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Gali Anjaneya Hanuman Temple Mysore Road Bangalore Karnataka India

Gali anjaneya temple is one of the oldest temple in bangalore loacated in mysore road Channapattana.This temple is known to many devotees of the Lord Anjaneya in Bangalore by the name "Gali Anjaneya Gudi". Gali means air and Gudi means temple in Kannada language.Here is some Information about the Gali Anjaneya Temple Mysore Road Bangalore Karnataka India.

Location: Byatarayanapura, Mysore Road, Bangalore
Address: Mysore Road,Bapuji Nagar, Near Canara Bank,
Byatarayanapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560026
Built in: about 1400 years ago
Built By: Sri Vyasaraya of Channapattana
Dedicated to: Lord Hanumanji
Entry: Free
Photography: Allowed
Temple Timing: 7.30 AM to  8.30 PM
Visiting Timing: 1 hour
Best time to Visit: Oct to Feb
Festival: Hanuman Jayanti
Phone:  +(91)-80-26743032
Nearest Railway station: Bangalore City Railway station
Nearest Airport: Bangalore International Airport

More Information about Gali Anjaneya Hanuman Temple

Gali Anjaneya Hanuman Temple  is located at Byatarayanapura, Mysore Road, BangaloreKartaka state of India.The Temple was built about 1400 years ago and built by Sri Vyasaraya of Channapattana.The temple is dedicated to Hindu God Lord Hanumanji.In kanada (Gali) means air .According to history it is said that the idol of Lord anjaneya was open to (gali).The statue of the Anjaneya(Hanumanji) in the temple was sculptured in a town located between Kundapura and Udupi named Saligrama. Many devotees believe that the god of the temple is very powerful and the wishes get meet. The whole year the temple is guide special poojas and festival devout festivals.

Apart from the temple there is an another historical background that is four post of Nadaprabu Kempegowda .the founder of Bangalore he laid four piller has a square for the bangalore ,in those post  we can see the one pillar next to Gali Anjaenaya temple .

 The Idol of Lord Hanumanji

The west facing Gali Anjaneya is smeared with the Sinduram (a saffron colored paste) which is review bright by Hindus. The lord here is shantha swaroopi (Calm).The left hand of Gali Anjaneya is resting on the hip and holding the flower. The right hand is in abhya mudra posture offering the quality of nirbhayathvam to all his devotees.

Another beauty of this Anjaneya is that he has a mouser  and a yathurmuki that is he is facing the devotees directly with both the eyes.The tail has lots of bents and rolled at the end, indicate that Gali Anjaneya here is Shantha Swaroopi. There is a small bell tied to the tail which is the indicates of Saint Vyasaraya linked Anjaneya idols.

The control of the Gali Anjaneya Temple is the Car festival is being held for the last centenary and twenty years.people visit Gali Anjaneya temple to get the blessings of Gali Anjaneya and to get rid of the troubles in their life. minister come here to worship Lord Anjaneya before starting the election effort .Devotees throng here with great faith to get 'Purna Kripa Drishti' from the Lord.

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