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Chandi Devi Temple in Haridwar Uttarakhand India

Here is Some Information about Chandi Devi Temple in Haridwar Uttarakhand India.

Location: At the top of Neel Parvat (Hill), Haridwar
Built By : Suchat Singh
Built in : 1929 A.D
Dedicated to: Chandi Devi (a form of Shakti)
Significance: One of the Siddha Peethas
Temple Area:12203 Sq m
Temple Timing :8 AM to 8PM
Visiting Timing : 30 Min
Reach By  Lift Fee: 70Rs Return
Photography : Allow
Best Time to Visit : May to Oct
Nearest Railway Station : Haridwar Junction
Nearset Airport : Delhi,Dehradun Airport

More Information about Chandi Devi Temple Haridwar

Chandi devi temple is one of the most famous temple in Haridwar.It is situated on top of a hill.Earlier the path to the temple was tough as visitors have to cover long distance on foot.The path also was on elevation so it was tough job.Nowadays trolley service runs from bottom of the hill to the temple.

In 1929, Chandi Devi Mandir was built by Suchat Singh, the king of Kashmir. The Temple is easily accessible from the city of Haridwar by buses, auto-rickshaws, Tongas and Taxis. In order to reach the main shrine, you can opt for trekking of 3 kms and the way starts from the Chandighat. Another mode to reach the temple is cable car, which is trouble-free as well as adventurous. 

The main idol of the Goddess is said to have been established by Adi Shankaracharya dating back to the 8th century. There is a legend behind the foundation of this temple. As per the legend, two demon kings, Shumbha and Nishumbha captured the kingdom of Lord Indra. Due to the reason, all the Gods were thrown out from the heaven. At that time, Chandi Devi emerged from the power of Goddess Parvati to slaughter the demon kings. The goddess is believed to have taken rest at this place for some time, since that time the place is considered sacred. 

Chandi Devi Temple is known as one of the Siddha Peethas (Holy Places where one's wishes are fulfilled) together with Mansa Devi and Maya Devi of Haridwar. It is said that Goddess Chandi fulfills all the wishes of her true devotees. A temple of Anjana Devi (Mother of Lord Hanuman) is situated at a distance of 200 meters from the shrine of Chandi Devi. Chandi Devi is one of the most ancient temples of India.

In the earlier days, people used to reach the shrine by trekking through the steep path which incorporates bit difficulties. With the passage of time, a ropeway has been made for the convenience of the pilgrims. This ropeway takes around 20-25 minutes to reach the temple complex. In this manner, people can also enjoy the panoramic view of the natural beauty. Every year, this temple receives millions of people from far and near. Pilgrims come to this holy shrine to seek blessings from the Goddess.

History of Chandi Devi Temple Haridwar

In the Hindu mythology, Goddess Chandi symbolizes power. Chandika devi follows Long time ago, the demon kings Shumbha and Nishumbha. And Lord Indra's kingdom was taken over by two demon kings named Shumbh and Nishumbh. When the demon kings crossed their limits, Chandi Devi was given birth from the cells of goddess Parvati and then Chandika devi killed him. So that devi name became Chandi Devi.

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How to Reach Chandi Devi Temple Haridwar

To reach this temple there are two options either you can enjoy a steep climb for a duration of 45 minutes or you can take help of the ropeway which can take you there in a couple of minutes. Rope-way service known as Chandi Devi Udankhatola. The length of Ropeway is 740 mts and height 208 mts. There is a dense forest on the other side of the hill inhabited by elephants and other wild animals.

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