 km from Mahabalipuram Shore Temple is the nearest railway station from here. There are regular trains from here connecting to Chennai and other places of all over the country.

By Road :Mahabalipuram has a good road-network, connecting to all mejor places like Chennai, Tirukkalikundram,Kanchipuram and Pondicherry.One can easily reach Shore Temple by taking regular Buses or by hiring Taxis from anywhere in Tamil Nadu.

Picture Gallery of Shore Temple 


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