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Hanumanji(Kastbhanjan Dev)Temple in Sarangpur Gujarat-Get Daily Darshan -Live Darshan and Free Download Picture-King of Sarangpur

Here is Some Information about Hanumanji(Kastbhanjan Dev)Temple in Sarangpur Gujarat india.

Location:  Sarangpur,Barvala Taluka,Gujarat
Built By:Sadguru Gopalanand Swami
Dedicated to:Lord Hanuman
Entry: Free
Festival: Hanuman Jayanti,Sundarkand
Photography: Not Allow
Temple Timing:The Early morning Arati 5:30am,
Balbhog 7:00am.
The Darshan closed 12:00pm to 3:00pm and Evening arati 7:00pm
Visiting Timing: 15 Mins
Live Darshan: Click Here
Best time to Visit: March to May
Nearest Railway Station: Bhavnagar
Nearest Air Port: Ahmedabad

More Information about Kastbhanjan Hanumanji  Temple 

Shri Hanuman temple is located in the Sarangpur, taluka Bawala, of Gujarat. It’s devoted to god Hanumanji in the form of “Kastbhanjan Bhagwan”.
The Sarangpur Hanuman Mandir murti will be placed on golden throne during ‘Kastbhanjan devta’. This is appointed to be captivated in April. The golden throne is 25 kg in weight and its cost is estimated at Rs.11 crore. As Tuesday and Saturday is devoted to Hanumanji, it is designated day for a special
ritualistic for those affected by mental illness, stress and other disorder.

History of  Hanumanji Temple Sarangpur
According to historical records Sadguru Gopalanand Swami installed the idol of Lord Hanuman in the temple. As per the records of author Raymond Williams, Sadguru Gopalanand Swami while installing the idol touched it with a rod that stirred life into it and made it move. The incident developed into a famous story and became the driving force behind the initiation of the healing ritual conducted in this temple.

 The King of Sarangpur ( Shri Kastbhanjan Dev Sarangpur Big Idol)
The temple is believed to have been built in the early 1900s, and it is one of the most popular king of sarangpur hanuman in Gujarat. In Sarangpur Kastbhanjan Dev Temple Sarangpur of Gujarat, 'King of Sarangpur' project running at Sarangpur Kashtbhanjan Hanuman Temple in Gujarat has been completed. On the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti( 5th April 2023), a 54-feet high idol of Lord Hanuman was be inaugurated. Union Home Minister Amit Shah was reached the program.

The project has been named ‘King of Salangpur’ by Shastri Hariprakashdas Swami. The entire project will take up an area of 1,35,000 square feet in the temple’s backyard. The project will include an 11,900 square-foot step well, an amphitheater with seating for 1500 people, a light, sound, and fountain show, and two gardens totaling 62,000 square feet. The entire project is planned in such a way that the unique blend of art and architecture will make devotees who visit the temple appreciate the glory of Hindu civilization.

The thirty thousand kilogram heavy statue will be made of five different metals. The total diameter of the statue will be 754 foot long. The internal structure of the statue will be made of steel. The thickness of all the five metals will be 7.0 mm. The statue will be installed on a strong base which will have a depth of 17 foot. The base will have a Sri Yantra installed at the centre, along with the depiction of the legend of Lord Hanuman on the walls of the base.

The length and breadth of the different components of the statue will measure as follows:

· 6.5 foot long and 7.5 foot broad face

· 7 foot high and 7.5 foot broad crown

· 27 feet long and 8.5 foot broad Gada (mace) of Lord Hanuman

· 6.5 foot long and 4 foot broad hands

· 8.5 foot long and 4 foot broad legs

· 1.5 foot high and 3.5 foot broad leg bracelet

· 1.5 foot high and 2.5 foot broad hand bracelet

· 24 foot long and 10 foot broad ornaments.

Daily Darshan and Daily Get Darshan Picture Download Click Here

Sarangpur Hanuman Temple – Aarti Details

Mangala Aarti: The first aarti of the day is performed early in the morning, usually at 5:00 AM. The aarti is performed to awaken the deity and to start the day on an auspicious note.
Shringar Aarti: The second aarti of the day is performed at 7:00 AM, after the deity is bathed and dressed in new clothes. This aarti is performed to offer the deity flowers, incense, and other offerings.
Rajbhog Aarti: The third aarti is performed at noon when the deity is offered a grand feast of food and sweets. This aarti is also known as the “Rajbhog” aarti.
Utthapan Aarti: The fourth aarti is performed in the evening, usually around 6:00 PM. This aarti is performed to wake up the deity from his afternoon nap.
Sandhya Aarti: The fifth aarti is performed at sunset when the deity is offered lamps and incense. This aarti is also known as the “Sandhya” aarti.
Shayan Aarti: The final aarti of the day is performed at night, usually around 10:00 PM. This aarti is performed to put the deity to sleep for the night.
Contact and Address of  Hanumanji Temple Sarangpur

Kothari Shree
Shree Kashtabhanjan dev Hanumanji Mandir
Tal:Barwala, Dist.Botad, Pin-382450.
Phone: (02711) 241202 / 241408
(Fax.) 241250
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How to Reach Kastbhanjan Dev Hanumanji Temple Sarangpur

By Air:The Nearest Airport is Ahmedabad city distance is 156 km.
By Rail:The Nearest Railway station is Botad(12 Km) and  Bhavnagar city Railway station is 75 km.
By Road:The Dhandhuka taluka (50 km) is well linked with all foremost towns and cities by road. Well-known bus stops are situated at Sarangpur.

Picture Gallery of Kastbhanjan Dev Hanumanji Temple Sarangpur 

Google Map of  Kastbhanjan Dev Hanumanji Temple

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