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Sri Digambar Jain Temple(Lal Mandir) in Delhi

Here is Some Informationa about Sri Digambar Jain Temple in Delhi  India.

Location: Opo. of the Red Fort on the Netaji Subhas Marg, Chandni Chowk, Delhi.
Built in: 1658 AD
Built By: Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb
Dedicated to: Lord Parshvanath swami
Entry: Free
Photography:Not Allow
Temple Timing: 5:30 Am to 11:30 Am, 6:00 Pm to 9:00 Pm
Significance: One of the jain temple
Visiting Timing: 1 Hour
Best time to Visit: Mahavir Jayanti
Nearest Railway Station: Old Delhi Railway station
Nearest metro station : Chandni Chowk
Nearest Airport: Indira Gandhi International Airport

Sri Digambar Jain Temple is located at opposite of the Red Fort on the Netaji Subhas Marg, Chandni Chowk, Delhi.The temple was built in 1658 AD and built by Mughal Emperor time Aurangazeb.The temple is dedicated to Lord Parshvanath Swami and Lord mahavir Swami.The temple is Known as Lal mandir.The temple is made of red sandstone and its interiors are adorned with beautiful carvings, pure gold artwork and paintwork.Lal Mandir is primarily dedicated to Lord Mahavira, who was the 24th 'Tirthankara' of the Jain religion. The main shrine is sited at the first floor of this grand temple. It can be reached by taking a flight of steps, after crossing a small courtyard encircled by a row of pillars. Besides the main shrine of Lord Mahavira, the temple has numerous other shrines. One amongst the other shrines is dedicated to Lord Adinath, who was the first 'tirthankara' of the Jainism. Lord Parsavnath is also enshrined here. One of the unique features of the temple is a medical center for birds situated inside the temple premises. Known as the Birds' Charity Hospital, this center is based on Lord Mahavira's message of - 'Live and let Live'.
The temple has two storeys. The administrative office/inquiry desk, a publication centre & a shoe house is located on the lower floor. You cannot carry any leather items inside the temple & you would have to deposit your wallets, handbags (you got that right!), belts etc. with the guard before entering the premises. Photography is also prohibited inside. On climbing up, there is a miniature model of the temple complex for your admiration. There are three main chambers inside where statues of various Tirthankars (prophets) of Jainism are placed. The most famous ones are of Lord Mahavira & Lord Adinath. The ambience inside is calm & peaceful as devotees pray quietly and light candles & lamps in front of the statues. An interesting way to pay homage to God can be witnessed as people offer rice grains in small portions. 
The religion of Jainism stresses on the 'Vaishnavism' (not in favor of slaughter of animals). Keeping the fact in mind, devotees bring fruits, grains, rice and other such things to make an offering to the Lord. The soothing ambiance of the shrine gets enhanced with the radiance of the butter lamps and candle lights. The walls of the shrine are also festooned with gilded paintwork. The divine aura of the temple brings a kind of spiritual vibes to the mind.
Inside the temple complex, there is a bookstore with a wide collection of books. This assortment includes rare books of the Jain literature. Apart from the books, one can find exclusive curios and souvenirs that are associated with the Jainism. Paryushan, Samvatsari, Deepawali and Jnaan Panchami are the important festivals that attract devotees in large numbers to Digambar Jain Temple. Like other temples, visitors are required to take off their shoes before entering the temple.

History of Sri Digambar Jain Temple

Old Delhi was founded by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan (1628-1658) who built what is commonly known as the old city or walled city, surrounded by a wall, with the main street Chandni Chowk in front of the Red Fort, the imperial residence.During the Mughal period, the construction of a shikhara for a temple was not permitted. This temple did not have a formal shikhara until after India's independence when the temple was extensively rebuilt. 

Architecture of  Sri Digambar Jain Temple

The architecture of the temple is complete with elaborate engravings and paintings which only enhances the beauty of this ancient temple. The temple is built red sandstone.The main prayer hall of the temple is located on the first floor and can be reached by climbing to the terrace and crossing a small courtyard.

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Jain Dharmshala in Delhi

Shree Digambar Jain Bhawan, (26 Rooms)
Phawara, Majestic wali Gali, Chandni Chowk, Delhi-110006

Shree Digambar Jain Atithi Bhawan,
Kucha Bulaki Begum, Kamoji ki Dharmshala, Cycle market,
Chandni Chowk, Delhi-110006

Sh Lachchoo Dharmshala -(20 Rooms)
Kucha Bulaki Begum, Cycle market,
Chandni Chowk, Delhi-110006

Shree JawaharLal Makhanlal Jain Dharmshala, (14 Rooms and 1 Hall)
14, Daryagunj  (near Navbharat times) New Delhi-110002
Phone: 011-23242233

shri Sundarlal Jain Dharmshala,
vadewada, Chandni Chowk, Delhi-110006

Digambar Jain Dharmashala,

Naya Mandir. Dharmapur, Delhi.

How To Reach Sri Digambar Jain Temple Delhi

By Road : There are many public and private vehecals available to reach Sri Digambar Jain Temple Delhi.

By Metro : The Nearest Metro station is  Chandni Chowk station.

By Rail : The Nearest Railway station is Old Delhi station.

By Air : The Nearest Airport is  Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Picture Gellery of  Sri Digambar Jain Temple

Google Map of  Sri Digambar Jain Temple Delhi

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