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Bhatiji Maharaj Temple in Fagvel Gujarat

Here is Some Information about Bhatiji Maharaj Temple in Fagvel Gujarat India.

Location: Fagvel Village,Ta: Kthlal Di .Kheda Gujarat India. 
Built in: 500 years  ago
Dedicated to: Bhathiji Maharaj
Significance: One of the most temple
Temple Timing: 6:00 Am to 8:00 Pm
Visiting Timing: 30 Minuts
Best time to Visit: Every Time but Dev Diwali(Many Rush People)
Nearest Railway Station: Dakor station
Nearest Airport: Ahmedabad

More Information About Bhatiji Maharaj Temple Fagvel

Bhatiji Maharaj Temple is Located in fagvel village Ta .kathlal di Kheda Gujarat.Fahvel village is sictuated near dakor ranchodrai city.The temple was built about 500 years ago.Now a days the old temple is broke and renovation a large temple.The New temple will built a very large and make by white marbel temple.There are many people visit this temple.During Dev Diwali (Kartik Purnima) in fagvel 2 days big Fair.many people visit fair .In Devada village of Kheda district of Gujarat hundreds of worshippers of Bacchus, Hindus as well as Muslims, line up there every Friday to seek the blessings of the deity and the priest, and take a vow to renounce liquor.

History of  Bhatiji Maharaj Temple

Bhatiji's fathers name was thakhatsin his mothers name was akalba,his fathers was very big gest man & simple mane, takhatsih have 1 son & 2 doughter, son name was hathiji & doughters name was sonalba and 1 doughters name i dont konow.they leave in fagvel near kheda. thakhatsih was deily doing pooja of kali mata

they allways go to kali mata's temple.After some days navratri(garba) festival come and dada's perents doing pooja to kali mata. after some time kalai mata's ststue have 1 srifal,srifal was automaticaly going to akalba's lap. and people was shoking look this moment.After 1 year akalba give birth 2nd son. and takhatsinh invaite to all fagvel people.and called one bramhin.Takhatsih say to bramhin: plzz find and give name my son.Bramhin drow son's kundli by kanku ,but he cant drow b coz when he drow the kundil on paper autometically kanku was spreid on paper. bramhin was try 3 times but he was not succses.In people one mane say 2 bramhin: what r u doing?plzz give kundli.bramhin say: he is biggest man.and his rashi is segitrios(dhanu).After listing son's rashi.doughter sonal says: his name is Bhatiji. and his name is bhathiji maharaj.After some time he was going to jungle for cows food.once he was in jungle with his freds his frnds was show 1 snake and they all hide.but bhathiji was looking snak,he was note hide.after some time snake & bhathiji are frnds.bhathiji was deily give milk to snake.1 day 2 man come at jungle for snake.they cath snake. at that time bhathiji come this place.and fight with 2 man.2 man going to his village and talled to his boss.his boss was engry.after some time bhathiji's marrege is verry near.bhathiji maharaj's wife name was kankuba.

bhathiji was walking around the fire getting married (pheras). at that time 1 man shauted :ower cows stolen.and bhathiji maharaj was listen and at that time Vachhada Dada sits on a white Kathiawari horse with a snake at his feet and a flaming sword in his hands.they killed all enemy.snake was support to bhathiji maharaj in fight and 1 enemy hide near tree and he was killd dada.Then after bhathiji maharaj's teple is many place.Bhatiji Maharaj is also known as Vachra/Vachara/Vasra Dada. He sits on a white Kathiawari Horse with a snake at his feet (Nagadavta).Bhathiji Maharaj was a saint who did not even care about his life, that was his day of marriage and he died for cows.

 Nearest Visiting Place to Bhathiji Temple Fagvel


How To Reach Bhathiji Maharaj Temple Fagvel

By Road : There are many public and private vehicles available to reach Bhathiji Maharaj Temple Fagvel.

By Rail : The nearest Railway station is Dakor Railway station.

By Air : The Nearest Airport is Ahmedabad International Airport.

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