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Gyangong Ani Gompa(Temple) in Tawang hillock Arunachal Pradesh

Here is Some Information about Gyangong Ani Gompa in Tawang hillock Arunachal Pradesh India.

Location: on top of a hillock about 5-km away in the north of Tawang
Built in:8th Century
Built By:Guru Padmasmbhava
Dedicated to: Lord Bauddha
Entry: Free
Temple Timing: 7:00 Am to 7:00 Pm
Significance: Buddhist Pilgrimage Centre
Visiting Timing:1 Hour
Best time to Visit: April To Oct
Nearest Railway Station: Harmuty Railway Station
Nearest Airport: Lilabari (North Lakhimpur) Airport

About  Gyangong Ani Gompa 

The Gyangong Ani Gompa temple is located on top of a hillock about 5-km away in the north of Tawang Arunachal Pradesh.The temple was built in 8th Century and built by Guru Padmasmbhava.Gyangong Ani Gompa in Tawang Arunachal Pradesh is a beautiful Nunnery, having about 50 Buddhist Nuns. This Ani Gonpa is under the control of Tawang Monastery and the nuns of this monastery get provision from the Tawang monastery. Location of nunnery and the customs being followed by nuns remind visitors of the period of Maurya Dynasty, when the Buddhism was preached in the distant hilly areas under the shade of green trees.
Gompas and Monasteries follow huge and expansive size of architecture, comparable to Palaces, maintaining uniqueness in any place they are established. If the Gampa is constructed amidst the living places, the Gampa building will be of different colour and size and anyone can clearly mark a Gampa from a far away place. Likewise, the Meditation Caves annexed to Cliffs, will be of distinct architecture that they stand out inviting Buddhist monks and other Buddhism followers to come there and do their Prayers.
The interior design of a Gompa will vary according to the region in which it is constructed. But, there will always a common design, which would have  the meditation hall in the centre and benches or sitting arrangement around for the monks to do their Prayers and Meditation, while Buddha Murti or Thangka will be in the centre. In the Gompa architecture ancient principles of environmental metaphysics are always adopted to keep the Gompa in a serene atmosphere.
With regard to the Eye of Buddha statue, the eyes are painted in such a manner that the followers would not dare to see Buddha’s eyes directly.

History of  Gyangong Ani Gompa  

The GyangongAniGompa Nunnery is situated at the top of a beautiful hillock about 5 km north of Tawang and it was  founded by the Buddhist monkMera Lam LodreGyamtso, who subsequently gave the Nunnery to his elder sister to administer.
Traditionally at least one girl from every family joins the AniGompa and this practice is going on for several years.
Tawang City has a rich history, Monpa tribe living in this place centuries before and Mon Kingdom was holding the reigns ruling Tibet and Bhutan region. Buddhism was brought in during 8th Century, by Guru Padmasmbhava and during 18th Century British power made Tawang an important centre of the North East. When 1914 McMohan line was drawn up, Tawang became an Indian city.
Apart fromGyangongAniGompa, Tawang houses few other monasteries, such as Urgelling Monastery, Righyalling Monastery and Taksang Monastery, apart from Tawang Monastery, which is called GaldenNamgyalLhaste. As for nunneries, Tawang houses three AniGompas, which are Brama Dung ChingAniGompa, GyangongAniGompa and SingsurAniGompa.

How to Reach Gyangong Ani Gompa  

By Road : Public transport provided by Arunachal Pradesh State Transport Corporation provides facility for one to reach Tawang by road, which runs regular bus-services to various places in Arunachal Pradesh. There are long distance bus services to  Itanagar from Guwahati, every day, which is about 429 km travel.

By Rail : The Nearest Railway station is  Harmuty Railway Station(23 Km)

By Air : The Nearest Airport is Lilabari (North Lakhimpur) Airport  .

Piucture Gellery of  Gyangong Ani Gompa 

Google Map of Gyangong Ani Gompa

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