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Doctor Hanumanji Temple in Dandraua Village near Bhind Madhya Pradesh India

Doctor Hanumanji Temple is located in Dandraua Village of Bhind District  Madhya Pradesh India.Bhind is located about 70 KM far of Headquarter Gwalior.Here is some fact about Doctor Hanumanji Temple in Dandraua Village near Bhind Madhya Pradesh India.

Location:  Dandraua Village near Bhind (MP)
Address :
Pin code:
Built In: about 300years ago
Built By: Saint Mite Baba
Dedicated to: Lord Hanumanji
Signification: One of the different temple
Entry : Free
Photography:  Allow
Temple Timing: 7:00 Am to 8:00 PM
Best time to visit: Oct to Feb
Visiting timing : 1 hour
Main Attraction: Lord Hanumanji known ad Doctor Hanumanji
Architecture: Hindu temple style
Phone Number:
How to Reach by Air :The Nearest Airport is Agra Airport.
How to reach By Rail:Soni Rail Way Station , Asokhar Rail Way Station are the very nearby railway stations to Dandraoa.
How to reach By Bus or Road: There are many public and private vehicals available to reach here.

More Information about Doctor Hanumanji Temple

Doctor Hanumanji Temple is situated  Dandraua Village of Bhind District of Madhya Pradesh.The temple was built about 300 years ago and idol found by saint Saint Mite Baba.The temple is dedicated to Lord hanumanji.Here Lord Hanumanji known as Doctor Hanumanji Because here every person became a healthy and finish all types of disease like Cancer, paralysis and many more.

The temple attracts a large number of pilgrims each year for Budhwa Mangal. So much was the rush this year that the government had to deploy additional police to maintain order and security at the temple complex. Indian Army jawans and NCC cadets were deployed to maintain security inside the garvagriha (sanctum sanctorum).To contain traffic, cars were barred from coming within 1 km radius of the temple. Trucks and tractors were stopped even beyond that. Separate entrances and exits points were put up to contain the crowds. The pilgrims had to queue up in zigzag barricaded line up to offer prayers and seek the deities blessings at the temple.

The pilgrims started arriving at the temple by Monday evening 8 pm and at around 11 pm, the temple gates were thrown open. By 9 am, the next morning, an estimated 1 lakh number of devotees had visited the temple to offer prayers to ‘Dr. Hanuman’. The crowd strated falling after 2 pm on Tuesday.

History of  Doctor Hanumanji Temple

In the midst of a battle with Ravana, when Lakshama lay grieviously injured in the battlefield, it was Hanuman, who carried a whole hill from the Himalayas bearing the healing ‘Sanjeevini’ medicinal herb that restored him to health and enabled Lord Ram to defeat the Lanka king. This tale in Ramayana has given Hanuman the status of a god, who is endowed with healing powers.

For the occasion of Budhwa Mangal, held on 5th September, over two lakh devotees from around the country convereged upon Dandraua Dham in Madhya Pradesh to offer prayers Lord Hanuman. Interestingly the monkey god at this temple is worshipped as ‘Dr. Hanuman’ for the healing powers that he holds.  

Google Map of  Doctor Hanumanji Temple

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