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Ganesh Temple in Ganpatpura(Koth) Near Ahmedabad Gujarat India

Here is Some information about Ganesha Temple in Ganpatpura(Koth) Gujarat india.

Ganpatpura village in the Dholka taluka to near 40 km the Ahmedabad city.
Built in:Samvt 1878
Dedicated to:Lord Ganesha
Pho No: 02714-242009 
Photography: Out Side temple allow ,Inside Not Allow
Temple opening :6:00Am to 12:00Pm  4:00Pm to 8:00Pm
Significance:One of the most ganesha temple
Visiting Timing:30 Mins
Best time to Visit: Ganesha Choth(Forth Day of Gujarati Month)All time
Nearest Railway Station: Ahmedabad
Nearest Air Port :Ahmedabad

About Ganesha  Temple

Sheree Ganesha Temple located in Ganpatpura village in the Dholka taluka to near 40 km the Ahmedabad city.The temple is renovating now. Ganpatpura village is located near the famous temple town of Dholka, it is identified the name of Ganesha Dholka, Ganpatipura and Ganpatapura. There is a very famous temple in ganpatpura. Every cloth(Day of forth) lot of people come here and doing Darshan .This temple is old temple.Here Ganesha idol is very attractive and naturally like fact god.

History of  Ganesha Temple 

This temple is the history of folk story in Asadh vad-4 era of vikram for the 933 on Sunday At the time of excavation in the land of kerda hathel Ganpatidada of jala, toda a statue of gold legs, ears in the ornament, which was published over the crown and kandora.

Main Idol to take to the koth, rojaka and vankuta village leaders in faction. Then the miracle happened when the statue was placed in the cart. The Bullock cart without a walk and found the mountain made ​​in gannpatpura. This place is a duda shepherd and gokla was founded in saktimata. The image will automatically go down from the cart there was ganpatidada since then the name of the spurs had ganpatipura. The same day and date of the goddess butabhavani is manifest along aranej and his name applied to a priest named Pandit Ambaram.

The Samvat 1878 phagana Sud-7 on the Swaminarayan Bhagwan go to ganpatpura and took a breather between the two trees of rayano, patel bhagate God to take to the Village of kotha, but he said he did not kotha. The rest of the place where God is Lord Swaminarayan caranarvinda umbrella would have been made.

Ganpatpura village every month of the event and this day is choth so millions of devotees to take the darshan. The states of Gujarat, as well as from outside states two to half a million people here are darshan in cotha day. Here the pilgrim’s darshan or tea – water and food provide from the temple.

Festivals  of  Ganesh Temple
All the Ganesh Chaturthi (Vad) are festival for pilgrims - more than 3, 00,000 pilgrims visits the place for darshana on this day. The Chaturthi is considered as very sacred and pious among the believer of the Lord Ganesha.
Trust mandal makes an arrangement to provide "Falahar" (Fasting food) on Ganesh Chaturthi (Vad) in addition to the tea for whole day.
The darshan opens at 4 am in the morning and keeps open up to and after Chandrodaya (Rising of Moon) Arti of the Lord Ganesha in the evening.
Yearly - In the month of Bhadrapada from Badarva (Sud) Chaturthi to bhadarva (Sud) Fourteenth - Ganesha Sthapna (Navratri) is celebrated in the temple parisar. Special lord Ganesha murti is placed in separate mandapa - pooja/arti/and different bhakti programmes are organized. At the end the Lord Ganesha is moved out in the procession in the village during day and then visarjan is done.
On the day of New Year Annakuta - Raj bhoga is presented to Lord Ganesha. The temple keeps open from morning till 3 pm noon for darshan.In addition to main festival of Lord Ganesha many other festivals are celebrated at the temple.

Video of Ganesh Temple Gapatpura Koth


How to Reach Ganesha Temple Ganpatpura 

By Bus: Ganpatpura of the many buses are available. Apart from this will be more fun if you have your personal vehicle.Dholka 20 Km, 60 to 62 living in the Ahmedabad. Bagodara m and 14 km of national highways connect the village is located at a distance. Ganesapura people, ganapatipura, ganapatapura identifies the name of Ganesha Dholka.

By Rail: The Nearest big Railway Station is Ahmedabad.

By Air: The Nearest International airport is Ahmedabad.

Picture Gallery of Ganesha Temple

Main Gate
Temple Entry

Google Map of Ganesha Temple  Ganpatpura


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