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Ganga Temple in Har Ki Poudi Haridwar Uttarakhand

Here is Ganga Temple in Har Ki Poudi Haridwar Uttarakhand India.

Location : Har Ki Poudi,Haridwar,Uttrakhand
Dedicated to : Goddesh Ganga
Entry : Free
Photography : Allow
Temple Timing : 6AM to 9PM
Visiting Timing : 30Min
Aarti Timing : 6:45 PM and Summer 7:20 PM
Nearest Airport : Delhi,Dehradun
Nearest Railway Station: Haridwar

More Information about Ganga Temple Haridwar

Main Ganga Temple Aarti Place
One of the main temples of Haridwar in Har ki Pauri Historical (Prachin) Shri Ganga mandir of River Ganges and is famous for natural Lord Vishnu feet marks.

Har Ki Pauri, one of the most famous places in Haridwar, is believed to be the exit point of River Ganges from the mountains and entry into the plains. In addition, this sightseeing is also among one of the five main holy sites of Haridwar. According to another legend, it is believed that at this place, two great Hindu Gods; Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu appeared during the Vedic era. Since then the place is considered to be sacred.

In addition, it is also said that Lord Brahma, who is the Hindu God of Creation, performed a yagna at this place. Moreover, according to the chronicles of history, an imprint of holy foot of Lord Vishnu is present on one of the stones of this ghat, which is indicative of the name.

Har Ki Pauri, popularly known as Brahm Kund, was constructed by King Vikramaditya in memory of his brother, Brithari. It is said that Brithari used to mediate on the banks of River Ganges.

According to a popular belief, it is said that a dip in the holy water of this ghat relieves a person of all his sins. In addition, the place is also a venue for performing several religious rituals such as 'upanayan', 'mundan', 'asthi visarjan' and 'shraddha', which are carried throughout the year.

After every twelve years, the auspicious fair of Hindus, the Kumbh mela, is organised at this place. Famous for Ganga Aarti, large number of tourists throng the place in evening so as to attend aarti.

Har Ki Pauri is believed to be the same place where the divine nectar fell from celestial Kumbh. Some of the other attractions located on this ghat are the two famous temples, Ganga Mandir and Haricharan Mandir.

Ganga Aarti in Harki Paudi Haridwar

Harki Podhi Aarti Darshan
Haridwar is one of the most sanctified places in the Uttarakhand State. It is the very site where every evening the most popular known Maha Aarti begins. The most devotional Ghat in Uttarakhand is Harki Pauri. It is an extreme bathing ghat for the visiting pilgrims and devotees. At the time of Maha Aarti millions of followers gather near both side of the ghat to be a part of it. They also light up clay lamps and make a wish there. The Pundits start the Aarti and the audience sings Bhajan. The spectacular evening catches the visitors' eye. Haridwar has acquired great importance as a religious pilgrimage destination. Harki Pauri is known all over for its sanctity. The glorious Kumbh Mela is organized here once after every 12 years.

One to five times Aarti is performed every day at the Harki Pauri Ghat. The Ganga Aarti constitute of circulating an Aarti Plate or a Lamp around a divinity. The Aarti symbolize five thing particularly these are 1) ether (akash) 2) wind (vayu) 3) fire (agni) 4) water (jal) and 5) earth (pruthvi). In Sanskrit the meaning of "Aa" is "towards or to" and the meaning of "rati" is right or virtue". The Aarti is done in a clock wise manner around the Lord. At the time of performing Aarti it reminds the performer to keep the deity in our center. The Aarti is not kept limited to the Lords but the followers also offer Aarti to those who help them towards success.

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How to Reach Ganga Temple in Har Ki Poudi Haridwar

By Air :The airport of Dehradun is the nearest from Haridwar. It is known by the name of Jolly Grant Airport and is located approximately 35 km away from the holy city. Though there are not a large number of airlines that operate from New Delhi to Dehradun, you will easily get a Simplifly Deccan flight, which operates on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

By Rail :Haridwar has a railway station of its own, connected with all the major cities of India. Many trains coming from Delhi, Mumbai, Varanasi, Kolkata, etc halt here and bring in the large rush of visitors who come to take a bath in the waters of the holy Ganges. There are a large number of trains available for reaching Haridwar from New Delhi, with the ones to Dehradun also making a stoppage here.

By Road :Haridwar, with it good road network, is easily accessible from the key cities in India. The city is around 215 km from New Delhi and since the National Highway passes through it, reaching there by road is not at all a problem. Buses and taxis are easily available to and from the major cities like Delhi, Dehradun, Agra, Lucknow, Jaipur, etc.

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Ganga Aarti in Ganga Temple Har Ki Poudi Haridwar

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