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Uma Maheshwara(Parvathi Parameshwara) Temple in Harti Karnataka India

Here is Some information about Uma Maheshwara Temple in Harti Karnataka India.

Location: Harti ,Gadag district ,Karnataka
Built in: Chalukya Period time
Built By: Chalukyas
Dedicated to: Lord Shiva
Significance: One of the Chalukya Architecture temple
Temple Timing: 6:00 Am to 8:30 Pm
Visiting Timing: 1 hour
Best time to Visit: Oct to Feb
Nearest Railway Station: Gadag(10 Kms)   
Nearest Airport: Hubli Airport

More Information about Uma Maheshwara Temple Harti

Uma Maheshwara Temple is located at Harti Gadag district Karnataka.The temple was built in Chalukya Period time and built by Chalukya.The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva , here known as Uma Maheshwara and Parvathi Parameshwara.The temple Architecture is Chalukya Style Architecture. There are ancient temple in Harti.The temple is ancient stone carvings from Chalukya regime.The temple has his own is of Archaeological and Historical importance.The temple is open daily from 6:00PM – 8:30PM. Archana and other rituals are performed on a daily basis. Samoohika Satyanarayana Pooja will be conducted every month on Pournima and/or Ekadasi days.In the month of Shravana Masa, on the last Monday the annual festival Jatra is held in this temple. Tourists can enjoy the momentous procession of Dhyamamma idol on this day, which is a sight to behold, thus making Harti a must visit place for all tourists.Thousands Hindu devotees from neighbouring districts visit this temple during two this two days festival.The temple is very oldest temple.Tourists are visit many times and take photograph temple Architecture.

Uma Maheshwara Stotram

(shankaraachaarya )  

namah shivaabhyaam navayouvanaabhyaam
parasparaashlishTa  vapurdharaabhyaam |
naagendrakanyaa vrushaketanaabhyaam
namo namah shankara paarvateebhyaam || 1 ||
namah shivaabhyaam sarasotsavaabhyaam
namaskruta abheeshTa varapradaabhyaam |
naaraayaNenaarchita paadukaabhyaam
namo namah shankara paarvateebhyaam || 2 ||
namah shivaabhyaam vrushavaahanaabhyaam
virinchivishNivandra supoojitaabhyaam |
vibhootipaaTeera vilepanaabhyaam
namo namah shankara paarvateebhyaam || 3 ||
namah shivaabhyaam jagadeeshvaraabhyaam
jagatpatibhyaam jayavigrahaabhyaam |
jambhaaromukhyair abhivanditaabhyaam
namo namah shankara paarvateebhyaam || 4 ||
namah shivaabhyaam parama oushadhaabhyaam
panchaaksharee pancharanjitaabhyaam |
prapancha srushTi sthiti samhrutaabhyaam
namo namah shankara paarvateebhyaam || 5 ||
namah shivaabhyaam ati sundaraabhyaam
atyantam aasakta hrudambujaabhyaam |
ashesha lokaika hitankaraabhyaam
namo namah shankara paarvateebhyaam || 6 ||
namah shivaabhyaam kalinaashanaabhyaam
kankaala kalyaaNa vapurdharaabhyaam |
kailaasa shaila sthita devataabhyaam
namo namah shankara paarvateebhyaam || 7 ||
namah shivaabhyaam ashubhaapahaabhyaam
ashesha lokaika visheshitaabhyaam |
akunThitaabhyaam smruti sambhrutaabhyaam
namo namah shankara paarvateebhyaam || 8 ||
namah shivaabhyaam rathavaahanaabhyaam
raveenduvaishvaanara lochanaabhyaam |
raakaashashaankaabha mukhaambujaabhyaam
namo namah shankara paarvateebhyaam || 9 ||
namah shivaabhyaam jaTilandharabhyaam
jaraamrutibhyaam cha vivarjitaabhyaam |
janaardanaabjodbhava poojitaabhyaam
namo namah shankara paarvateebhyaam || 10 ||
namah shivaabhyaam vishamekshaNaabhyaam
bilvacChadaa mallikadaamabhrudbhyaam |
shobhaavatee shaantavateeshvaraabhyaam
namo namah shankara paarvateebhyaam || 11 ||
namah shivaabhyaam pashupaalakaabhyaam
jagatrayeerakshaNa baddhahrudbhyaam |
samasta devaasura poojitaabhyaam
namo namah shankara paarvateebhyaam || 12 ||
stotram trisandhyam shiva paarvateebhyaam
bhaktyaa paThed dvaadashakam naro yah |
sa sarva soubhaagya phalaani bhunkte
shataayuraante shivalokameti || 13 ||
|| iti umaa maheshvara stotram sampoorNam 

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Nearest Hotes of Uma Maheshwara Temple Harti

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How To Reach Uma Maheshwara Temple Harti

By Road : There are many public and private vehicles available to reach Uma Maheshwara temple harti.The KSRTC buses available to reach there.

By Rail : The Nearest Railway station is Gadag Railway station ,it is 10 km far from Uma Maheshwara temple Harti.

By Air : The Nearest Airport is Hubli Airport, and International Airport is at Bangalore Airport.

Picture Gallery of Uma Maheshwara Temple Harti

Google Map of  Uma Maheshwara Temple Harti

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