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Madan Kamdev Temple in Baihata Chariali(Guwahati) Assam

Here is Some Information about Madan Kamdev Temple in Baihata Chariali(Guwahati) Assam India.

Location:  Southeast of Baihata Chariali nr.Guwahati at Kamrup district in Assam.
Built in: 11th and 12th centuries AD
Dedicatedto: lord Kamdev, the God of love
Entry: free
Temple Timing: 6:00 Am to 9:00Pm
Significance: Renowned archaeological & pilgrimage center and tourist spot
Visiting Timing: 30 Mins
Best time to Visit: All time
Nearest Railway Station: Guwahati station
Nearest Air Port: Guwahati Airport

The ruins of Madan Kamdev Temple, was a mystery to me when I first visited the site in 2003. In my recent revisit to the site I couldn’t help but marvel at the amazing sculptures that assert eternal love, joy and happiness.
Archaeologists have dated the ruins to the 10th-12th Century A.D( Reign of the Pala Dynasty in Kamrupa). The ruins are supposedly the remains of around 20 temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. The main temple housed a sculpture of Lord Shiva and his consort Uma which the locals call “Madan Kamdev”.
 History Related to Madan Kamdev Temple

People were not aware of Madan-Kamdev for many years, because the ruins were hidden by the trees and bushes of the dense forest. Since 1981, there have been some excavations at the site. Archaeologists carefully studied the hills, plains and streams in the area. When the thick jungle near the temple was cleared, some more temples of stones and bricks came into notice, which were completely in a ruined state. Only their foundations and the lowermost sections remained, so it is difficult to imagine how they must have originally looked like. All of them were built in the 11th-12th centuries A.D. Large number of temples at Madan-Kamdev, shows that this was an important religious place once upon a time. The water tank that has been found also indicates the existence of a residential area in ancient times.

Architecture Of The Temple 

Madan Kamadev or "Pancharath" had been built in 5 sections in the affluent nature of Brahmaputra valley. Nagara architecture had been used in the well-sculptured temple having images carved out of monolithic rock. Erotic images had been sculptured in the ornamentation. Uma and Maheswar, being the warranting deities of the temple, are the main attraction. A six headed Bhairab, 4 armed Shiva, terrible looking demon, men-women and others are images present in the temple.

The deity is worshipped at the Madan-Rati temple till today. On the full-moon night Madan Kamadeva becomes heavenly. Possibly negligence but nobody really knows the cause of the temples becoming ruins; but it only helps the sentimental yearning for the golden past of the temples.
How to Rich  Madan Kamdev Temple 

By Road: From Guwahati, 34-km along NH-51 on Rangia-Tezpur route one will reach Baihata Chariali or Chaurasta. On the right of it from 1½-km Southeast gateway further 3½-km is situated Madan Kamadeva. Frequent bus services are there from Guwahati, to Baihata Chariali. Mini bus is also available over here. Buses from Rangia and Tezpur also run on this route via Baihata Chariali. 

By Air: It is 35 k.m away from Guwahati. Guwahati has a good public transport system. Lokopriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport at Borjhar is about 30 km away from Madan-Kamdev. In this airport, the connectivity has improved considerably in the last couple of years and all major domestic airlines fly into Guwahati

By Rail: Madan Kamdev can be reached by railways too. The nearest rail-station is Guwahati which is connected by other major places like Delhi, Kolkota, Mumbai and so on. 

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