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Duladeo Temple in Khajuraho Madhya Pradesh

Here is Some information about Duladeo Temple in Khajuraho Madhya Pradesh india.

Location:  Khajuraho,M.P
Built in: AD 1100-1150
Built By:Chandeella kings
Dedicated to:Lord Siva
Entry: Free
Photography: Allow
Temple Timing: 6:00 Am to 10:00Pm
Significance: One of the most temple
Visiting Timing: 30 Mins
Best time to Visit: All time
Nearest Railway Station:Khajuraho
Nearest Air Port: Khajuraho

About Duladeo Temple

This temple is situated in Madhya Pradesh’s Khajuraho district that has been famous for its architecture and temples. Duladeo temple has been dedicated to Lord Shiva and comprises of his beautiful idol. The magnificence of this place can be seen throughout its architecture and craft. This place is famous not only in India but all over the world.
This temple can be differentiated from every other on the basis of its beauty. Duladeo temple is a part of the most important Khajuraho temples and is famous all over the world. This temple is also known by the name Kunwarnath temple. Duladeo temple was built by the rulers of the Chandel dynasty.

This temple is believed to have been built after the construction of every other temple in Khajuraho. Duladeo temple has been a great contribution to our country from the Chandel dynasty. ‘Maheen’ craft can be seen as the essence of this temple. Various shapes of beautiful dancers and other ladies can be seen on the walls.

Architecture of Duladev Temple 

According to evidences found, Duladeo temple was built around 1130 A.D. It was built by King Madanvarman of the Chandel dynasty. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is an evidence of the devotion of the people of that period towards Lord Shiva. The architecture of this temple reminds of the Vaastu art belonging to the period of the Chandel dynasty. This reminds of the beautiful moments in Indian history.

The duladeo temple is a great example of the magnificent sculpting art in India. This temple is situated on the banks of a river which makes it even more beautiful. There are a number of different idols in this temple which have been precisely built. They have been so precisely built that sometimes they look real in the first glance. This attracts a lot of people to this place.

The temple also comprises of an idol of Devi Ganga with four hands. There are different idols in the temple which have been built in various shapes depicting various different stories. The temple has been circularly built and the pillars comprise of drawings of various Apsaras in different dancing forms.

Being dedicated to Lord Shiva, a Shivlinga has been placed in the centre of the temple. Besides Shivalinga, there is also an idol of Mahakal which raises the feeling of spirituality in the visiting devotees. Idols of Lord Ganesha and Virbhadra ji can be seen in the pavilion area of the temple. Other idols that are present in the temple are of different Devi-Devas, humans and Digpal.

How to Reach Duladeo Temple Khajuraho

By Air: The Nearest Airport is Khajuraho.

By Rail: The Nearest Railway station is Khajuraho junction.

By Road: The Khajuraho is connected all mejor cities and road.

Picture Gellery of  Duladeo Temple 

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