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Jeen Mata(Goddess of Power) Temple in Shikhar Rajasthan India

Jeen Mata or Goddess of Power Temple is very oldest temple on Sikhar Rajasthan.In Jeen Mata .Village has a thousand year old temple called the Jeen Mata temple which is worshipped by thousands of devotees every year.Here is Some Information about Jeen Mata(Goddess of Power) Temple in Shikhar Rajasthan.

Location: In the Aravalli Hills, Raiwasa,Sikar Rajasthan
Built in: 8th century A.D.
Built By: Chauhan rular of the Middle Age
Dedicated to: Goddesh Jeen Mata
Entry: Free
Photography: Allow
Significance: One of the 1000 Year Oldest temple
Temple Timing : From 5:00 AM to 9:30 PM
Visiting Timing: 1 hour
Best time to Visit: Oct to Feb  
Phone: +(91)-1572-227346
Annual Gatherings : Sravn month 
Nearest Railway station: Sikhar Railway Station(26 Km)
Nearest Airport: Sanganer,  Jaipur International Airport(121Km)

More Information about Jeen Mata Temple


Jeen Mata or Goddess of Power is situated in the Arvalli Hlls about 21 Km of Sikhar city Rajasthan.The temple was built in 8th century and built by Chauhan rular of the Middle Age.The temple is dedicated to Jeen Mata.The Jeen Mata is considered to be the incarnation of Durga, the Goddess of Power. The Jeen Mata Temple Sikar is a very popular tourist attraction in the history of Rajasthan till now. Millions of devotees throng the temple round the year.  

Jeen Mata is an incarnation of Goddess Durga. The prime deity is Mahishasura Mardini Durga. The miraculous deity fulfills the wishes of her devotees. Here Jeen Mata is worshipped in her eight-armed form. It is believed that Jeen Mata was abandoned by her mother and hence this temple was constructed in her memory. This temple is revered by the people living around this place.

It is believed that the Pandavas came to the thick forests of this temple during their exile from Hastinapur. The Pandavas spent part of their exile here incognito and reconstructed the mandir in the style of its present architecture. The place has acquired a great religious importance and is held sacred by all. A natural grace of serenity is lent by the lushgreen vegetation and rich flora and fauna of the surroundings.

Jeen Mata temple is surrounded by thick forest on all sides, enveloped in tall mountain curtains from all sides. Its full and real name is Jayantimata. The year of its construction is not known, however the sabhamandapa(congregation hall) and pillars are definitely very old.

Jeen Mata Temple History


The sacred shrine of Jeen Mata is believed to be more than thousand years old. The exact period of its construction is unknown. It is believed that during the exile period, the Pandavas rebuilt the temple in the present style. The temple of Jeenmata was a place of pilgrimage from ancient times and was renovated and rebuilt several times. The temple is surrounded by a natural grace of serenity due to lush green vegetation and rich flora, fauna. The architecture of the temple is very elegant. The main hall has twenty-four pillars which are engraved with flora and fauna, dancers and deities. The main temple has an extremely tall Shikhar. The Sanctum Sanctorum is constructed of the marble. The gates are made of silver.

Fair and  Festivals in Temple


In the Navaratras (Nine sacred days) of Chaitra and also of Ashwin, people come in large numbers to visit this temple and have a glimpse of the deity. Some people perform Navaratra worship here. Shard Poornima and Phalgun Harsh Bhairva fair also holds a great attraction.

How To Reach Jeen Mata Temple Sikhar


By Air: The temple is 121 km away from the Jaipur International airport. On reaching the airport, you can hire a cab, taxi or an auto and reach this temple. This airport connects the city to different other main cities of India.

By Rail: Sikar Railway station is located at distance of 26.9 kms from the Jeen Mata Temple. This railway station has many trains passing through it which connects it to many other cities of India.

By Road: Sikar town is just 29 kms away from Jeen Mata Temple. One can board the local or state transport buses and reach the temple which is located in Jeen Mata Village.

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