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Sankat Mochan Temple in Varanasi Uttar Pradesh

Hers is some Information about Sankat Mochan Temple in Varanasi Uttar Pradesh India.

Location : At Sankat Mochan Gali, Varanasi
Dedicated to:Lord Hanuman
Built in :1925
Built By : Maharaja Gulab Singh
Significance:An Ancient Temple
Best  Time to Visit:Anytime round the year; 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Attraction:Design pattern
Entry : Free
Photography : Allow
Nearest Airport : Babatpur Airport
Nearest Railway Station : Varanashi

More Information About Sankat Mochan Temple Varanasi

Sankat Mochan Temple is adjacent to National Highway 22. Sankat Mochan Temple is about 5 kilometers from Shimla. The temple is the second most popular tourist spot after Jakhu Temple. The USP of Sankat Mochan Temple is its easy accessibility.

The temple can be reached easily by the means of local transport in the city of Varanasi. Sankat Mochan is the other name of Lord Hanuman; consequently the temple is dedicated to him. 

The term 'Sankat Mochan' suggests "deliverer from troubles". According to the Hindu beliefs, Lord Hanuman is provider of courage, intellect and knowledge. Lord Hanuman is also believed to the eradicator of all worries and tensions. Sankat Mochan Temple was established by Tulsidas, the legendary author of 'The Tulsi Ramayana' (the Hindi version of epic "The Ramcharitmanas"). It is regarded that regular 'puja' (worship) of Lord Hanuman at this temple, brings good luck to the devotee. 

People visit this temple in large numbers on Tuesdays and Saturdays to pay their homage to the Lord Hanuman. Since countless years, devotees come here to seek the blessings of the Lord. People apply "Sindoor" (vermilion) on the statue of Lord Hanuman and offer "Laddoos" in the offering. Devotees recite hymns of "Hanuman Chalisa ", "Kishkindha" and "Sundar Kand" as a due part of their prayers.

As per the Vedic Astrology, Lord Hanuman defends and liberates human being from the wicked effects of 'Shani' (Planet Saturn). All those, who have ill-placed Saturn in their horoscope, should offer homage at this temple to get relief from the distress. In the earlier times, the temple was very small in its size. Later, the temple complex was extended attributable to the kind donations made by the devotees.

Festival Celebration in Sankat Mochan Temple in Varanasi

On the day of 'Kartik Krishna Chaturdashi", special prayers are made to the Lord. The temple observes an annual festival on the full moon night of the month of 'Chaitra', which is also known as Hanuman Jayanti. At this juncture, a procession is taken out in the streets of Varanasi. The festival too, attracts plenty of visitors to Sankat Mochan Temple.

Tourist Attraction of  Sankat Mochan Temple

Annapurna Temple - The Annapurna Temple is very much near to the Kashi Vishwanath temple. This is a very much sacred temple of Devi Annapurna, believed as the "Godess of Fooding".

Mritunjay Mahadev Temple - Mritunjay Mahadev Temple lies on the route of Daranagar to Kalbhairav temple. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Just besides Mritunjay temple there is a well of much religious importance and purity , whose water is said to be mixture of several underground streams and good for eliminating several diseases.

Kalbhairav Temple - Kalbhairav Temple is a very ancient temple of Varanasi near by the Head Post Office, VishesharGanj. God KalBhairav is believed to be the “Catwalk of Varanasi", and is believed that without his permission no one can stay in Kashi.

Sankatha Temple - Sankatha Temple is the important temple dedicated to “Godess of Remedy” near the Sindhia Ghat of Devi Sankatha. Inside the temple premises there exists a huge statue of a Lion. Also there are even nine temples of nine planets nearby to this Sankata temple.

Bharat Mata Temple - In the year 1936, the Bharat Mata Temple was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi and embibes one perfect relief maps of India carved out of marble.
The Temple was gifted through the nationalists Babu Shiv Prasad Gupta (Barat Ratana) and Shri Durga Prasad Khatri, leading numismatists and antiquarians.

How to Reach Sankat Mochan Temple in Varanasi

By Air :in Varanasi flights are easily available and serve as the quickest and comfortable way to get to Varanasi city. As the city is well- connected by regular service of flights with some major cities like Delhi, Mumbai (Bombay), Kolkata (Calcutta), Bhubaneswar, Lucknow, Jaipur, Khajuraho, Katmandu. The Airport at Babatpur is just 22 kilometer away from the city.

By Rail : One can get to Varanasi city as it is connected by super fast trains to Delhi and even all the major cities across the country like Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Lucknow, Allahabad, Patna, Jaipur, Gorakhpur and Khajuraho.

Rajdhani Exp ( Hawrah - Mughal Sarai - New Delhi)
Toofan Exp ( Howrah - Mughal Sarai - Delhi)
North East Superfast Exp ( Delhi - Mughal Sarai Guwahati)
Magadh Exp ( Delhi - Mughal Sarai Patna)
Mahanagari Exp ( Varanasi - Mumbai )
Pawan Exp ( Varanasi - Mumbai )
Sabarmati Exp ( Varanasi - Ahmedabad)
Ganga Kaveri Exp ( Varanasi - Chennai)
Poorwa Exp (Howrah - Varanasi - Delhi) Himgiri Exp (Jammu - Varanasi - Howrah)
Sealdah Exp (Varanasi - Jammu Tawi).

By Road: the other means of reaching Varanasi is by road and a good network of roads connects to all major towns of Uttar Pradesh and other neighboring areas. Regular bus services can be availed from Varanasi to Jaunpur, Allahabad, Lucknow, Faizabad and Gorakhpur. One can also go to all the major cities by road.

Picture Gallery of  Sankat Mochan Temple in Varanasi

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