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Mumba Devi Temple in Mumbai Maharashtra

Here is Some Information about Mumba Devi Temple in Mumbai Maharashtra India.
Location:Bhuleshwar, in south Mumbai
Address : Mumba Devi Marg, Zaveri Bazar, Mumbadevi Area, Bhuleshwar, Mumbai, Maharashtra Pin code :400002
Phone : 022 2242 4974
Dedicated to:Mumba Devi (a form of Shakti)
Significance:an ancient temple of Mumbai
Built in: 18th century
Best Time to visit : Anytime of the year
Temple Timing: Open all days except Monday
Historical Importance:The ancient idol of Mumbadevi
Visiting Timing : 30 Min.
Entry : Free
Photography : Allow
Nearest Railway Station : Mumbai Central
Nearest Airport : Mumbai Airport

More Information About  Mumba Devi Temple Mumbai

Mumba Devi Temple is the most famous shrine of Mumbai. It is situated at Bhuleshwar, in the southern part of the Commercial Capital of India. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Mumba, who is considered as the patron deity of Koli fishermen - the first inhabitants of Bombay city. The Goddess is identified as the form of 'Shakti' and is worshipped by people with the utmost devotion.

The benevolent Goddess Mumba, is dressed in silver robes and is ornamented with nose studs. She is the presiding deity of Mumbai. Mumba is a goddess who has no mouth and her face is orange colored. This may be a significant representation of the Mother Earth. She is worshiped with great devotion by the fisher folk called Koli.

In the Mumbadevi Temple, apart from the image of the Goddess MumbaDevi there also resides idols of Ganesh Indra, and Hanuman. It is believed that the Maa Mumba does not let down any of her devotees if they are sincere while offering their prayers.

On Mondays the temple remaines closed. Outside thetemple of Devi Mumba, there are stalls, which sell flowers, garlands and other things needed for offering 'puja'. Jasmine, pink lotuses and orange marigolds are some offerings, which is considered auspicious and lucky by her devotees.

History of  Mumba Devi Temple Mumbai

This temple was built in honour of the Goddess Mumbai, from whose name it is said, that the English word 'Bombay' is derived. The Mumbadevi temple is six centuries old. The first Mumbadevi temple was situated at Bori Bunder, and is believed to have been destroyed between 1739 and 1770. After the destruction a new temple was erected at the same place at Bhuleshwar. The Goddess personifies Mother Earth and is still worshipped by the descendants of the Dravidian population of western and southern India. The original temple built at the site where the Victoria Terminus station earlier was by Koli fishermen was demolished around 1737 and a new temple was erected in its place at Phansi Talao. The modern shrine contains an image of the Goddess Mumbadevi dressed in a robe with a silver crown, a nose stud and a golden necklace. To the left is a stone figure of Annapurna seated on a peacock. In front of the shrine is a tiger, the carrier of the Goddess.

Architecture of  Mumba Devi Temple Mumbai

Mumbadevi Temple dedicated to city's patron Goddess Mumbadevi is located in Bhuleshwar, Mumbai. She is considered as Mumbai's resident deity. The temple of Mumbadevi once stood on the site of the present Victoria Terminus in the central island. The present name of the city is derived from the Goddess Mumbadevi. The temple itself is not impressive but is an important landmark as it is dedicated to MumbaDevi, the city's patron deity. It is from her that Bombay gets its local name Mumbai.

Legend  of  Mumba Devi Temple Mumbai

According to a popular legend the structure of the temple is about six centuries old and it is believed be the handiwork of Mumbaraka, a sadistic giant who frequently plundered the city at the time. Terrorized by these unwelcome visits, the locals pleaded with Lord Brahma, Creator of all things to protect them. Brahma then "pulled out of his own body", an eight armed goddess who vanquished the Mumbaraka. Predictably brought to his knees, Mumbaraka implored Her Holiness to take his name and built a temple in her honour. She still stands there, an orange faced goddess on an altar strewn with marigolds: devotees believe that those who seek her divine favour are never disappointed.

Nearby Places to Mumba Devi Temple Mumbai

Crawford Market situated nearby is famous for its fresh vegetables, fruits and meat. The Chowpatty Beach, a hot tourist destination, is located at the Northern end of Marine Drive so if you are looking for some solitude, you might want to head to the beach after the temple aarti.

How to Reach Mumba Devi Temple Mumbai

By Road:One can hire auto-rickshaws or taxis to Bhuleshwar where the Mumba Devi Temple is located.

By Rail:One can reach Mumba Devi Temple easily by boarding local trains from the city. The Charni Road Station is only 10 minutes from Bhuleshwar. Churchgate Station is also located close to Bhuleshwar.

By Air : Through Airways the city of Mumbai is a most important international doorway to India with international flights from major countries of the world. Air India and many other global air carriers operate regular flights to and via the city. Indian Airlines connects the city of Mumbai with nearly all tourist destinations of India. Private sector airlines also offer air-link to many key centres of the country. The Mumbai airport has two wings which are Chhatrapati Shivaji international Airport and Santacruz domestic airport.

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